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Everybody lies
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  1. Eagle


    Snitch: What's happening?
    Snoop: What you mean what's up, ni**a
    Snitch: What, what's happening man?
    Snoop: I need to holler at you ni**a, come here
    Snitch: For what, what's happening
    Snoop: Fuck you doing hanging out with the police and shit, ni**a?
    Snitch: Man I wasn't hanging with the policeman
    Snoop: Oh, you didn't think I seen you
    Snitch: Man, you trippin' man
    Snoop: I seen you jump out that car, ni**a
    Snitch: Nah man, fuck that dog
    Snoop: You snitching now, ni**a
    Snitch: Man, hell nah I ain't snitching
    Snoop: What else you doing with the police, you must be snitching
    Let me holler at you ni**a
    Come here bro

    Snitch: Oh man

    1. Sleepyhead


      how many real ni**as is locked away behind a bitch ass ni**a with a whole lot to say

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