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  1. The early details relating to Maxim's upbringing are lost to time and perhaps will be rediscovered as time goes on, but the last ten years of his life are fresh in his mind. He started work in a woodworking shop- assisting with duties that varied from time to time, but revolved mostly around the cutting of logs into planks. He lived a modest life in a shared living building that was for the workers of the shop. His off hours were typically spent fishing or scavenging the woods for mushrooms or herbs. He grew to have an appreciation of the land around him and engaged others in a limited capacity- generally keeping to himself outside of the shop. His parents were long gone and he lost interest in trying to hold onto his youth. He was a realist about life typically and saw no point in maintaining a lost emotional connection. He signed onto a transport company that dealt in firearms after he decided to leave the shop- the years he spent there were the basis of how he made the connections in the new company. His primary trips were to and from Kaliningrad. This company was the first taste of the dangerous and profitable life he'd come to lust for. Frequently there'd be situations where deals might go bad or did end that way since the company dealt with a variety of individuals and groups. Some of those had... questionable motivations. It wasn't rare to go on a trip with five guards in the truck and come back with only three. Years went by and he did what he did best- make connections. He landed himself in an organization that worked on the collection or elimination of particular targets that had been assigned value. Elements of this group were ex-military or passed down from ex-military. It was hard to tell who exactly ran everything or what the organization even is. The details of his trips for them are shrouded in mystery, but he gained a certain professionalism that made him an efficient worker. He got a sheet one night after weeks of inactivity. The document described various objectives all leading him to one place; Nyheim. He naturally made ready and set out with several others- their identities unknown, but they all have similar tasks. He's trained for this, he's done this before. Only he knows what must be done.
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