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  1. Crocc

    Official CS:GO Thread

    Should have clarified, Hazmat is still looking for 18+ players. No smurfs, ranks around Nova Master and Master Guardian. American Timezones (East preferably). PM me your age, rank and steam profile link (public please).
  2. Crocc

    Official CS:GO Thread

    Hello DayZRP! I'm part of a group called Hazmat Corporation. We're a small international gaming group that plays a variety of FPS and Survival games. We've been playing CS:GO regularly, and we're looking for more people to play with. Our current ranks are Gold Nova Masters and Master Guardians. We're looking for players with good microphones (TeamSpeak installed, obviously), good communication and good shooting. We play in the North American Timezones (East Coast evening and late night/morning). If you're interested, PM me here with your age, rank, and Steam Profile link, and I'll send you our TeamSpeak info for us to meet and play. Thanks, Crocc
  3. Crocc

    CLOSE THREAD: Reign of Kings Roster/Registry

    Crocc the Light (part of the Pink People)
  4. Good shit bro! Dalton is a schmuck, I haven't seen much of JR, but Ryan is a fucking master. We need to find a way to put a dress on a pig... Can't wait till Ryan writes in the journal haha
  5. The stories. Every time you play DayZ, especially on DayZRP, you get a story. Player interactions, for better or worse, make the DayZ experience what it is. The PvP is good, the survival aspect needs more work before it actually makes an impact (too easy to find food right now), the zombies make no sense at the moment, and the open world, ginormous map is incredibly beautiful to play in and explore. But none of that even matches running across some guy who says he is an ex-boxing champion, and wants to train you to fight other survivors. Or meeting a girl who is obsessed with peaches. Not just any peaches, only Pristine peaches. Or how about the one dude who was on a quest to find his best friend, because he needed, really freaking needed, to fight him with a can opener. That is DayZ. For me, at least. DayZRP emphasizes these interactions.
  6. Examples! Nothing will better prove your understanding of the rules than examples.
  7. I always find people with peculiar and/or unique accents interesting. I think most people just use their normal voices, which is fine. But it gets ever so tiring after a while, when everyone just seems to sound the same - like your average Joe sitting in a chair in front of a computer, running around in a virtual zombie apocalypse. A cool accent gives your character personality, and people will notice you. I'd also love seeing more people dedicated to comedy. I mean I know it's a zombie apocalypse and there are walking corpses running around trying to eat you, plus the cannibals and of course the ever so dangerous... well everyone, everyone seems to be dangerous... but jeez, jokes didn't die with society. Make people laugh, and they'll remember you. Just make sure your jokes aren't trollish.
  8. [video=youtube] Relevant parts for quick reference: @00:58 - Dima desyncs towards Tin Head. Tin Head threatens his life saying something along the lines of "If you come near me you WILL bite a bullet." @07:35 - Dima gets near Tin Head again. You can see and hear them in the background on the road. @26:33 - Tin Head feels threatened by Dima again.
  9. [video=youtube] @00:58 - Dima desyncs towards Tin Head. Tin Head threatens his life saying something a long the lines of "If you come near me you WILL bite a bullet." @01:38 - Mia tries to meet my "friends." A discussion follows when they refuse to introduce themselves. @03:30 - Mia and I try approaching Tin Head. He refuses to allow us anywhere near him. @04:26 - Mia starts getting really frustrated about them withholding their names and that they are mocking her. @05:34 - Donnie (who I call Ronnie at first for some reason) starts complaining about Mia's "attitude" and continues mocking her. Lapse of casual RP. @07:35 - Dima gets near Tin Head again. You can see and hear them in the background on the road. @09:03 - Mia says it was a sexist gift, all within RP. @09:34 - Mia makes the remark about sneezing. I ask if anyone needs to sneeze soon after. @10:00 - Donnie spits on Mia for no apparent reason. A massive argument breaks out because of Donnie spitting on Mia. Donnie runs away, goes behind the church walls and changes his clothing. @15:59 - Server crashes/restarts @19:45 - The bulk of the argument takes place. Donnie behaves like a child, and doesn't even let Mia speak. @22:38 - Dima says "Donnie you're going to regret this" Donnie becomes extremely aggressive and rude. @26:00 - Donnie spits on Mia for the second time, saying "you're nobody" right after. @26:33 - Tin Head feels threatened by Dima again. There are so many little things you can see in this video, just watch it patiently. Hope it helps!
  10. Walking anywhere near you would have sparked a gunfight then, Tin Head. I'm not saying you can't play your character - you definitely can play a character who doesn't like people being near him. You can do this in so many ways though. Hell, bark at them or something. But threatening anyone who comes near you with death is just a dead end in terms of RP. Not only is everyone going to become extremely suspicious of you, but it literally stops right there - no one will want to talk to you or even be near you for fear of being shot. It makes you a walking initiation. Just my two cents on your character. In any case, my full video of this whole incident, which is also the subject of another report, is currently uploading. In it, you can see all of the things mentioned in these POV's. I'll reply with the embedded video when it finishes uploading.
  11. My full video of this whole incident is currently uploading. It should shed some light on the things mentioned in all of these POV's. As soon as I wake up, I'll post another reply with the embedded video and the relevant timestamps for quick reference.
  12. I've made a short cut showing the moment in question. Here it is: [video=youtube]
  13. I remember Dima desyncing towards you and then flinging backwards as his position updated on the server. I have video of that as well, if it's needed. And I'd also like to second HiGGi's concern here, it seems this report was only put up as a counter to Jrod123's first report on the OP and his party here: http://www.dayzrp.com/t-baiting-s4-11-05-zelenogorsk
  14. I'd like to clarify the part about my gift being rejected. I've played DayZRP with Stage for a long time already, and our characters have a pretty long history. I play around with her all the time, with jokes, pranks, piles of guts etc, and in this case, a broom to help her "clean" things. My gift, from the moment I saw the broom and it occurred to me to try and find her and give it to her, was intended to be rejected. It was comical gift, not an actual gift, given the relationship between our characters. I made this clear to your party too. I actually explained it to one of you (Tin Head maybe), I said that it was gonna "get her pissed". And for whatever reason, feminism or anything, it did get her pissed (in a comical sense), so my gift was successful. At one point, Mia says something about sneezing and how she would have to clean herself if someone sneezed on her, or something to that effect. I then ask, "Does anyone need to sneeze? Cause that would be hilarious!" Again, this remark was made jokingly, and I think everyone knew that. At no point did I actually tell anyone specifically to sneeze on her. Donnie for some reason decides to spit on her, I really have no idea why - her "attitude" about their names is legit. Mia and I are friends, she wanted to get to know my new friends too and got frustrated that you guys were holding your names back. I had no reason to be suspicious towards any of you, so I compensated for not knowing your names by coming up with appropriate nicknames like "Tin Head". But she suspected you of having robbed her previously, so her "attitude" was correct. Spitting on her for the second time as things were already getting more and more heated was very baity. At that point we all had our guns out, insults were being thrown back and forth, Mia, Dima, myself and a few others were pretty upset about your actions, and it seemed like you were desperately trying to find a way to get us to initiate on you so you could legitimately shoot us. Stage not putting up the report isn't a point worth arguing. Anyone can post a report for a situation they feel is worth discussing, even if they weren't directly affected. In this case, Jrod123 (Dima) posted the report, but it could have just as well been Ami Knight or myself doing it. Maybe Stage didn't find it report-worthy, but Jrod123 did, and ultimately we were all involved anyway. In any case, I'm going to review my videos of the incident later today to try and get a better understanding of what happened.. If they are needed, I'd be happy to upload them.