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  1. Eagle


    Legit fuck that ending.

    1. Brayces


      Dude, my mind is blown. I so knew it once the one person said the thing to the other person.

    2. groovy mexi

      groovy mexi

      It’s funny how far back she first said it and no one remembered or knew what she meant until then.

      Blew my kind tbh.

    3. DallasRP


      I cri

    4. Eagle


      8 season's of build up for that...


    5. groovy mexi

      groovy mexi

      For a final battle? For the ‘great winter’ personified to finally appear and fuck shit up? For everything that’s been hinted, everything that each of the characters have been preparing for to finally happen?

      I’d say it was a good ending for the blue eyed bastard.


      He near enough won. They weren’t going to let the bad guy kill everyone otherwise that’d have been it for the series there and then.

    6. ShanePVP


      i agree eagle it was the worst episode ever and fucked up everything that has been built up for the last 9/10 years I dont even wanna watch the rest of the show like honestly they can just fuck off heap of chimps writing it, baffles me how hbo let it go ahead

      sorry for the late reply x

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