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  1. Great concert 

    The phone couldn't handle the sound that close.

    1. HALEZY


      Why do you have a phone in your hand at a Ramstein concert!, you should be moshpitting and punching people!

    2. Eagle


      Were there to have fun not beat each other up, can confirm that there was a mosh pit. The footage is Just fragments of the concert.

    3. HALEZY


      Mosh pitts are a good way to let off steam, love to see Ramstein live like, same as iron maiden I planned to buy a ticket to see them a few weeks ago but the tickets sold out in like 30 minutes and I was stuck at work so couldnt get mine heartbroken

    4. Eagle


      I pulled a all nighter and bought tickets from strangers for my brother so we could make it :D

    5. HALEZY


      Hahaha thats commitment right there lad!