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  1. Born April 12 1996. Parents were Steven and Marci Blazen. They were a loving middle class family living in Lawrence Kansas. Ben was a healthy baby boy weighing 9 pounds even at birth. Life Was Great For the Blazens, Marci was a stay at home mom who took care of the house and the family. Steven was a high ranking Manger at the local department store. Ben was there only son. When ben finally started school he was top of his class every year. A really smart kid with a good head on his shoulders. It wasnt untill high school that things started changing. Steven was laid off from his job due to the store closing its doors. so both Marci and Steven needed to get jobs to support the household. Ben was alone most days and nights cause they were always working. Ben made himself dinner after school cleaned the house and tucked himself in to bed everyday. He didnt have many friends at school but the friends he did have were close. After his sophmore year at high school Ben got involved with some bad kids at school. They peer presured him into trying partying and drugs. After that he became more popular in school and he liked that but his grades suffered and so did his chances of getting into any good schools after high school. His parents were none the wiser though with them working all the time. by the time graduation came Ben went from a staright A high honor roll student to a D and F Student. His parents finally caught wind of what was happening with their son and they were furious. They Threanted to Send him to boot camp and all of these reform schools and summer schools. So he ran way from them. At this point he was 18 he was out of school and there was nothing they could do. A few years later Ben was 23 he had been lving on his own since high school. He was watching the news one day on his phone When they broadcast a story about someone coming back from the dead and eating there own mother. He instantly thought of his own family and raced back home to kansas. he took him a few days of driving to finally get there but by that time the apocolypse had begun and his childhood hometown had been torn to shreds, beaten down, broken into with no sign of his parents. All the possesions they pwned were left behind not even clothes were gone. He knew the worst had happened and he left the town, left the state, left his whole life behind to face what lies ahead of him with his head held high and hole in his heart were his mother and father should have been. he felt guilty for leaving them now he would do anything to change the past. Fast Foreward to present day. Ben had been making his way around the world avoiding the bad and embracing the good when he saw a city with crumbled buildings and destroyed towns dotted around the landscape with a sigh that said nyheim 250 miles ahead and he felt a new inspiration rising in his chest and he trudged on forth awaiting what this new world had in store for him.
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