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  1. DayZ isn't broken I swear.


  2. Nova comes to the base and we speak with him for a few minutes and we talk about who owns the place, he asks if we are radio people and Laski says no but asks Nova if he's LFD but never says we are LDF or the place is still under there control just that they where there a few days ago, move on to the front gate and I afk for a few mins in the guard house where we have a bit of banter through out, I found it even hard to keep a straight face as you can hear in the video due to laughter not sure why it cracked me up so much but it did, after some time Laski tells him he'll shoot him if he decides to pull out a music box of some sorts without aiming his gun due to the nature of the situation I didn't think much of it as he just spoke about how I was plowing his dead wife so I proceeded to just sit there with no riffle in my hands, then I get a round into my helmet I survive the bullet and hear Hutch scream Hands up or die x3 and proceed to stay in the guard house and a few minutes pass and I'm unsure of who I can actually kill but decided to attempt it and completely fail and die in the process by 50 cal but didn't save it as it was quite a dumb death. Not sure why they didn't just straight up initiate since they where already in the compound and could have easily taken us as such. The accusations of impersonation are completely false not sure why that's even thrown about none of us are wearing uniforms or act like soldiers. But if we're really gonna be this petty with random rules being thrown about then I can tell you none of us are in an approved group none of us initiated expect maybe Laski but no guns where pointed so if anything you only had rights on one out of the 3 making my kill invalid along with the kill on Storm gun or not. Storm and Hicks are both not IG so they can speak about whatever they wish memes and IC comments mean nothing from them. Laski said he want's to initiate but no one acts on it nor does he to gain an advantage over you guys.
  3. Eagle


    Your telling me having 10 containers with what 20 guns or hundreds or thousands of rounds is not enough? It promotes hording to a degree people start caring more about gear and there base rather then move about.
  4. I've had this thought for some time as the use of bases right now is more in the sense of keeping as much as you possibly can and hoard it for later. Though some places are used as hubs etc others are not, some bases can contain upwards of 50+ containers and yes kinda ironic since I lived in the prison but even then I found it a bit excessive storing 50+ guns thousands of rounds and other mixes of items, it's simply not done for the sake of providing the use of the place as a home but a zone to keep as much gear as possible so you never go dry. When this was a fresh idea a hub was made and used as a base of operations where bases didn't really contain much but that was probably not the case due to lack of storage, forcing people to always be out for the next scavenge giving the server a more vibrant flow rather than just sit in one place for hours on end because you spent 10+ hours gathering supplies that are probably never gonna get used but only to just be sure. Should bases have a limit on the number of containers and storage they can have? How much is too much and what the limit should be which I'm still not 100% sure myself? maybe 10-20 max?
  5. I'll give it to you guys the situation I had with you and the Joyces yesterday was quite interesting, though I did die the roleplay that was ongoing had a decent flow to it along with a more different style of torture RP that didn't just involve cuts name affiliations bye.
  6. Base building with the way it's used right now is not roleplay friendly but to store as much as you can for the sake of having stuff to return to. If they put limits on x amount of objects you can build and so on it would work allot better.
  7. The Aug was a lazer with a broken scope if they manage to fix that then why not?
  8. Depends on what your explanation for the apocalypse is.
  9. Did you live?

    1. Eagle


      No 😞 

    2. Chewy



  10. Their is enough rules and restrictions in place forcing people to make new groups to fit with your style of roleplay is dumb, imo their should only be one sever but since that's not happening it's fair enough if people make the effort to do new characters and make it make sense when traveling then it should be allowed simple as. Making one server a safe heaven from the others is literally counter productive.
  11. If it's roleplayed out and not a cardboard copy of the other how does it effect roleplay? so much so you'd pretty much need two group pages for two servers. <not them suddenly reappearing, played by same people on different characters> I couldn't then roll with 503? with a new character with new motivations and new goals because your angry with the fact no one wishes to fill the void and mainly use the server to escape/horde rather then to further their stories.
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