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  1. Who is Jon Wick, a broken man, a drunk, a screw up. No, I'm just another cog in a wheel of a broken system. I work my ass off for what, enough to keep the bill collectors off my ass. Some time after high school, I thought to myself "Jon you love cars and you love danger, why in the hell am I joining the Marines". "Jon,...... Jon..... , Jon...J..", Jon's mother was calling his name. It was a soft voice almost angelic. "BOOOOM" another shot rings out. And again a louder boom of a mortar goes off, this time its closer to Jon's position. Jon awakes from a day dream he is having about his mother calling his name. "WAKE UP SOLDIER YOU NEED TO RETURN FIRE!" exclaims a man blurred by Jon's vision. All Jon can see is a dust cloud and people moaning and crying for help. Jon finally gets to his feet and begins to return fire at a few men station across the alley on a roof top. After a few clips have been emptied Jon calls out "Sergeant, I need a new clip." Suddenly a familiar voice comes behind Jon. "HERE", its Adam, Jon's long time friend from high school. Adams thin red mustache always gave Jon a chuckle. "Well leave it to a ginger to save my soul." snorts Jon (Fade to Black) Jon wakes up screaming "ADAM!". Well this time the dream did not finish. Most nights Jon sees his long time friend Adam shot in the forehead. But tonight was different. Jon had not eaten in two days. He had been running for his life, after alluding several of the "Dead Heads" Jon had hunkered down for the night in an old gas station he came to as a kid. Dead Heads where the name for zombies Jon and Adam came up with after seeing "Night of the Living Dead". Much to Jon's surprise the movie he saw as a kid was, coming to life. Outside the gas station where real life zombies they where no longer fiction or make believe. Jon needed to think fast his only option was the back door. Jon gets up and makes his way to the door. As he approached the door a shot rings out. Jon hunkers down, waiting maybe it was a hallucination. After waiting for a few minutes, Jon get back up on his feet to keep going towards the door. As Jon gets closer to the door he starts to hear voices coming closer to the front of the store. He tries to listen to the voices near the front of the store. As he slowly goes to turn the knob. "BAAM" the door hits Jon's Face and he slams violently on to the ground. Jon hears a voice "Jon.....Jon.....J..." Jon is awoken by ice cold water hitting his face. Jon's eye begin to focus and he begins to get his grasp on reality. Jon sees a familiar form coming into focus. "Man, I thought you had died by now!" exclaimed a tall man with ragged military attire. It was Jon's Sergeant. "Winstone" Jon exclaimed. "I'm sure not Mother Teresa" exclaimed Winstone. After a few minutes the men began to discuss old time and stories. Jon realized he was at the old base, he had previously received his training at. It all started to make sense the messages he had been picking up on an old radio he had found. Where true people had found a way to band together and survive. After talking with Winstone for awhile Jon decides to get up and see what his new home looks like. (This is just a small portion of what Jon has went through and the rest of the story is yet to come. Hopefully you enjoyed a small taste of a bigger story.)
  2. Here is a little about me. My name is Jon "Healshot" N., I'm 29 years young. Born and raised in North Carolina, I grew up playing video games at a young age, thanks to my uncle. He gave me a dead controller and let me think, I was playing the game and was doing good. It was that confidence that made me the gamer, I am today. So big props to my uncle D. for making me believe in myself. Later in life, I got into voice acting in my spare time. But the gamer in me said keep going, then a game came out know as Warcraft 3. And from that a mod called DOTA made me want to game again. So with my roots in Starcraft, began my journey into MOBAs and MMOs the rest is dust in the wind.