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  1. Artyom Drenakov was born in east Crimea in a water side town by the name of Yurkyn. It was a small town and his family was extremely poor before the outbreak and so when Artyom was born it was into an even worse situation than most. On top of that Artyom’s parents were killed by raiders from former Russia. Artyom was left to fend for himself until he found Pyotr. Artyom met Pyotr and got really close to him and formed a group called Kerch with him, gathering other survivors alike. Crimea was lacking supplies and the infected numbers were increasing so they went north into central Ukraine which was not much better. They ended up at a waterside town called Kyiv in northern Ukraine. Things seemed well in Kyiv until the water supply was becoming tainted and supplies were also getting low. Artyom and the group went north to Nyheim as Pyotr said it might be their last hope.
  2. Bryan Anthony was born within the walls PLIKT took everything from him his family, his home, and almost took his life, his father was killed during the riots along side his mother. His main language is English, Bryan attended a school inside the walls where he learned Russian and Norwegian. It was hard to study for at school because you would hear constant death and gunfire inside the walls. PLIKT was responsible for the many shootings and hangings that went on inside the walls. Bryan feared PLIKT after experiencing the true nature and horror of PLIKT, Bryan kept studying in hopes of better opportunity outside the walls. But what was promised outside the walls was more struggle and death losing more friends than he bargained for. The struggle to keep friendships because of PLIKT made him alone to fend for his own survival inside the walls. The curiosity of what was outside the walls began to rise, and eventually drove him to explore outside the walls. He started off by walking towards the middle of the slums and back and eventually made it to the end of the slums, but on his fifth attempt of going outside the walls he encountered the infected that was rumored since childhood. It growled and began towards his direction it tackled him to the floor and Bryan was unarmed in the midst of the struggle he picked up a stone and bashed its skull in. And took off towards the entrance of inside the walls Bryan went home that day covered in blood and left in his thoughts, Bryan was left hopeless and frightened. A month after the incident Bryan built up the courage to go back out this time with a plan and armed with a pistol, Bryans goal was to cross the slums into the other city, he prepared by bringing a bag full of food, water, matchbox, duct tape, a knife, and a survival book. Bryan put his bag over his shoulders walked out the door looking back at his home and began towards the slums, he crossed the slums while taking on infected and found a place outside the next city where he slept and than continued his travels. Bryan was walking on a dirt road while looking at a picture of his dead parents and him and when he looked up he saw distant buildings of the next city. Bryan started to sprint towards the town full of excitement but to his surprise once he arrived it was a ghost town Bryan full of disappointment decided to set up his own community taking in survivors from Nyheim.
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