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  1. Eagle

    "What have i become.."

    That's some cringe right there.
  2. Rust is actually fun.
  3. @Roland dude still owes me the swedish fish bag.
  4. Should have been a wipe when Namalsk was made a second priority.
  5. Looks amazing man best of luck with your storytelling.
  6. I would like to upvote a friend of mine for the itement text RP on discord @Final Turk it has helped me through the lack of RP I wish to get ig
  7. If you act stupid asfk you get reported.
  8. Shiit if I knew I had to get paid to play here @Roland would owe me 1k +.
  9. Because the AI is trash.
  10. Group rights weren't a thing simply whoever you where online with at the time of you being initiated on would gain rights (Within x range if I remember correctly) if offline at the time you'd have to initiate or it would be considered KOS.
  11. Easy fix bring back the old KOS rights then groups are there for a purpose and not just for the simple rules required to defend yourself. As for having goals and making these strict it won't change the playerbase or how things would flow in terms of RP.
  12. All the pros you mention are pretty much what Namalsk was but due to the playerbase the map died off and everyone went back to Chernarus. Livonia is a trash map and had all the negatives of lazy map development with 0 innovation as it was a copy pasta from arma 3 + it had the soup kitchen.
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