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  1. Eagle

    DayZRP 20.8.1

  2. Hitting the reset button won't change anything better to try and improve on what we got, though I feel at this point one of the two lore factions should have died off and made there dominion over the land as the impact they have now compared to the start is minimum. Police unit should have just merged into the rac when they where formed since RF had already died of and they should have been the police force of the country instead of a separate force same with haro, splitting them into separate units was pointless since they both relied on RAC for defense or legitimizing said unit.
  3. Didn't even know people played on it o7.
  4. How the lore factions feel as of now is more of less just like any other random group but with uniforms, nothing comes of the groups especially when the Rf vanished the lore factions weren't the once filling the power vacume but other groups making the so called armies and powerful units feel obsolete. The new haro faction came up and even started to aid the once that had just killed their own forces, then stationed themselves so far away from rac that it made them vulnerable for attacks and essentially just free for the taking for the clf, only for them to die in a week or two. Events are none existent and the lore is to focused on making everything make sense but the best time I've had here was when the lore was there to just aid you in knowing the land and fill in the blanks, as of now it has simply fallen back into the same old routine of who has the numbers to fight and who has the fastest guns in the wast.
  5. If a trader group can take out the RAC presences then yes. Edit: Ever since the RF went poof the lore factions kinda feel pointless.
  6. Staff should not effect IG actions if a faction can't hold there area they don't belong there.
  7. People say they don't need high caliber weapons to RP but at the same time don't want it to be a challenge to get one. I'd be down for simply having all those areas KOS.
  8. Classic.


  9. Base building should have a limit on walls and gates that way super forts can't be made along with not allowing people to use tents as storage units with gates. Massive bases do lag PC's that's normal but finding an ak or akm + plate ain't hard you don't need a fal to defend yourself.
  10. Is the game on the same hard drive as steam? if not try moving them both on the same disc.
  11. The tank zombie is one of the most useless editions to the server now with the plate getting ruined due to people wishing to waste hours of there day grinding them is the wrong move, simply lower the spawn rate of the tank or remove them completely.
  12. Would be cool to have this for approved groups if possible to customize.
  13. This mod just adds annoyance rather then interesting mechanic's.
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