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  1. Eagle

    Regarding 2.3

    2.3 is just the dumbest thing that exist if people do attacks every few hours sure it makes sense, it should be talk shit get hit simple as that actions should have consequences.
  2. Eagle

    [GAME]Rate the profile above you!

  3. Eagle

    The Russo Syndicate [Open Recruitment]

    Best of luck guys.
  4. Sent alongside Israil Medvedev to Syria in 2011, Vasiliy Horack served as a special advisor to Assad forces. Many years were spent alongside his Russian brothers, the fighting only grew more bitter. It reached a point after the intense street fighting of Aleppo, that he and his brothers decided to get out. All or nothing, they joined the private sector as a package deal. Hired on the spot by Legion Corporation him and his brothers would gain quite the reputation with Vasiliy being notorious for being ruthless and brutal on operations. Vasiliy had a lot of combat experience and was branching into communications briefly on operations to ensure everything ran smoothly. Their next deployment was Chernarus, location yet to be determined. They have yet to fail an acquisition, this time it would be more challenging, and the budget tripled. With the only fear being losing one of their own, they setout to Chernarus.
  5. Eagle

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Today's RP started off with me sitting on top of a tower with some WP until I moved along with my traveling partner @Willow ending up in a huge scuffle with the Zub people, sadly I lost all memory of that situation. I went along Cherno and decided to retrieve some water from the pump with Willow @SquirtleKitty @AndreyQ and @bur, Hearing all the gunfire I regroup with @WongRP, it was little too late everyone had left and some WP had died, Wong goes to sleep, later on we end up giving @NorwayRP and @Apollo a high five and so the day ended. Sure beat hanging in a tower for 4-5 hours.
  6. Eagle

    Decrease the spawn of NVGs?

    Doesn't need changing.
  7. Eagle


    No double digits anymore.

    1. Anouk



    2. Eagle


      She was indeed.

  8. Eagle

    Testing a new map on S2

    If you want to hide and not interact with anyone but yourself go on a pub server. Stop twisting my words I said people should not be hiding and avoiding interactions because that's what you RP for. Would you In a apocalyptic scenario not be afraid of first contact with strangers? This isn't a fairytale shit happens people get hurt.
  9. Eagle

    Testing a new map on S2

    Idk.. Why have we played an incomplete game for almost 6 years? Horrid that people actually have to interact with each other.. Hostile or not RP is RP and it beats having people hiding in a corner for months for the sake of not getting hostilities.
  10. Eagle

    The Runners [Selective Recruitment]

    Best of luck.
  11. Eagle

    Tense meeting

  12. Eagle

    Never Formally Introduced!

    Hello there, welcome to DayZRP.
  13. Eagle

    Make the map smaller? Evolve the story?

    Still a whole year you get to play your character idk why people see such a huge issue with that.
  14. Eagle

    Make the map smaller? Evolve the story?

    A whole year of playing the same character, is he immortal?
  15. Eagle

    Add more clothing

    New clothing would be dope if the mod stops working just remove it.
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