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  1. Hey so is anyone have any FPS problems. i basically play this game everyday and i usually don't have too bad of an FPS drop but only on the RP servers I'm having some unplayably bad FPS…anyone else? also if i play on other servers i have no issue. but when i go to this one, leave, and then try another one…it's messed up and i have terrible FPS…no idea what to do.
  2. googled a way to do it and realized that i shouldn't have typed in 'Chambers' i did the whole '' http://steamcommunity….'' thing and realized what i was looking for was a different name: tc1011
  3. i figured it out a different way but i got it. thank you though. appreciate it.
  4. Guys, I'm trying to obtain my steam ID but it keeps giving me someone else's account. There are multiple " Chambers " on Steam…how do i make it specifically mine?
  5. Guys, I'm trying to obtain my steam ID but it keeps giving me someone else's account. There are multiple " Chambers " on Steam…how do i make it specifically mine?
  6. is the video that that guy posted above he was clearly using TS. isn't that NOT okay? you're supposed to talk in game to people...
  7. There might be slight problem with your attitude or am I wrong? Just make sure you understand how our rules would affect on your decisions and actions in-game and then explain those in your application, and you will be good to go It might seem like attitude because this upset me. It's something i genuinely want to be apart of, and these little slight technicalities are keeping me from playing and having this awesome experience. I feel like it's unfair to an extent. My second whitelist was rejected because part of my NLR was incorrect. i went line by line in the rules and basically turned each sentence into my own words. like what else could i possibly say? i guess i'll just copy and paste it next time. I'm seriously trying really hard to make a good application. i went over board with all of the character counts and made sure i was detailed. So frustrating when these little technicalities are keeping you from something you want. guess i'll try again tomorrow :\ This right here. The admins are strict because this community has strict rules. Making sure members understand the rules completely is a must, if you find that dumb, you might not be in the right place imo. nah i'm in the right place. this is something i really want to be apart of.
  8. I made sure i mentioned that you cannot just say Hey i'm robbing you and then just shoot. I laid out a better scenario that half the kids that get accepted probably did. It's fine i did it again and honestly i can't see how i'd get rejected again.
  9. I got rejected because my explanations on KoS and NLR were missing key details. I got very descriptive and even laid out scenarios. It tells you not to copy it word for word so i put it in my own words and after all that typing they deny it. There's kids who are whitelisted and they probably can't even spell. I double checked everything i wrote to make sure it was good and it was still denied… come on, man. I guess i'll just have to try again at a later date. anyone else get a dumb reason for rejection?