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  1. My brother Azrael and I survived night by night shooting our own food. Our father taught us how shortly before his passing. Luckily, we were able to use this new skill to keep ourselves and our mother alive. We lived in peace for years, eventually reaching a point where not a night passed without food, but then static rose from our old TV. An EAS broadcasted, threatening us, telling us we'd get shot if we left. We ignored this and continued hunting, we had to in order to eat, and we didn't live remotely close to anybody. A few weeks passed and our family showed up to our house. Yet they were infected with something. It was almost as if they had lost themselves. Our mother walked out back to meet one when our cousin lunged at her, taking her to the ground. My brother and I ran, forgetting to even breathe. I'm not sure what our plan is or where we'll end up, but I hope for the best...
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