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"Don't pride yourself on empty threats."

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  1. Eagle

    do you think this is worth warning points and a ban?

    Why is this thread needed?
  2. Eagle

    Suggestion : Remove kuru?

    Don't eat human meat simple.
  3. Eagle


    It takes about 10 minutes.
  4. Eagle


    Since we have started to work with you guys more and more I will say RP from you guys is great, keep it up.
  5. Eagle


    So people get away with KOSing people? since when? if they break a rule they get banned this seems to just be a thread to rant just for the sake of ranting.
  6. Eagle

    The Revenants [Open Recruitment]

    You felt you needed to take high command of the Saviors amongst the ranks you take the baggage that comes with it.
  7. Eagle

    Failed Robberies Thread

    Was an interesting stalker
  8. Eagle


    I love roleplay.

  9. Eagle

    Odd people

    I remember when you could shoot people that ran from you for 10 minutes +
  10. Eagle

    The Green Dragons Media Thread

    Looking for mice Mr. @Wong & Mr's. @Aisling Furthering some RP
  11. Eagle

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Forgot to say this yesterday and RP I've had over the weekend. @strider Your RP during the beating season made it funny and serious at the same time. @Jean Was not expecting you to allow the PK good RP during that situation. @Wong RP you provide is good, thank you for sticking around. @Aisling Fun to RP with you hope things go smooth with you and the Mr. @Watchman Was expecting you to initiate on me for telling you the intel I did. @OxeN Solid RPer mate.
  12. Eagle

    The Red Festival (07/04/2019)

    Looks interesting best of luck.
  13. Eagle

    The Green Dragons

    Thank you all for the kind words it means a lot. @Aisling Welcome to the Group.
  14. Eagle

    Awimba's end

    Shame I was the one that shot you
  15. Eagle

    The Green Dragons

    Not hard to put two and two together what do you do when your toy breaks? You throw it in the trash. Your people even told us she was dead, When suggested you do whatever you want to your toys for your satisfaction rape is on the table and everything above other wise why are they toys? unless for your sick fantasy, you went above and beyond you got cut so deep bone started to show, what did you do? You laught in his face the whole time got stabbed to the point you bled out of 4 different holes you moaned like you were ready to bust a nut. Nothing to really discusse as it's all laid out here no problems from my side at least but fuck this shit was weird. Anything further you wish to bring up I'm fine with but pms would suit it best like you said.
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