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  1. NLR though shorter on days gets your character Pked all the RP you've built around that character has to now be rebuilt thought I doubt everyone does that but still fits the rulebreak, doing meme notes just for the sake of it is worth the 5 days you get at least you can learn from it and simply continue forth with whatever your character was doing before. Who says UwU unironicly around people.
  2. Best of luck with this group.
  3. make it so groups have hidden voice channels only seen by there rank and staff along with having open coms. Have rules along side it to make it viable would have to be in place and with all that set I think it would be nice to be able to finally communicate with the enemies just like the old TS days.
  4. Rather allow us to build anywhere and use expansion.
  5. Only reason the good stuff on Namalsk wasn't hard to find was due to refresh rates on static rares or bunker otherwise a sks was your go to weapon. Only two helis are on Namalsk as well doubt it's that hard to survive that you die after every respawn + utilize the traders that's why they are there.
  6. Only reason there is allot of loot on Namalsk is becouse it's 10 times smaller and has static rare spawns unlike Chernarus. Loot doesn't change the quality of RP -1.
  7. People continue to say that but yet I barely had any fights on namlask, the once that fought are dead and now you even have people so bored they do pvp server style battles for the memes.
  8. Yes get ride of chernarus for good.
  9. By that logic of a few nades made you upset chernarus needs nuking with all the tendies that included mass suicide runs over hubs etc. We have an emp that randomly goes off whatever reason idk and I don't need to know lore/weather for maps makes no difference more interesting to just make it up yourself and roll with it. You're group is the only one that refuses to leave, with a pub that doesn't die and who wish to continue on with the stale scale of things with chernarus.
  10. Change chernarus to livonia or deer island, keep namlask as sever 1 and call it s day as for the lore it died when the factions turned into a running joke.
  11. You have NPCs traders and smaller pop yet you have issues finding gear. Only one server should be up and hopefully that server becomes namlask, I'm tired of the same old stale chernarus that people seem to cling onto.
  12. Doesn't really matter that there's a high rate of loot it's a small map unless you're grouped up with others you'll die a few times before getting a footing, for now the loots fair as is. Only thing I fear is the sever becoming like livonia with eveyone clumped up and allied but only time will tell.
  13. That dudes a bullet sponge.
  14. The admins and lore masters worked along side the community poll that was made and thus we have it set around Chernarus. I personally don't really care where it's at.
  15. Will be interesting to see how the dynamic of this group will be around Cerb as most of us are Ex military along with it being a big plus that you guy are on Namalsk wish you the best of luck.
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