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  1. It is letting me connect now. Not sure how the problem was resolved, but it is now lol.
  2. Ok, looks like I can connect to the European server. It says There are people on the US server. But I cant connect.
  3. I am having issues connecting to the US server. I logged in for a few minutes last night for the first time and then after about 20 mins I recieved a "No message recieved for XX seconds" When I disconnected and tried to re-join I could not re-connect. I kept getting "Session Lost". Then at the bottom I got this message. Could anyone help?[attachment=1470]
  4. Hello, I am having issues with the Steam ID converter not finding my Steam ID. I have checked to ensure that I am putting the correct Steam ID in the field and it still says that it cannot be found. I have included screencaps of the issue and my steam account name. Could anyone help me out?[/font][attachment=1457][attachment=1458][attachment=1459][attachment=1460]