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    Good meme

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      Wow thanks man! 🙏 

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    Stupid Rule???

    Well no, killing someone purely so they won't remember is invalid. These rules would still apply. 9.4 Hostages may only be killed in the following scenarios: 9.4.1 Hostages do not comply with your demands after repeated requests or try to escape. 9.4.2 Hostages pose a direct threat to you or your group, by for example picking up a weapon when not allowed to. 9.4.3 Hostages do not value their life, for example they continuously talk back or insult you despite being told to stop. 9.4.4 The rescue party refuses to negotiate or opens fire on hostage takers. 9.4.5 Demands from negotiations have not been met after a reasonable time has elapsed.
  3. Eagle

    Stupid Rule???

    Speaking from the scum side of RP here. That never happened unless the hostages where none compliant and if anyone did it for the pure avoidance of getting killed or hunted, It would be a rule break since that would usually fall under invalid Execution. Now you got ''Hurr durr'' I shit talked and got myself killed good thing I know everyone's name and who shot me now let me go and hunt that prick down, hurt? or want to do medical RP? then do so as nothing ever stopped you since you can create the reason as to why you're on the coast or better yet comply and don't give them a reason to kill you. This rule could not have been an issue from 2-3 months ago unless it was changed while I took a break from this place because I remember arguing against the rule change back in 2017 in staff almost as soon as it was made.
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    Iceland wtf.. So disappointed 


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    Stupid Rule???

    I asked when I was in staff for people to forget what happened to them if they died, but nothing was done and this is what this rule allows and it's stupid.
  6. Eagle

    I'm done trying DayZRP, Bye :(

    If you would be permed you couldn't even post, probably just a temp ban until the report is done. But it's your call take care mate.
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    You right, I went little overboard.

    1. -Chow-


      @Eagle It's all good, it's the point of a debate. If it felt as if Riptide was hiding behind rules, I personally apologize. Like I said to Zero, I'm willing to talk about our side. 

    2. Eagle


      Nah idc at this time since it's so long ago, just saw him call out us so I called him out just a cycle mate it's all gud.

  8. Eagle

    "Everything's Boring"

    Interesting, We actually spent most of our time during the first camp of the Morreties aiding them and helping them with there issues, sent maybe every 1-2 days a squad to hunt down BR but that was it and never were there constant 1-4 battles a day but maybe a single one, so your aid wasn't really needed since we had people there who could aid us. I don't remember any massive attacks on that camp except for the Sobaki leading to none of us actually dying while Riptide played on the rules and had a picknick right next to the fighting zone while being told by 3 of our members to ''Get lost this a fight'' but never budged until threatened with there life's as they knew they had the rules on their side, something a lot of people still do, and think ''Ow I'm not apart of this fight I can't be touched''. You saw one dued die and he didn't limper around like a slug well that's his choice, you can legit shoot someone in the head and he could act like you hit his shoulder during the fight since no one has 100% ID unless your maybe right next to him but even then it's still his choice since there is no rule that forces you to do extream medical RP, had he done a fight died came back and repeated 3 or more times sure, but once nah that's just more opinion based than anything. I've executed people on the spot with a bullet to the head only for them to tell me to do it again when captured but never PK or having massive balls because they know they will just go back to the coast. I've seen people that instead of giving a fk about the men pointing guns at them while being threatened with their lives ask ''But why sir x10'' until they're told to STFU. I've seen people do //You cannot harm my character. And then report because they felt the rules where in there favor and I have many more examples. 1. People focus too much on rules instead of RP, Even when we won let's just say 10 times they still never died or allowed PK when caught except for only a handful of people. 2. You would not need to drop everything you're doing and we were an example of that, not our fault we could click faster or you not having time to progress your conflict. 3. Medical RP is not mandatory but dying x3 and repeating the same attack on the same people could be seen as Bad RP but even then you can RP it out however you like. 4. This is not a problem of one group but everyone on the server and the mindset they have when it comes to RP. Everyone atm is just focused on blaming everything on one side rather than look at themselves and see what they're doing wrong.
  9. Eagle

    Official Football World Cup 2018 Thread

    The end goal more of the less.
  10. Eagle

    Official Football World Cup 2018 Thread

    That England match against Tunisia was epic.
  11. Eagle

    XXXTentacion Appreciation Thread

    The only song I've heard with the guy is this one.
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    "Everything's Boring"

    1. With the lack of numbers we currently have it can lead to a big chunk. No that sorta RP was promoted and praised even though most of the server never met them due to the selective few that did. Even when the server was popping I remember remember at one point almost half of the server hiding away but nothing could be done since they technically never broke any rules. And to this day it still happens. 2. The normal mode is there essentially to allow people to choose if they get involved in anything hostile and they cannot be harmed or touched beforehand with the rules we currently have.
  13. Eagle

    "Everything's Boring"

    People that performed Bad RP were always banned and handled even before this rule change, this just made it so it won't happen at all or anything that comes from it because people are too afraid to get banned due to confusion from the rules. What he means with restrictive RP is Mercs, madman cannibals thieves robbers and dynamics can't exist in this lore anymore because they have to follow the route of hostile neutrality or simply can't fight the approved groups. You would have to have people being orange/red or know the person that is green allowing them to avoid any form of hostilities if you don't. The thing is not that Hostile RP is ruined but groups just more of the less give up like almost immediately after they die more than once since they feel like they should be guarded by the vanguard, they felt like they never deserved their fate, even though most of them did or wished to be the main storyteller but where blocked from doing so because they could never back up there words or actions. Do you remember the phrase ''Never trust anyone?'' Well now it's ''Trust everyone and don't say anything bad or they might hurt you''. Back when the Scum did most of there dmg I was in the regs and we got attacked on the daily, we never hid or ran away from our island, we held our ground and fought back winning or losing when we got overrun but we never gave up. When I was in New Moon or we started to have issues with I think 6 groups at once at the peek dying almost every day and never been able to do much due to their sheer numbers, You know what we did instead of hiding away? We formed alliances got people that could fight back and actually managed to survive. That seems almost impossible for most people nowadays and Anarchy is a great example of that. First time around we fought people and won too many times for there liking so they all hid away in their forest or got Rolle involved since they didn't like losing. As soon as we archive the first time around people came out off there holes and even became friends with our groups, two weeks later the groups that fought the police force lost and gave up except for the other half that was our old group members and it got very stale, since a police group can't function without bad men. We came back gave terms made a town did events and deals, worked with people punished those that broke our rules and put them back in there place and got the Moretti's on our side ending with our own town but then people started to archived or simply just left. Showcasing to us that it seems the only people that can drive a massive story on a massive scale are people that know how to press a mouse button faster than us. If you watched the Walking Dead the main threat are not the dead but the living because greed always pulls through. People need a villain to hate for it to make sense. ofc a bus company would not work in this climate or a daycare center because there should always be some form of a lurking threat instead of I'm ''Nutrual'' you can't touch me. End of the day things got stale because most groups that are up now feel like dynamics trying to get those rights the old dynamics got. Some hideaway so far from anything that they can never get any form of bad feedback because there ghosts to the public. Leading to mostly scripted RP segments or people with to much pride they never wish to lose. Along with too many OOC restrictions applying now to anything hostile rather than promoting good RP.
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    Where did you go?
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    Official Football World Cup 2018 Thread

    hopefully, Iceland takes you guys out again
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    Share 1 random fact about yourself!

    Almost drained for anything RP related.
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    Official Football World Cup 2018 Thread

  19. Eagle


    Okay then.
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      Well then.

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      Alright then.

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      k den 

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    Anarchy [Closed Recruitment]

    Take care boys. You will be missed.
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    Official Football World Cup 2018 Thread

    Was a good match to watch, made 50 bucks on it and Messi cried.
  22. Eagle

    "Everything's Boring"

    Sorry but what is there to do? We have a town we prettty much control, we scare anyone away just with our name expect for a handful of people, Moreties supply us with dealer's and guns, we're King's atm unless someone takes our throne. The goal of a single group that isint even a lore faction is not to control where it goes or leads, we have taken part in event's that have reached the lore and Offerd our help when needed. We have 12 group's right now and only 3 are making any form of impact IG the rest just stick to themselves or aren't fully ready atm. You guy's not having the PC to run at a decent fps is more of a you problem then ours. We do need people shooting each other for conflict otherwise what's the threat a stern talking to? Even then Anarchy has done that passive/aggressive/protectors you name it. And trust me pal we haven't been overly hostile now for a month or so, please stop only looking at one group of people and see what the other's are trying to do to change anything.
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    Interesting how I only care about football when my country plays 🤔

    1. Aiko


      You mean soccer?



    2. Mademoiselle


      Tbh that’s the majority of England :S *is one of those people*

    3. Shane Is Dead

      Shane Is Dead

      its football 

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      Iceland kicked ass.

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      I can taste Messie's tears from here.
      Image result for messi iceland
      Even though he played like shit.

    6. Shane Is Dead

      Shane Is Dead

      Messi the best player to ever live

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    "Everything's Boring"

    It's about lack of enjoyment ig, that includes lack of events and hostile groups if you read the bottom bit.
  25. Eagle

    "Everything's Boring"

    The last couple of times I've gotten IG people always seem to have a mountain of drugs stashed away or like you said meme characters show up to break the ice. Otherwise nothing really happens expect when people argue over the smallest of things or some medical RP. People complain about hostilities and how those groups are the cancer of the server yet there the once that host event's maintain some elements of the lore and keep you entertained. Currently there is almost no point in being a hostile group untill you manage to get the approval tag or know the people your going up against oocly until you get that tag. If your a text rper I'm not surprised you weren't noticed so well, maybe next time use a mic? @Shanoby what recipe ? There is only so much you can do before you have to start recycling shit due to the rules. Peopel who where to focused on themselves and rules where the once that ruined hostile RP. //You cannot harm my character. We did not do this as a community, we had no say in the rules and the pm's he received that were used as ammo to justify his opinion were never shown to the people that abused those ''rules''. Rolle wants it like this so this is just how it's gonna be in terms of rules.