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  1. Eagle

    5.0.3 Media Thread

    @Rolandis this true?
  2. Is it using allot of resources whilst playing? seen in the task manager
  3. If I could get my invisible warning removed by playing sure.
  4. Wait not a legend?! 

  5. Eagle


    Stop baiting kind sir.
  6. The way they spawn + health is dumb I can clear out the whole prison area and go to the other side of the prison only to have all the zombies on the other side spawn again.
  7. Would love to get the kuru removed, the human flesh was the only reason Kamanici survived the admin building attack.
  8. Went to Glinska to help a friend with a fight, go up to the humvee and distract the enemy I initiate he gets shot I run towards the piano thinking he's with the hostage get peeked and die.
  9. Eagle

    DayZRP 20.2.4

    yeah they die with a round or two to the face or chest just like any other animal, these ain't direwolves even thought they'd still die in the same manner. Now bears will act as some form of tanks strolling through the woods.
  10. *presses ptt* Aren't we all serial killers? Who cares if some random man seems to run about killing? you do it I do it, let' start hunting everyone that kills and pretend we're heroes. *takes a swig and release the ptt*
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