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  1. You mean the one you don't spawn with?
  2. Simple suggestion as this issue is still a thing, now with the added confusion of the fog you could get lost in the same place for several minutes before finding a simple way of killing yourself in order to do the sex change, as you probably do not wish to play your character as a Male/Female whilst being one or the other.
  3. Why would someone negotiate with random people who scream everyone put your hands up in the streets? + It was only me and Yung there so I can't answer for the rest.
  4. The fog has been going on now for a whole day almost along with the rain something needs to be changed.
  5. Eagle

    Ammo Loot

    I have quite the opposed problem I find more ammo than guns.
  6. Hello, staff members of DayZRP. I just recently died and now I'm stuck as a female... So I ask why did you remove the only option to fix this dumb character reset that is still going on? Edit: Your answers don't really help I already knew all of that, I ask why not how.
  7. But it's fun going up against a super mutant every time ey?
  8. I only really have an issue with the fact that a 2 year old corpse can run as fast and continuously as Usain Bolt.
  9. At least they have new animations and sound ey?
  10. Mod like that would be cool to have. If the devs we have can make something like that then yeah.
  11. @Pep you couldn't have made the picture any bigger.

  12. Devs doing what they do best, not understanding there own game.
  13. What are your plans for the continuation off the lore?
  14. That moment you have to use adblock to remove borders.

  15. Why? It seems to have died off after the removal.
  16. Yeah if both agreed it's fine. What is with the colure mate? hurt my eyes just reading this.
  17. Nope not at all, you decide what yous wanna do. Connect them by connecting your storylines works if you wish to go together.
  18. You guys ever thought about the fact that every time you rob someone you have to put on this big show so people don't bitch and whine and if you do it badly you can get banned but yet you can do the same repetitive trader RP, with the same bs dialogue and not get banned?
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