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  1. Eagle

    What Mods would you like to see in DayzRP?

    Uniforms, group badges, base building more guns.
  2. Eagle

    Anarchy Revamped media page.

    @OskuRP @[email protected] Of [email protected] [email protected] Moments before Dew lost his head.
  3. Eagle

    Anarchy [Closed Recruitment]

    Cool havnt spoken to that character for a long time, good on him for going somewhere in life.
  4. Eagle

    A Place of Positivity

    Yesterday I had my first PVP encounter where I killed a kid before going down.
  5. Eagle

    Make status updates editable?

    It has pros and cons the but the main reason it was removed was that there are no edit logs for status updates, allowing people to say fk this cunt, Then if staff didn't take a picture in time or it was edited before they even got to it there would be no real evidence left. Until they have the ability to look at the history of the update No.
  6. Eagle

    0.63 EXP Known issues and fixes

    fixing the thread they can stay here but they will not be bumped up into the post.
  7. Eagle

    0.63 EXP Known issues and fixes

    Post updated.
  8. Eagle

    0.63 EXP Known issues and fixes

    0.63 Known Issues and Fixes The new patch has brought us allot of Good things such as the new sounds less desync and wolves that have added some danger to forest areas of Chernarus but we all know with new patches come new bugs and thus this thread will be updated with the help of you guys with the solutions for the problems you have encountered, please keep your posts as detailed as you can. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Problem : Stamina bar glitching out or start having weird desync where you cannot run. Solution : Once this happens you are pretty much forced to re-log Problem : Not having a name Solution : Use this guide here Problem : Gun Not loading after attemtping to swap mags Solution : Easy solution for this is to use a fresh mag from your backpack or drop the wepone and try once more Problem : Character movement becomes really jittery and slow, as if you are stuck on something. Able to move but really slowly and constantly jittering back. Solution : If a ladder is nearby trying climbing on it and getting back off it, if that doesn't work a re-log will fix it. Side note : To prevent/avoid this from happening try to refrain from jumping into/onto objects/players as this seems to cause it for me. Problem : Character locked in data-base. Solution :Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a reliable way to fix this issue besides waiting 1 hour and trying again after that. Problem : Character sometimes does not pick up items after it eats/drinks. Solution : Raise your gun or fists a couple of times. Side note: To prevent this from happening hold the LMB a second or two more after the action circle completes. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Use this template when posting Fixes from patch 0.61 0.60 and 0.62
  9. Eagle

    [GAME]Rate the profile above you!

    Don't really like the song 5/10
  10. Eagle

    A Message to the Militia

    *Radio turns on* This ain't no war and I'm not sure why you feel the need to make this public. *Radio turns off*
  11. Eagle

    [GAME]Rate the profile above you!

    Don't really like it 3/10
  12. Eagle

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    That's what happens when we don't allow @MrPanda to initiate. I enjoyed both fights 1 for 1 ey.
  13. JimRP

    • JimRP
    • Eagle



    1. Eagle



    2. G19RP



  14. Eagle

    The Stary Militia

    Had good interactions with you today
  15. Eagle

    • Eagle
    • MrPanda

    Staff cannot be biased let them do there thing.

    1. MrPanda


      Yeah community bias is apparently worse than like 12 members bias.

    2. Dan


      at the end of the day tho who really cares

      ive been on final and its pretty easy to not get permed in this place.


      do i want a fuck ton of permed players back? hell yeah some most of my best friends from this place are now banned but at the end of the day it's @Roland's community and these people got banned from their own faults