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  1. Born deep in a secluded woodland town years after the virus had rampaged throughout the world for the first time, McKinley Davis was born to a single father after his mother had died giving birth to him due to lack of proper medical equipment. It took many years for McKinleys father Peter to emotionally recover from the loss of his beloved wife Shelia, leaving Mckinley to nearly raise himself in the comfort of his backyard, which was hundreds upon hundreds of acres of open and dangerous woodland. When around the age of 14 McKinkeys father and him fled the US as to try and escape the many factions that were beginning to take over the east coast and enslave anyone who asked questions and execute non compliers. They snuck themselves into a random cargo freighter docked on the shore of NYC with the blind hope it would transport them to a better life elsewhere. They ended up outside of Nyhiem and eventually were given refuge inside the walls of the city just as the period of rebuilding was in its fullest stride. Life was good for the father and son duo until the late 2060s quarantine was put in place and Peter was showing symptoms of the illness. Not long after his first sign of symptoms, Peter was killed in the Nyhiem bombings which caused McKinley to spiral into a hellbent rage towards the government and its supporters. His last known whereabouts within Nyhiem was on the night before the Bloody Christmas Eve. Nobody knows if he was a participant in the uprising and most believe he is dead, but in reality he was able to escape the walls of the city amidst the chaos and has returned to his roots and mostly spends his time in the woods and small towns/settlements looking for other people who share the same anti governmental values and beliefs as him. He is constantly mourning the death of his father and believes that Peter is always watching over him and keeping him safe. McKinley is a Rebel Vagabond with no home, traversing the dangerous infected filled landscape searching for likeminded individuals.
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