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  1. Tbh, I'm getting tired of the debate ,of all the arguments and essays people are replying with. End of the day, I think its wrong and you asked why people don't stay. This puts me off. Thats all I have to say.
  2. Well, staff have been asking why players leave etc. My recent suggestion pretty much lays out a big issue. You have an rp server where people are focussing on raiding. And flaming people who try to shift the focus back to, you know, rp. Insane BTW, maybe there's a reason why its been asked a lot. Maybe, just maybe the players are right
  3. I've seen a few topics about players leaving and staff asking what would make them stay, etc. For me its this... too much opportunity for toxicity. Let me explain. If I'm correct, base raiding is allowed and people can just do it with no reason, prep or notification? Thats one big pile of bs for a start, so here's my suggestion(s). no offline raids or glitching into bases Players must know the owner and have a valid rp reason to raid a base. players need to make their intentions clear to give the defending group a chance to negotiate (I'm talking days not minutes, remember the objective here is interaction) I'd suggest allow a week, then if they haven't answered, the aggressors have a 2 day window to perform the raid. If they don't, then they start the procedure again. This promotes rp. Interaction, not just stealing. It encourages stories and played out conflicts between groups. Gear is no longer the objective, because tbh it should never have been.
  4. I see, ty for the reply. Guessing the lab is part of the map and not player built?
  5. I play a doctor (specifically a doc of medical science, but also do the general medicine thing). I'm interested to know what is in game to use? Before anyone starts, yes I know we can rp anything and simply pretend to have an item (on my last server I had a full crash kit which was an empty box lol), but that doesn't take away from the usefulness of props. So, is it jut the standard Dayz stuff, or have you added anything? Any furniture? Can I build a lab or a hospital?
  6. ok, little bit overbearing. Chill I don't need heaps of guns, but I also don't want to have just a pair of 3/4 hiking pants and an apple. Thing is, some players will approach me with in game illnesses (their avatar is actually sick). I'd like to be able to really cure it while playing out the scene.
  7. Hello Waiting in the queue to have a password and get a look at this new map, etc. Thought I'd say a quick hi to you all. My name and profile stuff probably gives it away, but I play a doctor. I'm spending my time having fun and also learning about medical terminology for my acting work. Looking forward to meeting peoples
  8. I get what you're saying, but honestly I want to spend my time immersed in rp, not constantly having to reacquire gear.
  9. Not actually joined the server yet (in the whitelist queue). One thing concerns me though, the biggest groups are basically the violence ones. I don't want this to be another "play for 2 mins and lose all your stuff" server.
  10. Sarah's Mother was from a high class English background, who travelled to the region for business and ended up having a one or 2 nights stand with a local man. Returning to England it was said she brought shame on the family and as a result not much was known about the father. Like her mother, the renowned Professor Rosalyn Murray and her grandfather Doctor Henry James Murray, Sarah was 'encouraged' into a medical profession. Sarah had a natural affinity with science, but as a typical rebellious teen, this caused more problems than it solved. However, in adult years she became focussed and determined to make a difference. Deprived of the university education her predecessors, Sarah turned to books. Savaging libraries, laboratories and colleges she was able to educate by herself to a high standard. After the last remaining members of her family were lost to virus and conflicts, Sarah concluded there was nothing left for her in England and decided to make her way to Nyheim to explore the roots of the other half of her nationality. Hopes of finding her father were extremely unlikely, but not impossible. First impressions are of a posh well spoken lady but, although not a fighter, she is still skilled at survival in the roughest conditions. A life lesson that would prove to be useful. NOTE - I am a professional actor and play this character in the real world. I use this for fun as well as practise. Therefore I DO NOT WANT TO BE KILLED (please). I will comply with hostile situations, but tbh prefer not to engage in hostile rp if possible.
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