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  1. Jackman Shadowheim was born in the Outback of the Northern Territory, having a troubled childhood he found him self on the opposite side of the law. Growing up with 2 older siblings, a single mother, and scarce food. He often turned to petty theft to get by. By the age of 17 he had moved on from shoplifting to car theft, home robberies and snack and grab type crimes. All until one day the law finally caught up with him. The Magistrate gave him a choice to atone for his criminal record. He must either spend 8 years in a Victorian prison, thousands of kilometres from home. Or be enlisted into the Australian Defence Forces (ADF). Thinking the military would be the easier option whilst earning learning a liveable wage, he chose the later... With-in his first 2 years of joining the ADF he realised he had skills from growing up in the Outback that would aid in his training and abilities, he learnt to love the Military. His hunting, camping and survival skills came into play and helped him rise through the ranks. His 4 years had ended, he was free to re-join society as his service time was completed. Though he decided to stay on with the Australian Defence Forces, but change from his Recon Scout Regiment (RSR2) to more special ops. Operations based around safety and scouting of foreign lands providing support to regular troops as well as civilians. Shadowheim, or 'Shadow' as he has now been named by his brothers and sisters in arms, did his protective services work as a member of the ADF under the regulations of ASIO for a few more years before being approached by the UN. He was asked to sign a NDA before the meeting. With-in this NDA was information about joining a group tactical force, put together with members from around the globe. Taking part in none-official or "Black Listed" missions to ensure safety and protection in settings where the world laws don't always agree. This gave shadow the opportunity once again, to be on the wrong side of the law, but for the right reasons. It was during his work for this specialised unit that he found himself in the nation of Livonia. An medical outbreak had happened, some thought it to be a biological attack from another nation, others presumed it was the doctors of Livonia that actually made the weapon themselves and something went wrong. The affects of this weapon caused a fatal reaction in 50% of anyone who came into close proximity with the disease. with the remaining 50%of the population, 30% had died, but not completely. Something with in the biological weapon had cause them to re animate after death, we call them the Zs or infected. The last of society had something in their DNA, we are not sure what it is, but it has caused them to be immune to the disease. This however does not make them immune to other people. With the fall of government and society came the fall of civilised interaction. People are fighting in the streets, more death and carnage happening everyday. Shadow saw what was happening and went to live in the woods, a simple life. He made some friends there, they lived together, worked together and formed close bonds. They called their family the AFU for Allied Federation Unit... (One girl would say it stood for All F***ed Up). Together they would leave the woods, find survivors and try to help them. Often offering food as Shadow had grown to become a very talented post apocalyptic chef, information and a feeling of security knowing there are others, who wish to survive together in peace out there. months have passed in Livonia and a government has now been established, they have police, voted in officials and laws. With 60% of the country now under government security, with their military going into the Red Zones to find new survivors as well as extinguish any bandits, rebels or cannibals, Shadow has decided to move on, find a new land to go and live in the woods yet again. He's heard of a land called Chernarus, from what he has come to understand, the weapon that affected Livonia was not only Livonia. its seems the entire world has now ended. He fears for his family in Australia but also wants to stay safe himself. So now he sets off for Chernarus, only time will tell what these lands will do to him physically and mentally....
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