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  1. Wasn't running just jogged for a few seconds then crouched and stood up if that's realistic then all guns should have this old mechanic instead of just the snipers.
  2. Simple suggestion if possible then the sniper spasms you get when aiming down sights should be removed or lowered. How is this realistic?
  3. To avoid any mod problems in the future download Dayzlauncher as it does all the work for you.
  4. This question came to mind when I though about people raiding my home, if a random comes and attempts to break the lock I tell him to fuck of the lock he responds with fuck you bud and continues I by your rules could shoot him right? But what if I don't and rather initiated on him after two "fuck you bud" would that be classed as baiting or valid? @Rover your explanation makes no sense because If I had rights to kill him I never had to initiate and allows me to simply play on rules to ban people.
  5. Simple give rights to anyone raiding your home if you log in during the raid removing the weird awkward who da fock are you?! But having it as a rule that it shouldn't be allowed is not needed.
  6. Only thing that makes your character do weird noises is kuru, unless they made something new.
  7. Demands of stop shooting or the hostage would get shot was given thought the giving up part was not done did not make the first one die it was your attack on us as we would have already killed him if it was for no surrender. We had already been speaking to your hostage at the time and since we had not been in any engagements with anyone other then yourself we figured it was you guys we tell him a humvee in a day would pay for the damages you did to ours, after some arguing amongst your man we where about to indeed let him go he then continued saying it would be almost impossible to do so since only 3 exist in the whole world which is strange wording I would assume he continued his arguing and was then shot even so that is not what the report Is about. Note : your member seemed to relay information to you guys without double micing as when we tried talking to him and telling him to relay information he never spoke, he went on and on about rules and game mechanics almost going ooc as he wouldn't agree with being the message for your actions. For a staff member to join the help desk and talk about a situation is the same as getting an extra community member dragged in if asked and is irrelevant. That would have been around the time I arrived afterwards the same guy decided once I was inside to throw nades and shoot at the car tires when they didn't work as for the confirmation I explained above. Clarification he had tried prior to shoot at the people in the prison when I was arriving and then moved to the cars afterwards.
  8. Mod name: Engine repairs. Mod link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1862257480&searchtext=engine Reason to be added: When your engine gets fuck you should be able to fix it in some manner if that mod is not allowed on DayZRP something similar should be made to make cars fixable.
  9. Fully agree with this the amount is fine but the health is a bit stupid since you can shoot zombies with high caliber rounds and they just shrug it off.
  10. Cars should be able to ram through a wooden structure nades should blow them up it has nothing to do with realism and more about balance.
  11. Then you have your answer.
  12. Just remove it tbh if people wanna act sick we have the emote wheel.
  13. I just didn't want gates to be pointless, the 3 hacksaws is dumb asfk but having it take a minute to get in makes base building useless.
  14. Go to the soft side takes less then 2-3 mins with the right tools.
  15. Don't mind the 5-10 min rotation we had but I do not agree with the vanilla state of things makes bases pretty much pointless.
  16. Seems the group page is where you sort IC and OOC issues quite interesting. Met you guys before the attack saw nothing wrong with the group the whole an popeil thing only turned weird when numbers come out of the blue.
  17. You seem to have just thought of this after the report.. If you'd like things recorded then do it yourself but if you do expect people to avoid you.
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