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  1. I tried to go through a gate and when I was done it still somehow had the lock on it anyone know a fix for this? or is it just fucked?
  2. Eagle

    5.0.3 Media Thread

    Saw the opportunity then get donked by your boi haha.
  3. It seems to be really rare atm.
  4. Eagle

    DayZRP 20.2.2

    Is the glass on the humvee bulletproof?
  5. Pretty well sung whoever it is will be interesting to see where the group goes from here.
  6. I get the cars set up and move into the metal structure and joined into the hostage situation they speak for some time and then I heard a weird discord sound and a voice confirming that he was still relaying information whilst having no way of communicating with his group members.
  7. Seem to be allot of assumptions here if you wish to go for metagaming your free to post your own case and evidence in your own report. On the fact of knowing who was there it seems your bois already somehow confirmed Cj's crew was there with your broadcast which is strange as you've never met my character before and I was the one who initiated at the front using blue armbands and not ours.
  8. Go on a run looking for bases come across this one and think there are only 3-4 members there we attack and soon realize there are more ending with us all dying in the end.
  9. Eagle

    Baiting Sitnik

    @GodDid you even bother reading my POV? I never used any rights from the baiting as I never shot at any of your members prior, I fired in retaliation to him trying to murder me was either that or just lay down and die. Edit: you would have never had to initiate in the first place as you could have killed the people who jumped into the base without us gaining any rights from them doing so and you are aware of this as you talk about that in your coms but wish to rather initiate to be safe, as you put it ''If you initiate all of there kills will be invalid* before I could even get an understanding of the situation or try to initiate I get ran up on and shot. Note: some members are heard doing call outs in your coms that are in the PD but are never heard IG.
  10. Eagle

    Baiting Sitnik

    Fight breaks out of the blue and I run towards the area from the soup kitchen, a man in full black comes up to me no words exchanged he fires at me I fire back we die. No video from my side as I wasn't 100% who we where fighting until the fight was over.
  11. *presses ptt* Yes very much alive, thank you for asking. *releases ptt*
  12. If this is to be done it needs to be done as soon as possible to avoid groups and characters continuing on with something that would be rendered pointless when it does take effect.
  13. Welcome to this humble community.
  14. Eagle


    Starting to see more and more people running with stupid amount of gear so the stamina is a welcoming deterrent, thought I'd love reduction in weight for food and smaller things whilst keeping guns and plate carries heavy as is.
  15. Unless your nervous system is none existent yes since your not the terminator just because of an infection.
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