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  1. Eagle


    Shame no one roleplays there.
  2. Eagle


    What would also be cool is if the staff blocked of parts of the map to make it smaller it's way to big for active RP to happen.
  3. Eagle


    I agree make it open at 70+ other then that keep it locked.
  4. Eagle

    Rule 3.6

    No that is not required.
  5. Eagle

    Rule 3.6

    If you never emote you forcing the button down you well never pressed the button so how can you transmit information with your hands up? The rule is fine as it is.
  6. Eagle


    Ah good to know thought it went for both.
  7. Eagle


    You kinda just explained your own problem if 100 nail boxes spawn over all and people have already found them but don't use them then 0 will spawn.
  8. Eagle

    Eagles Junk yard

    Roleplay and stuff.
  9. Eagle

    Merciless- (Recruitment Open)

    Best of luck bois.
  10. Eagle

    S1 BadRP/Baiting 13/07/2019

    Sorry but when did I come around the compound multiple times? I came there once prior and that was it whilst your guys for some reason kept aiming guns begging or expecting some form of a reaction from us just being there. Ontop of that most of us are on new characters like mine who is the old GD leader but I've never met black Rose's sanctuary or wolf pack only one I know there is Luca the American napa soldier. You threw a nade at us and you all died for it nothing forced you to do so but you did so what is your argument here? The WP initiated on us just like yourself died once and gave up. + @muslims @ district if your going for 2.3 along with the evidence for such a case since you claim you have it. I have attacked you personally once or twice so idk about the rest and both of which have been defensive once when we got attacked here and here other then that I find it cancer fighting in that compound so I avoid it like the plague.
  11. Eagle

    Blocked means blocked

    I agree with @Osku here people should be lvl headed enough to not freak out if someone you don't like mentions you or quotes you.
  12. Eagle

    Rape RP

    Can we put in a rule to remove all rape RP etc? people can take it to discord if they wish to do stuff like that.
  13. Eagle


    Wtf is this sad shit I'm reading pathetic.

    1. ShanePVP
    2. Eagle


    3. Ron


      it's being topic once more?

    4. ShanePVP
  14. Eagle

    Disband the DayZRP Council

    Thing is though IC should be kept IC it's obvious but due to group leaders not being interested in discussing things out things like 2.3 happen and thus it needs to be discussed on an OOC bases but that was something the council did not provide nor seem to have interest.
  15. Eagle

    Disband the DayZRP Council

    What I don't get is why are none leaders such as legends doing in there? What reach do they have IG that actually affects anything. The council right now is usually and has no purpose good on paper but 0 results.
  16. Eagle


    People need shit spoon fed to them.

  17. Eagle

    Twitch TOS

    No I'm not going to censor myself to something I did not agree to.
  18. Eagle

    Add Grenades to DayZRP

    Shouldn't this be closed? since this Is already a thing.
  19. Eagle

    Bad version

    This was the summer mod being outdated this can be closed/solved
  20. Eagle

    Multiple characters

  21. Eagle

    Multiple characters

    You can swap whenever you feel like it but cannot have them active at the same time you will also have to make a new page for each character.
  22. Eagle

    S1 KOS/invalid initiation Novaya industrial 13/07/2019 1Am and 2am

    Server and location: S1 Novaya industrial Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 13/07/2019 1am and 2am Your in game name: Magnus Helgarson Names of allies involved: I will tell them to post. Name of suspect/s: Black Roses Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: Video speaks for itself then a huge fight begins and nades start flying all over the place. The Black Roses are an approved group as such we gained rights on all of them from the KOS but due to them using rights gained from a rule break they had no rights on us at all. Potius members are KOS so all kills on them are treated as valid though they did not break any rules from my understanding. 4.3 Kill rights gained from any rule breaks (including but not limited to baiting, invalid initiation) are considered invalid and their use will be punished in the same way as if they were not obtained at all. Adding onto this report another situation of attempted KOS and KOS 2 AM these people had no rights as it was an invalid initiation.
  23. Eagle

    De Commandant is looking for eh lova... (Open Frequency)

    *Presses the PTT hearing a child speak out * Why is a kid speaking out like she has an army behind her back? *Releases the PTT as he continues walking about in his country*
  24. Eagle

    Child RP

    I personally hate kid characters they usually have really high pitch voices and act dumb around everything because their ''kids''
  25. Eagle

    I'm saying it now, 30 fucking beans for someone who can help me.

    When it's updated try going to the beta mode open the game close it and go back to normal.
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