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  1. How was she still on the roof?
  2. The frames in that were over 2000
  3. Hmm, I say that it is worth a 6/10 Never been a fan of the scroll series.

    1. Phoenix


      ... why though ... ??

    2. Eagle
  5. Please keep any further discussion on this topic here in order to keep it all neat and organized thank you. /Closed
  6. Tho the // would give a break for the Text RP'er it still would not change the fact that the situation is now fully stopped because the person wished to type a massive paragraph, that has now made the situation frustrating or slow to the person he/she is trying to talk to and would not change anything IC. Text RP'ers that I have met, have most of the time ended with a long wait for a simple hello or a scream of pain when taken captive.I will never get why people do it as I personally dislike the concept of Text RP, but then again I'm not the sole person doing the RP as it's always a two-sided coin so if the person wishes to text RP go right ahead.
  7. What are you even on about?
  8. Correct
  9. The update is only on experimental, So connecting with 0.62 won't work for normal servers.
  10. New sounds interesting stuff right there. Wind effects Trees, environment update overall cool.
  11. No
  12. Danke He had it coming trust.
  13. The Magical hat Someone did the Worm Some IRL Stuff
  14. You dont down grade anything the crtl-alt-enter makes it boarderless windowed with no reselution downgrades, thats what i've used to record and you only Have to do it after fully closing the game.