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  1. [GAME]Kill-Bang-Marry

  2. [GAME]Kill-Bang-Marry

  3. Eagles Junk yard

    Thank you
  4. DayZRP 5th Anniversary!

    5 Years and still here.
  5. PC Build Sharing

    Doesn't look like you need anything as you're build is top notch.
  6. PC Build Sharing

    /moved to off-topic
  7. FPS Drops on .62?

    You playing on a laptop? If so your cpu might not handle all the newly added object's.
  8. Ramon Pushkin

  9. Character Wound System

    Ofc. why not?
  10. Character Wound System

    Give it a test run and if it's shit, changes will be made.
  11. Character Wound System

    I like the idea of permadeath but only if the RP makes sense, not dieing and o7 that guy.
  12. Eagles Junk yard

    Start of the KOS spree Featuring @Ark @Jade @Peaches & The mates