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  1. Eagle

    Racism in game.

    It's just words at the end of the day from fake characters on a roleplay server if they where perusing this oocly sure I'd get the argument but if it fits the roleplay why get worked up about it..
  2. Eagle

    Where are the groups at ?

    My honest opinion of the server as of late is that it's an Altis life server but on DayZ.
  3. Eagle

    A question about some of the currently implemented rules intended to spark discussion.

    Pk means Perma kill as in if they have me hostage torture me and I refuse to give them the details they want I should PK if they kill me.
  4. Eagle

    A question about some of the currently implemented rules intended to spark discussion.

    If I were to do that to protect my friends and the people I care about then I should PK as that is what fits the situation and not just act like they missed by an inch.
  5. Eagle


    I really don't like this approach to hostages they pretty much can do what they want as long as it doesn't hinder the hostage taker. I get the mentality behind it but at the same time it gives them way to much power to do as they please.
  6. Eagle

    Boys Only Thread

    Those are all men hmm
  7. Eagle

    Declaration of War

    Not sure of this but if groups accepted the terms to go to war then once one group has fought for x amount of time people should start PKing, if captured and executed then it should be a insta PK otherwise having a war is kinda pointless.
  8. Eagle

    ...Bunny ears

    That just makes no sense at all.
  9. Eagle

    ...Bunny ears

    Post soviet landscape now fully stocked with cat ears....
  10. Eagle

    ...Bunny ears

    Remove plox this ain't no anime fantasy land, or maybe it is idk anymore.
  11. Eagle

    Eagles Junk yard

    Tokyo dip.
  12. Eagle

    Anyone have a mag for the m4a1?

    *presses the ptt* The effort you put trying to find one by trade you could probably find it laying in an old hanger or a barrack. *releases the ptt*
  13. Eagle

    “Comfort” drug item

    Would be cool to have an item like this since it's quite known on the server.
  14. Eagle


    Child characters are one of the most annoying thing I see IG please ban.
  15. Eagle

    Allow [WIP] groups in the "Group Idea" Forum.

    When posting a group you should have already gotten the idea of what you wish to do with said group, if not then the group ain't ready and shouldn't be posted.
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