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  1. Salt level

    Angry people and stuff. /Closed
  2. Background Music Introduction The Black Fangs are a solution for the lone survivors of South Zagoria, we embrace our freedom in this new world. Even though we've all come from different countries, we were all brought together by similar mindsets and experiences. It's no question that in order to continue on in this world we all must adapt, to become something more than just another survivor trying to make it another day. The Black Fangs will not harm the innocent, we hurt those who stand in our way and people who we believe deserve it. We read you all like the books that you are, listening and observing finding out what we can. We will lie, manipulate you, or force you to give us what we need if the time comes. Only then we will be able to find the strong and offer them a place to stand beside us. There is no place that we call home. We're always on the move, never settling for too long. It's safer this way. We move unseen, using the forests and the land to our advantage as we stick to the shadows. If we like you, or find that you are useful, we do our best to protect you. How it began Caleb Gallagher & Jhon Derek met outside of Chernogorsk after experiencing how chaotic the city had turned when the Chernarussian Defense Force could not control it anymore. They talked about things they've experienced in the city, and yet still not fully trusting of each other they traveled north to see what else remained of South Zagoria. Finding nothing except scared survivors who were not so willingly trusting of others which they understood, people were rightfully scared. If the countries own military can't manage to keep a single city safe then you know things have taken a turn for the worst. Although things were falling apart Caleb & Jhon weren't scared like the others they ran into, they both felt comfortable being able to defend themselves if the time came. Both of them sensing that from each other there was no point in splitting up, so they continued travelling to find whatever they could. Days later, Caleb ran into another group of survivors. There was Ryan Hall, the guy who thinks he's a lot more funny then he really is... regardless, Caleb could sense that he was kind & capable of defending himself & others if necessary. Then there was Lucas Hicks, quiet yet dangerous. After learning more about the others Caleb introduced them to Jhon, all agreeing that they were safer in numbers and all seeing that they were capable of handling themselves there was no sense of going separate ways. They agreed the main priority was to keep each other safe, but they would like to help others if the opportunity arises. Agreeing they'd rather stick to themselves than get involved with camps of survivors that could prove to be unreliable, instead they could get to know other survivors without dedicating too much to them, play nice to get information. Caleb showed them his map, which had multiple "X" markings spread throughout it. The markings were little camps that he created around the province where they could use to sleep, store supplies and regroup if needed. Jhon explained that getting others to join us would be nice, not necessary. We don't need others that will slow us down, get to know them before explaining to much about ourselves. Get them to reveal their intentions and find out their strengths and weaknesses, then we can decide if their worthy. The group continued discussing plans of how they were going to operate & survive. Things were surely going to change, but for now they felt comfortable with the direction they were heading. - Keep each other safe by any means possible - Use the wilderness and terrain to our advantage, go for unexpected tactics - Stand up to predatory groups & individuals - Create hidden camps around South Zagoria, using them for multiple purposes - Recruit like minded and capable individuals who want to survive by any means necessary - Manipulate or lie to obtain as much information as possible, use this as a weapon if it comes to it - Attempt to protect people that we like or are useful and take or kill from those we don't - Stay low key about our intentions, never let people know where we truly stand with anything Leaders Caleb Gallagher - Hassan (Away) Jhon Derek - Eagle Veterans Ryan Hall - Ark Lucas Hicks - Hicks John Laski - Laski Luke Krey - Infamous David Jackson - Storm Findley Michael - Blu Members Leon Keller - Buckets Richie Watts - Helix Vernon Vain - Pepe Jones John Kingsman - Squillium Darion Hunt - Jango Charles Roberts - marksman48 Viktor Chesnov - Lucass Jayden Renolds - Puncture Josh Bradshaw - OnionRingOfDoom Quinn Gray - Lady in Blue Recruitment will be strict, we're looking for people who can hold their own in PvP and also are experienced in RP. We want this group to be a bunch of friends that are having fun in RP, I doubt we'll recruit a lot of people but we do need some more members so if you feel you could fit in with us send @Hassan or @Eagle an app. Age: Character Page (If you wish to make a new one for the group let us know): How active will you be?: Why us?: Previous groups?: Thank you to Samaritan for his blessing about us using a similar name to the group he was a leader of in the mod, this is in no way trying to replicate that group. If there is anyone that has an issue with us using a name similar to it feel free to PM @Hassan, it was just a coincidence which we found out after the page was made.
  3. Hall of Shame

    This is pretty lit, shame all the old points got removed.
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  5. Invalid Execution/gear RP Cherno, Server 1

    I'll explain it to you then with a simple break down. It is metagaming due you breaking the new telepathic rule along with you having your hands up no matter where your allies were. 11.3 You may not use or give any information about your killer or the location of your body after you are dead, unconscious, when surrendering (F2 animation), handcuffed or have had your radio removed from your character. 11.5 When speaking with another player, you may not communicate over the radio (TeamSpeak) with your allies unless you speak over the radio and in game at the same time. Telepathic communication is not acceptable. Friend or not Jarvis logged during the altercation leading to him getting banned for CL since he was aware of the fight and was located there during the initiation. Ronin who died on the island is then found in the same situation (never waited the hour) that was the reason for his death and stuck around to attempt permadeath Quin for the second time since he doesn't like her playing with our group. Sending her messages along the lines of major will force you to do it and if you don't allow us to do so it will be considered Bad RP. You contradict what you state that this ain't done just to get puncture banned simply by looking at the PM you posted stating '''This is the report that is finally going to get you'' every case is handled normally if any rulebreakers are done in a case that actually holds merit.
  6. The City of Stary.

    SNIP- didn't see the warning
  7. Quinn? Dead? Not just yet. [Open Frequency]

    *hearing all the angry Russians screaming over Quin he decides to respond* Goddam this shit is turning feisty... Doesn't this army have better things to do than scream over some girl? You probably don't even know who she is which makes it even more enjoyable hearing you guys getting angry over nothing. *short pause* You managed to storm the compound when we were drunk and lacking in numbers bravo. Have fun liberating this shit hole of a country or better yet go back to yours and deal with your own shit...I've heard the Russians love you so much. *puts the radio on the seat and starts relaxing*
  8. Quinn? Dead? Not just yet. [Open Frequency]

    *Hears the funny man on the radio and the grabs radio laughing whilst speaking* Wow simmer down Mr.Bush... Not sure why everyone wants to kill us when we've been the one's keeping her safe... *loud laughter can be heard* Go back to your hobo ways pal it suits you better than your threats. *looks at the people in the truck still laughing and hands Quin the radio*
  9. Server and location: s1 prison island shore Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2017-11-12, 07:10-7:29 Your in game name: Jhon Derek Names of allies involved: Lady in blue and pepe jones Name of suspect/s: Red armbands guys and Banks Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: After dealing with the red armbands on the island around 40 minutes ago I come across these chaps they shoot pepe without saying anything then shoot myself as I'm complying. the island was clear and no one was there, they possible metagamed since none of these chaps were there, they shoot pepe in the head without initiating they then finally do the initiation and kept quin again after having her for the past 3 hours. Reason for the report is because there was no RP build-up to the execution and felt like a cheap kill for the sake of killing since the chap that we let go logged out I assume since none of these guys was on the island since we cleared it while we help Lady with her hypothermia. After speaking with the accused of why this kill was performed I was told it was because he had all the rights so it will be changed to rule play.
  10. S1: RDM in Kamenka - 11/12/2017 17:30

    We are happy to follow through with the request from the op and close the report but few things need mentioning before the case will be closed: @Julien_bla during this report you seem to use a lot of emojis almost like you would do when your texting a friend, which came of to us as staff excessive and unnecessary you seem to also continue this trend ig making this your last warning to stop using emojis in the manner you do or it will result in a ban. @Lizard you mentioned that the reason the OP died was due to you removing too much blood from his character which is something you should have asked the OP with ‘’//’’ to confirm what stage his character had come to in terms of blood. Had this report continued you would have received a ban on invalid kill since there was nothing in the hostage situation that granted you the right to kill the op. Signed by: Eagle @Nihoolious & @Spartan
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    Goodbye, you pink ....
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  14. Invalid Execution/gear RP Cherno, Server 1

    I wish to add some pointers that I have seen going through the video. Raven metagames here whilst having his hands up 8;08 -8:18 I would like to know if the man in the background is one of you ig since he seems to be quite interested in the case. He also seems really surprised that his shit during this case is taken of him even though he just came down from the tower and was involved in the hostilities that took place even being in there dynamic from the coms which lead to my final thought, this was only done to get puncture in some form of trouble proved by the screenshots above. Along with some interesting RP from Ronin, he seemed to not take the whole situation a tad bit serious asking to be killed and being able to reconstruct himself saying he would hunt her down in only a few days. Along with him being unmuted during the execution as I heard his men on the radio that came through his mic. Nlr claims off me not being done with my timer is debunked simply by looking at the logs from the other report. 07:26:18 | Player "Jhon Derek" has been killed by player "Peter Mathews" Whilst I showed up at around 9 PM. But Ronin seemed to have been there during the whole case. The reason why my group was there was due to information leaked from an individual I have no interest in stating here telling us of her being moved to ballot that then lead to them going cherno.
  15. RDM EU North West 09:00 GM-5

    This report will be closed seeing as the accused has not bothered responding for two days and has quit the game and will have to make an appeal. Sorry for this inconvenience. /Closed.
  16. @BrickWall Had lovely time with you in cherno and some lady called @Lady In Blue
  17. Then why even bother initiating or giving us the chance to comply riddle me that?
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  18. Invalid Execution/gear RP Cherno, Server 1

    Jhon derek here: After the whole thing with Lady in blue finished up where she was let go and demands of the tower people had started I come in around 1 hour and 20+ minutes after that main situation ended and see Ronin the op and one of the gun dealers being taken captive, the RP continues and blue wishes to use her rights on the once that wronged her and the situation gets to a stalemate I initiated on the tower and the push pressured ending in arks death and Bostons. I thought I recorded the situation but shadowplay seems to not have done that so no footage from myself. The claims of NLR breaking are interesting considering that I never got involved in the hostage situation that had been done prior you finished that up and let her go that then lead to the initiation and even then I wasn't there until about 20-30 minutes in.
  19. After waiting around on the island for Ronin and Lady to finish their conversation, 2 men initiate on us randomly. I find this statement hilarious considering Ronnie had lady in blue captive for the last 3 hours or so, she gets let her go gets given a radio and tells us what happened, I tell her to swim over I wait for 20-30 minutes on the coast (Ken can confirm since he met me on the hills) you even retook her by shooting her in the legs and putting her in cuffs. I go over to the island on a rescue mission to get lady in blue who is apart of the black fangs where i find her in cuffs Ronin gets killed and you get let go. You're right that you had rights but the thing is none of your members did since it was over 500 m which I assume is the reason they never shot me, you then blast an entire mag into me because you had rights which is ruleplay. https://gyazo.com/81e329a5de699e51e8c91e16acf5a506 The reason for the report changing so much is because I thought you logged which you then confirm you never did so I removed it, red armbands were my suspects because in my video you can clearly see red armbands. I'm a gm so yes I can look at the logs but I never did I asked Nihoo to get them for me and that then results in the message you received. Pepe was there during the prison situation so yes banks did have rights
  20. @Mr. Blue Loved the RP I got from you and the rest of my group along with the rest of the hostages.