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  1. Future Rules

    I'd say work on them once beta comes out and god knows how long that's gonna be, even the current rules would work with the beta but few tweaks might be done since the beta can bring some new elements but until then the rules are fine. Putting effort into something we have no idea about would just be a time waster.
  2. S1: KOS at North-East Airfield 15-10-17

    Due to technical difficulties, logs will be pulled a bit later. Please be patient.
  3. S1:KOS Serverograd 2017-10-08, 04:21

    Verdict: @ExoticRainbow Invalid kill on sight [not guilty] Explanation: To recap the situation DerHundKaiser decides to initiate on @Dusty , Dusty quickly guns the man down and runs towards a green double story house. Now, this is where @Meechie comes into play, he runs up to Dusty's front door and begins a confrontation between the two. It starts with Meechie demanding Dusty to come outside and then dusty initiating on Meechie whilst inside the house (4:57). His dynamic, which included Exotic, then decides enough time for you to comply had passed and proceeds to gun you down as you were noncompliant. Meechie if you wished to not get shot by an ally of Dusty, you should have complied with the demands that you were given. When dealing with a situation like that you cannot trust anyone and should always be suspicious of those that are around you, as the act of complying increases your chances of surviving such encounters. 7.2 Players gain kill rights when a hostile action is taken against them or their group, or when their characters life is directly at risk. These rights last for 2 hours after last interaction during the hostile situation and can be used as long as their use do not conflict with any other rules like NLR or NVFL. As you can see this was done correctly as a sufficient amount of time to comply was given for you. You refused to leave the area as you thought that only Dusty was involved, but due to how the rule functions Exotic had the rights to act upon you as a hostile. Had there been no initiation or had there been some form of invalid demands given this case this would hold merit but since no rules were broken Exotic has been found not guilty. Outcome: @ExoticRainbow Invalid kill on sight [No Punishment] Verdict by: Eagle @Jade @Aiko & @Red
  4. S1:KOS Serverograd 2017-10-08, 04:21

    @DerHundKaiser Your temp ban has now been removed thank you for replying.
  5. S1:KOS Serverograd 2017-10-08, 04:21

    You were called in to post your POV here so please do, thank you.
  6. S1: potential false ID, Severograd 1:00-2:00

    @Javoo Is there a reason your point of view seems to have changed from one post to the other? Original POV and changing here
  7. S1:KOS Serverograd 2017-10-08, 04:21

    @DerHundKaiser seeing as you have removed your POV you will be temp banned until you do so. Also, include the reasoning for the initiation thank you.
  8. @MatthewFC Have you managed to discuss the case with the accused party?
  9. Hit Logs: 02:32:40 | "Damien Hades SHOT Wesley Jones by ShotgunMp133 into head." Death Logs: 02:32:40 | Player "Wesley Jones" has been killed by player "Damien Hades" Connection Logs: 01:14:05 | Player "Wesley Jones" is connected 02:34:13 | Player "Wesley Jones" has been disconnected 01:02:13 | Player "Damien Hades" is connected 04:37:56 | Player "Damien Hades" has been disconnected Chat Logs: 02:23:57 | Chat("Damien Hades": //f2 02:27:07 | Chat("Damien Hades": //permission to perma scar? 02:27:32 | Chat("Wesley Jones" : // permission denied 02:28:58 | Chat("Damien Hades": //permission to execute? (not perm) 02:29:23 | Chat("Wesley Jones" : // you play your game man 02:29:41 | Chat("Damien Hades": /perm to perma scar then? 02:30:01 | Chat("Wesley Jones": // no permanent effects will be allowed 02:30:14 | Chat("Damien Hades": //perm to execute? 02:30:26 | Chat("Wesley Jones": // its up to you These people show in the logs: Please post your POVs and all unedited footage of the events that took place. @iRainman - Wesley Jones | Kevin F Connors - Damien Hades |
  10. Update the report according to our rules, failure to do so will lead to it being closed in 24 hours.
  11. Hit Logs: 22:14:24 | "Flare Hastings SHOT Ryan Sartos by CZ75 into Head." 22:14:32 | "Sylas Courtney SHOT Flare Hastingsby AKM into leftleg." 22:42:45 | "Arthur Wade SHOT Sylas Courtney by SKS_Green into Chest." Death Logs: 22:14:24 | Player "Ryan Sartos" has been killed by player "Flare Hastings" 22:42:45 | Player "Sylas Courtney" has been killed by player "Arthur Wade" Connection Logs: 19:20:19 | Player "Ryan Sartos" is connected 20:01:56 | Player "Ryan Sartos" has been disconnected 20:31:27 | Player "Ryan Sartos" is connected KIA 19:03:57 | Player "Flare Hastings" is connected 19:18:22 | Player "Flare Hastings" has been disconnected 19:19:23 | Player "Flare Hastings" is connected 22:16:54 | Player "Flare Hastings" has been disconnected 19:01:38 | Player "Sylas Courtney" is connected 21:07:37 | Player "Sylas Courtney" has been disconnected 21:10:17 | Player "Sylas Courtney" is connected 22:38:47 | Player "Sylas Courtney" has been disconnected 22:39:00 | Player "Sylas Courtney" is connected KIA 22:44:44 | Player "Sylas Courtney"has been disconnected 19:47:49 | Player "Jade Rose" is connected 22:41:18 | Player "Jade Rose" has been disconnected 22:42:07 | Player "Jade Rose" is connected Still IG 19:01:34 | Player "Arthur Wade" is connected 19:40:35 | Player "Arthur Wade" has been disconnected 19:41:51 | Player "Arthur Wade" is connected 20:08:42 | Player "Arthur Wade" has been disconnected 20:10:01 | Player "Arthur Wade" is connected 20:31:31 | Player "Arthur Wade" has been disconnected 21:08:05 | Player "Arthur Wade" is connected 21:30:42 | Player "Arthur Wade" has been disconnected 21:31:03 | Player "Arthur Wade" is connected 22:30:45 | Player "Arthur Wade" has been disconnected 22:31:22 | Player "Arthur Wade" is connected Chat Logs: 20:31:15 | Chat("Arthur Wade"): //Gtg for like 30 mins, i'll be sooner if possible, sorry boys the Messiah out for a bit 20:48:00 | Chat("Ryan Sartos": //I don't quite understand 20:49:19 | Chat("Ryan Sartos": *checks his backpack* 21:02:46 | Chat("Ryan Sartos": //your mic is kinda cutting 21:07:33 | Chat("Ryan Sartos": *turns radio off* 21:10:53 | Chat("Arthur Wade"): *would go to put his hand on Ryans shoulder and look him in the eyes* 21:11:19 | Chat("Sylas Courtney": // ITS ALL GONE 21:12:39 | Chat("Ryan Sartos": *hugs* 21:15:57 | Chat("Arthur Wade"): *Goes to rip off the respirator from his face* 21:16:03 | Chat("Jade Rose": *pulls out a smoke, and lights it* 21:16:33 | Chat("Ryan Sartos": //I kinda can't scream 21:16:38 | Chat("Arthur Wade"): //alright pal 21:18:40 | Chat("Ryan Sartos": //how do I do that? 21:18:53 | Chat("Arthur Wade"): //press x twice and then a and d repeatedly 21:19:07 | Chat("Ryan Sartos": //i CAN'T 21:19:16 | Chat("Arthur Wade"): //A and D repeatedly 21:28:21 | Chat("Arthur Wade"): //i'm glitched te fuck give me a sec 21:28:48 | Chat("Arthur Wade"): //i'm glitched give me a sec pal 21:29:01 | Chat("Arthur Wade"): //anyone know a fix for when i'm trying to walk but it's moving me about as if i'm sprinting? 21:30:06 | Chat("Arthur Wade"): //Guys is it okay If I relog? I can't move properly 21:30:24 | Chat("Ryan Sartos": //I have nothing against it 21:32:15 | Chat("Arthur Wade"): //Cool i'm good again 21:37:51 | Chat("Arthur Wade"): *Offers his hand for a shake* 21:40:30 | Chat("Ryan Sartos": *leans against the wall* 21:43:24 | Chat("Ryan Sartos": *takes off glasses* 21:50:54 | Chat("Ryan Sartos": *slowly takes mask to the hands and stares at it* 22:06:24 | Chat("Ryan Sartos": //afk for a second 22:06:46 | Chat("Ryan Sartos": //alright, I'm back These people show in the logs: Please post your POVs if you haven't and all unedited footage of the events that took place. @Silk - Ryan Sartos | @Breadman - Flare Hastings | @Sophie - Jade rose @OutlaweTV - Sylas Courtney | @ToeZ - Arthur wade | @Breadman Why did you disconnect before your timer was up?
  12. Hit Logs: 01:49:53 | "Robin Wallin SHOT Levi Sylveen by AKM into Head." 01:49:53 | "Player Levi Sylveen has fallen into unconsciousness." 01:49:54 | "Robin Wallin SHOT Avery Dailey by AKM into LeftArm." 01:52:35 | "Robin Wallin SHOT Richard Grayson by AKM into LeftArm." 01:52:36 | "Richard Grayson SHOT Robin Wallin by AKM into LeftArm." 01:52:37 | "Robin Wallin SHOT Richard Grayson by AKM into Chest." Death Logs: 01:49:53 | Player "Levi Sylveen" has been killed by player "Robin Wallin" 01:49:58 | "Avery Dailey DIED Blood <= 0" 01:52:37 | Player "Richard Grayson" has been killed by player "Robin Wallin" Connection Logs: 01:04:13 | Player "Avery Dailey" is connected 01:33:23 | Player "Avery Dailey" has been disconnected 01:37:47 | Player "Avery Dailey" is connected Still IG 01:05:44 | Player "Richard Grayson" is connected 01:55:25 | Player "Richard Grayson" has been disconnected 01:16:44 | Player "Robin Wallin" is connected 01:53:35 | Player "Robin Wallin has been disconnected 01:57:27 | Player "Robin Wallin" is connected 02:02:29 | Player "Robin Wallin"has been disconnected 01:01:23 | Player "Levi Sylveen" is connected 01:53:39 | Player "Levi Sylveen" has been disconnected 00:53:00 | Player "Alex E Johansson" is connected (id=) 01:00:03 | Player "Alex E Johansson"(id=) has been disconnected 01:15:59 | Player "Alex E Johansson" is connected (id=) 02:03:43 | Player "Alex E Johansson"(id=) has been disconnected Chat Logs: N/a These people show in the logs: Please post your POV if you haven't and all unedited footage you have of the situation. @Levi Ackerman - Levi Sylveen | @Wallinrobin - Robin Wallin | @G19 - Richard Grayson | @Honeybee - Avery Dailey | @smhikd - Alex E Johansson @Wallinrobin Why did you Disconnect? <-- Your temp ban has been removed. Additional Question: if @G19 was your friend why did you both try to kill each other
  13. This fucking song cant be stopped AHHHHHHH

  14. [GAME]Kill-Bang-Marry

  15. Cannibal time

    In my opinion, if they can do it well then sure cannibals can exist but there should be few of them back in Cherno I met people that literally ate each other just because. So as long as you have a reason for your cannibalistic intentions that are realistic, go for it but don't do lol kek I eat people for fun like the chap I met yesterday who did it to do an experiment.