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  1. I think going off of secondary characters in movies is a little harsh, as that will rule out plenty of names. Regardless, a name change is happening as soon as I log in. Thanks, again, for the pointers.
  2. I find it slightly humorous that a mod found the relation so quick. Unless he Googled the name, too. I wonder if he is family.... I guess I'll change my name.... I appreciate the help. Probably should've Google checked to begin with, just didn't think it was necessary.
  3. I've been kicked (twice now) for my in game name, Tommy Gunn, for "No famous/fictional names". I don't quite understand why. This was the name I applied with, and got accepted using. Secondly, this is not a famous name, it's actually sort of my name (nickname, more so). Which, also, makes it non-fictional. Looking forward to clearing this up!
  4. TommyGunn


    You buy Standalone in steam, it's not something you apply for. I assume that's what you're asking, yes?
  5. Hopefully a lot of the DayZ bugs get fixed as they are what stopped me from playing DayZ. That, and the lack of loot.
  6. Hello, I'm new to this forum and just wanted to drop a hello to start to get introduced to the community as I have just submitted my application to play. I look forward to meeting some of you here (and hopefully in game)! -TommyGunn