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  1. Thank you all for the kind words and sense of excitement! I'm sure we will all meet in game! Much love and have a great time roleplaying!
  2. My name is Hoschentropfer but I go by Hosch. I'm new to the community but want to learn and prosper along the greats, that came before me. If you'd like to check out what I'm bringing to the server check out my character profile, feel free to comment what you think on here! I'm always egger to develop my character's in a proper and immersive way. I hope to see all of you in server! best regards, Hosch
  3. My name is Kiah Cyprus, I'm a 26-year-old man. I've lived on Governor's Island with my Wife Brooke and my Brother Barney since birth. Barney and I's father died in 2061 from a stray bullet from defending our island from raiders. Our mother died from a flu-like virus back in 2065. Our worlds had been upside down from birth but now.. upside down is the least to say. but our sorrow didn't stop there. The virus was slowly taking people out on Governor's Island. We lost so many friends. The only family we had left was each other. My wife has convinced me into migrating towards Nyheim, she says she has a few friends there, that she grew up with. I'd go anywhere to be with her. The beauty in her eyes alone brings me to my knees. I only have to convince my brother that it's what's best for the family. I couldn't stomach the idea of leaving him behind. One night on our night patrol watch for the GI's local militia, I stopped him in his tracks and asked him. He agreed but mentioned he couldn't leave for at least a few months to settle some unfinished business. My wife insisted that we leave now before we too perish from this unknown virus. I tell her that I cannot leave without Barney. I instead tell her she can leave out on the next caravan to Nyheim while I stay back and be my brother's keeper. She hesitates but leaves with our belongings and a mutual friend of ours, Jane. I kiss her farewell until the next time we see each other and promise her that we will meet again. Once the caravan leaves it's just Barney and Myself. we continue to live as normal, tending to our land and guarding the city at night. One month goes by. Barney comes up to me and says " I'm ready when you are ". we then make arrangements to get on the next caravan to Nyheim so I can be with my beloved wife Brooke again. We hope on the caravan and begin our long journey with nothing but the clothes on our backs and a few useful items for survival, along with a medium sack of food and some gold coins for trading. May 2069, we've left Governor's Island for good. One year and 8 long months later. We've arrived at the shores of Nyheim. Safe, but a little hungry. The travel by sea didn't go very well for either of us. I feel like we were sick the entire time! Anyways, that journey has surpassed and Nyheim is our future. We've finally made land. Time to make some new friends and most importantly, find my beautiful wife.
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