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  1. Eagle

    A Message to Patriots

    *Presses the PTT* Why do you give these men so much credit? They haven't done jack shit except spread lies and run. Or maybe this is another propaganda tool to make it look like they've accomplished something. *releases the PTT*
  2. Eagle

    Loud pop followed by burning smell from PC

    Your shit is props dead try seeing if any of the components work other then the one that blew up.
  3. Eagle



  4. Eagle


    Crash every 30 minutes Jesus.

    1. Watchman



    2. CamoRP


      Ye... i stopped playin couple days ago, that shit was annoying as fuck when I was trying to build.

  5. Eagle


    I wish to continue the report.
  6. Eagle


    Stay mad haha.

    1. Ravenous



  7. Eagle

    The Asylum [Open Recruitment]

  8. Eagle


    POV updated if the staff require anything else from me please let me know.
  9. Eagle

    German bush man song

    This is one bad meme.
  10. Eagle


    That was a horrid ending.

    1. strider


      disappointed but not surprised

    2. DallasRP


      8 years, 8 years... 

    3. Shroud


      I saw the leaks before hand 

      I was praying they were not true

  11. Eagle


    Last episode tonight.

    1. Ravenous


      15mins, I really hope they don't let us all down

  12. Eagle


    Here is my POV: I start recording as I was given charge of the hostages, people in the town are fighting and we had already lost two people along with them losing the same I get word of another potential hostile so small pocket of silence comes into the RP I search around and figure there was no one there I tell my friend to move the hostage into a better spot and I go to clear the surrounding area, I see this girl running into town I assumed she was Dead battery but I did not shoot her and instead tried to tell her to fuck off as I deemed her not a threat. After arguing with this lady for about a minute I finally get to her and she starts to fuck off I stop the recording but as I do I see her along the road and start recording again she runs into the area we just had the hostages after being told multiple times to leave and go to Kab and I promptly put 2 m14 rounds into her spine. Now your actions during this situation were purely made from an OOC standpoint and not what would your character do after someone mag dumps you with ghost bullets you cared very little for your life. After reading your POV I'm pushing for NVFL along with a false report as you state I made no threats to you or demands along with your actions during the situation. 2:08 - 2:17 Gtfo out of the town man, this is not a good idea to run into this shit, just go in that direction straight ahead of you over there go to Kab now. 2:19 - 2:28 Go go, go to Kabanino fallowed by you acting dumb and me stating I see you around here I again I'm shooting you I halt on that demand as you return. 2:31 - 2:38 You stupid fucking bit, get out of here or I'm killing you, yet again you act dumb. 2:37 - 2:41 Fack off hinting to my last demands off going to kab, you respond by acting dumb again, I state I'm two seconds from killing you dude. 2:42 - 2:53 Kabanino kabanino, Kabanino or I'm killing you, yet again you act dumb. I respond with you stupid fucking whore, you continue acting dumb I mag dump you. <-- Volume warning for this one. I could not understand at all because he was yelling a bunch of words really quickly making no sense and not replying to anything I said. I start off calmly telling you do not walk into this at 2:08 telling you to go to kab. Your responses were not important you knew what I meant but continued to just act dumb, a simple demand of going to Kab should be followed with such as you knew what was going on. I complied to his demand even though he didn't make thy threats that I could understand. He was not in sight at all. My demands are listed above you not giving a shit does not change the fact that you knew fully what I meant and even argued with me on the road, I see you not going to kab but onwards into Vybor so I shoot you I do not have to be in sight when my demands where clear and obvious. Go to Kab or you'll die. I knew there was a firefight in that area so I was trying to leave. Which he shot me for doing anyway. You came legitimately from the area a teammate of mine had just blasted two Dead batteries along with my friends dying in that area as seen by him running over the road furthering my point of you not giving a shit about your character and thinking there would be no consequences for your none compliance.
  13. Eagle

    Server sure is welcoming ............

    You forgot to mention when you were told to leave or you'd die.
  14. Eagle

    [GAME] Rate the Persons Profile Song Above You

    C - out of C +
  15. Eagle

    The Chedaki "A DayZRP series"

    Wow you guys are so cool.
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