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  1. You didn't seem to care about talk first ask questions later when you guys dropped a text bomb tts and voip on my BMW with about 8 goons, so I ask. What is the point of this thread? you want PvP to be banned? you want the NLR rule changed? It's pretty odd how this thread only came about after you guys lost a fight and had to lick your wounds, to further hostile RP others have to submit or come to a compromise a group that has attacked mine is my enemy and not someone I'd consider talking to unless given a reason to.
  2. Keys are nice but I hope something counters this as cars would simply start to pile up if someone looses the keys. Managed to keep my black bmw secure for 3 days until some druggies ruined it.
  3. Being able to fix a car is one of the only things decent with this update.
  4. You already get that with people worried about gear but that goes down to valuing your life, others walk past you just saying hi and no one cares others simply drive past you to keep there car and that also goes down to valuing your life cause your a target for robberies, I doubt having auto run will have a rise in ''Avoiding RP'' cases.
  5. Everyone saying to remove cars that make your trip 10 times quicker due to auto run is honestly the dumbest argument I've heard, sometimes you spend 20 + minutes going from one place to another and having a quality of life update such as this is a must.
  6. latest?cb=20170703065355

    1. KricketRP


      Literally what it feels like 

  7. The RP today was fulfilling and really added allot to my character ark I'd like to make a special thanks to @Elmo @JimRP @Dew @Final Dom @AndreyQ @Shroud @TurkRP @Dodge @Hollows @Para @Apollo @Nik @Sassy @Blake @Dustemane shame everyone refuses to hire us ?
  8. Your playing on an RP server before that no one cared about any form of an economy and I doubt they still do just RP with the people around you and never visit the traders.
  9. Npc traders don't affect the quality of RP at all idk where that argument comes from sure you can store the cash but others can easily steal it. People did nothing before but complain when others had way to much gear for there amazing ''Trader RP''.
  10. For an ATM to work we would need internet + power if those two aren't a thing ATM's wouldn't work.
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