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  1. Cyprian, or, as he prefers people he meets nowadays to call him, Vito, ended up in Nyheim during a simple vacation trip. The outbreak took him by surprise, and as much as he never expected somthing like that to become reality, he does his best to stay alive in the new world he's forced to live in. After all, his entire life was focused around sitting on his ass all day doing nothing else than playing video games and spending time with internet friends. Who knows, maybe this weird "experience" is one of the reasons he's still even alive in this post-apocalyptic world? There's not much ambition in this man's mind, one could say he's pretty much careless about what happens around him, as long as he himself is doing well... There's no loved ones, no family, noone in his life that he would feel the need to do anything for, so why should he? The world has changed, it's an everyone for themselves situation, and Vito isn't planning on starving to death in some dark alley.
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