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  1. Farewell

  2. be back soon

  3. CitadelRP.com - new community

    Legacy Rust may it R.I.P.
  4. CitadelRP.com - new community

    Would be dope if RustRP becomes a thing.
  5. Are dynamic groups removed to get more groups going? Basically now you will be forced to reinitiated on the official group that's attacking you so they have a chance to ID whos who removing all risk factor from the initiation seems quite stupid IMO.
  6. Evil Group idea

    Feel like I've heard about a group that did all of that and was hated by the whole community. You cant spread fear without any pvp and at the end of the day that's what it comes down to, because people here are not scared at all and only value killing you or their gear
  7. Hmm text RPer straight 0/10 page looks good though.
  8. Eagle

    Woke up today and my car was a big ice cube.

    1. WesternRP



  9. Private Frequencies.

    The number of people that seem to know how to code there transmission or make it so private that no one can even hear it is bs please scrap.
  10. help

    it's in there if you have.
  11. help

    By doing the whitelist and passing.
  12. The Remnants of the 85th Platoon [85th]

    As much as I loved this group back in my reg dayz I think it got forcefully closed by the admins never to be allowed back right?
  13. Real life picture Thread

    Hmm I wonder If I'd put one of those filters on I would look bootiful.
  14. Tortugan Farming Company. [Open Recruitment]

    Will play once my interest In the game sparks back maybe.
  15. Eagle

    Guess i'm 21 now yay :)

    1. LouieRP


      Happy birthday lets have sex. 

    2. WesternRP


      Happy Birthday, fellow farmer. 


      Image result for farmers in a pub

    3. BorisRP


      oh you old now fellow farmer happy birthday


    4. NateRP



    5. Shane Is Dead

      Shane Is Dead

      Good cha

    6. Keira



    7. Eagle


      Was a good day at the farm

    8. WesternRP


      I hope the BBQ was good 

    9. BorisRP


      Always good at the farm


  16. Events "Protection"

    Nah enough rules are already in place.
  17. +1 Who honestly cares if they hate you with the beanz they at least showcase it instead of hiding it, even so, you have beanz gained from groups in that fashion. My idea like someone suggested here remove them altogether they have been nothing but ''Ooo look at me feature''.
  18. GG Jax

    I'm saying that for the future, threads like this are legit pointless.
  19. GG Jax

    Find who did it by joining the help desk. Imagin if I had a real weapon.
  20. I'm Out

  21. Where are all the groups going

    ''Staff'' doubt anyone bellow admin had anything to say in the matter. As for the groups and stuff yes the game is boring people cry about anything anyone does that remotely resembles their group or what they have done in the past leaving a lack of room for those groups to survive or even showcase what they can do.. to sum it up lack of interest and motivation is the reasoning behind this.
    • Eagle
    • OnionRingOfDoom

    Who is this unlucky lady you forced into marriage? 

    1. SweetJoe


      Nice Spanish lady.


      you dog.

    2. JoffreyRP


      Thoroughly DISGUSTING rp from you guys. I really hope you improve going forward.

    3. OnionRingOfDoom


      It was a nice Spanish lady, @Eagle.


      I'm sorry @Joffrey. My RP from this point forward will include campfires and telling people how my family died.

    4. Lucass
    5. JoffreyRP


      Good. How dare you stray from your goals once. It's unheard of.. Fun?  Sheesh.. back in MY day, fun was only had by the admin team.