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  1. @Jared I know man only if I never roleplayed with her character, sorry man I'm not like your top RPer.
  2. 5533.gif.8c5255018a83e92b57241b638938f2b9.gif

    1. Hassan



    2. Eagle


      It truly is a meme.

  3. *Presses the PTT on his radio* One simple question.... Why are high ranking officers of the military running alone and getting themselves caught? *Releases the PTT*
  4. Pretty sure staff can already pick up on when people are abusing the system and punish them accordingly if found to be true. -1
  5. I love to see how the RAC hasn't died yet but gained some traction since I left seeing you guys sometimes doing full uniform patrols in Berizino and doing punishments for the privates who step out of line with laps around the square makes you guys feel like a unit, that I cannot say the same about for the hospital situation, allot of your units seemed to just forget their uniforms, I know they're was a big fight before that but seeing almost all of you in civilian clothing when I arrived after you had moved on to the good doctor made it seem like you had no presence, your privates and others started to argue with the high command along with sometimes full blown arguments making you guys look disorganized for the lack of the better word and more like a militia then a military as no one seemed to take full control over the units that where there, allowing anyone to roam into an active hostage situation that then later turned into a small skirmish as no one took the warnings about his patients being there seriously and just continued doing their thing.
  6. Some good RP in Berizino tonight brownies where good.
  7. Eagle

    Hey your a cool guy man.

  8. Pretty sure you as the leader can invite them unless they removed that feature.
  9. Great stuff but fix the spaces man.
  10. Deer isle was cool when it was about just lack of players was the issue and allot of empty areas if they've updated it then why not.
  11. Before this situation started I was told by Shroud and Turk that a man named Kazimir was undermining the Tsepovs saying that we haven't been relevant since the 1980's among other things but could not find the man so we continued our journey towards Olha, after finishing up in Olha we go back into town deal with some people that wished to steal a car and come back into town only to find Kazimir himself in front of the pub, conversation gets heated and an argument ensues with him yet again continuing with shit talking the name of the Tsepovs, situation calms down and Dew wishes to get the man away from the pub to avoid unnecessary problems for the pub people, he first agrees and is about to move with him away from the pub when we get the restart message, during that time even more shit talking comes forth him not having a care in the world that now he has 4 armed men around him continues with the insults claiming that he found a google search on one of our family members getting arrested for jaywalking? sever goes down and I start my recording again after loading fully in, now his attitude has changed he has no interest in coming with Dew and now wants to help his sick friend in the pub, Dew has enough of his bs and initiates I then follow up along with the rest, instead of stopping in his tracks and pressing F5 he moves to the door opens it and is about to move in to use the civilians in the pub as meat shields but before he can enter the pub is gunned down for none compliance by Dew, If you truly wanted to comply you would have stopped and put your hands up rather then ignoring the initiation then opening the door stopping in your tracks and then moving into the pub one could even argue NVFL. The second situation I was on guard duty and was not really involved in the RP and thus have no idea what was ongoing with the second hostage I do see him get taken out of the building in the back and then hearing shroud on yell say that he was hoping for our deaths or something and then he gets shot. No video from me on that one.
  12. Love this scene.


  13. No the way it is right now is perfectly fine though I feel that one tool shouldn't be able to go through several doors.
  14. The professional army of Chernarus o7
  15. Glad to be here thank you bratr.
  16. Grigorij was born in Russian where his family did well for themselves with they're transport business managing transport for the Russian federation delivering goods and products through out the country, Once the USSR fell his father opted to seek other sources of revenue where he came in contact with his Uncle Igor where they started to plan there next move, as time moved on the Russian federation started to push they're land grab on several countries including Chernaruss giving them the opening that they needed to go forth with there plans, His father started to bid on governmental contracts aiding with the supplies that where being sent into the now occupied lands though he didn't manage to win the bid on Ukraine he did manage to outbid others on Chernarus as most saw it as a waste of money and effort, leading to his father appointing Grigorij as the overhead of that operation as he was well educated and knew how to make business flow without alerting the federation, on a simple routine checkup on his dockyards a flu as they called it hit the country putting it on lockdown leaving him stranded, he went forth and sought a meeting with Igor's family members to plan they're next move and hopefully getting him back to his motherland.
  17. Nah just unneeded annoyance.
  18. How does it hinder your roleplay?
  19. They wouldn't have one.
  20. You must be immune to hunger then if I forget to eat I go red.
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