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  1. Eagle

    One Group

    I agree the RP me and my group did with them was top notch.
  2. Eagle

    The House Media

  3. Eagle

    S1: KoS in forest - 10/06/2018 2:35 AM (CEST)

    No I wish to report you. @DrMax Also why has this report been so delayed and missing POVs after a week + of being open.
  4. Eagle

    S1: KoS in forest - 10/06/2018 2:35 AM (CEST)

    What do you mean? I have everything in my vid..
  5. Eagle

    Ask the admins

    Asking: @Roland Q1. Simple question here regarding your tools and ranks that use it. Let's say group A attacks group B and a member of that group is a member of staff that has access to those tools, are they allowed to use that to free cam the fight and overlook the situation that is ongoing either dead or alive? if so that leaves quite a lot of power in the hands of that member of staff as he/she can call positions and relay information they otherwise wouldn't have. A1. I have made it clear to GMs and Admins that use of staff tools is only allowed during events. /Roland
  6. Eagle

    Ingame name

    On the launcher you have the option to change the name, have you done that?
  7. Eagle

    Research for RP community

  8. Eagle

    Starting Clothing

    Clothing does fk all, people cry that it's OP but how the hell is clothing OP? wow, more space... Does he get an edge during fights? does he get weapons no? just plain old clothing that you can rob of the cunt if you want it. Since no one dies and medical RP isn't enforced having your uniform or clothing makes sense.
  9. Eagle

    [GAME]Rate the profile above you!

  10. Eagle

    Eagles Junk yard

    Here's where I drop off my vids and screenshots. 2014 2015 First Night on The Prison Island Celebrating that we made it to the day Joining the Regs Armory of the Regs Last Night as a Reg The End of My Reg Travels. DayZ Edits Edits v1 Fun times
  11. Eagle

    Eagles Junk yard

  12. Eagle

    Eagles Junk yard

    That's the face that helps you in the desk @OskuRP
  13. Eagle

    This event was literally cancer...

    Kinda reminds me of this gif.
  14. Eagle

    This event was literally cancer...

    The way you worded things in the first post makes it look like you pretty much did everything whilst everyone else was on a sleep break. All it takes is one staff member with tools and a handful of civilians no need for a rank that has failed 2-3 times now? I hope the staff has a better imagination for the next one because this one was just nothing but confusion random shooting and wayyyyyyy too many AI.
  15. Eagle

    [GAME]Rate the profile above you!

    Wow, a nicely blurred profile pic calm tunes and background pic... You sure your not a hippy? 6/10
  16. Eagle

    Task Force Radio in the server

    You're expected to RP at all times. Also, TFR doesn't work for SA so /thread?
  17. Eagle

    What would you like to see from Groups + Events.

    Fun fact when the CDF was about to start a campaign against the VDV they disbanded.
  18. Eagle

    What would you like to see from Groups + Events.

    We tried that with Anarchy we tried working with the LMs and got called out for stealing the lore or some bs lmao. Time for someone else to become the top dog If the staff team cannot find anything interesting to do with the lore when they have all of these tools at all then idk why they even have them.
  19. Eagle

    What would you like to see from Groups + Events.

    Groups being involved with the server and none internal RPer groups if they wish to do that they can make a dynamic. Events that leave you hyped to join them.
  20. Eagle

    This event was literally cancer...

    I'll give my opinion on the event in general. First act was decent and was quite interesting until we actually saved the pilot, we where led on a 30+ min circle run to get to a town that was like 10 minutes away, about 1000 zombies 200 wolfs etc was spawned which turned it into a tower defense game instead of rescue the pilot, many fell and the Pilot almost died as there were so many zombies running around. Last act of the situation was the drop-off point were we manage to get the pilot towards the CDF and get attacked by the BPR many fell and I actually enjoyed that portion screaming out of panic and almost died but once it came to the reward it was just idk dumb? Loot was found and Rebel gets blocked from getting the loot, once the saviors arrive the gear is allowed to be touched then another shit load of AI was spawned around the area just for the lols. BPR show up and get gatted then when the event is over Jamie stood in front of the zone none invis and gets robbed while corpses are still there and some loot from the boxes and whilst there moving him in, everything gets despawned including the loot and corpses leaving nothing there because he had some contraband items. The conclusion is that the event felt empty and boring for long periods whilst having a short burst of interaction, leaving it well... Shit compared to events that have been done without tools.
  21. Eagle

    Official Lore event - VIP extraction - 13/10/2018

    Ramon Pushkin will be there
  22. Eagle

    Accents are kind of lame?

    Staying true to your character is hard.
  23. Eagle

    Accents are kind of lame?

    Why bother playing something if your just gomna be yourself when it suits you. I never said pull one 100 % But if your just gonna be American 80% of the time your not really playing a charcheter, someone who is full blown chernorussian won't turn accents at the drop of a hat to 'disguise' himself.
  24. Eagle

    Accents are kind of lame?

    Find me a Russian or a German here who sounds full blown American at the drop of a hat. P.s those noodle arm's couldn't hit me even if you tried.
  25. Eagle

    New Moon Media Thread

    He sure knows how to pick fights.