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  1. After leaving Morocco Ali wandered the earth in search of a purpose. Ali found himself in a city called Nyheim which seemed to have a heavy military presence. All was good as Ali walked the streets of Nyheim he started to feel good about himself and he loved the city. One day as Ali was sleeping he heard sirens going off and rushed to his Airbnb window and saw savage chaos as gazed out his window. People were wild in the streets and he noticed something off there seemed to be a humanoid figure eating another corpse. Ali rushed out his Airbnb and to his surprise, he was being told to get to the military-controlled zone by a military officer. Ali took a minute to gather himself and then started moving. He turned around and to his horror, the military that helped him was being attacked by one of those humanoid figures. Ali was running and was terrified he had no clue where to go so he ran as fast he could. A couple of hours passed by and after seeing those figures he assumed they infected cannibals he referenced as "qayd" which stems from faqayd meaning deceased in Arabic. As time passed on Ali still with no purpose tried to find meaning in this new world. He remembers the horrors of that night and how scared he was. He went on the meet a group of people who he helped them lived and setup camp he did this for a couple of months and they all left behind on one morning he doesn't know why but this started a distrust towards new people he encounters for the future. Ali continues to travel the land and survive, hoping he can regain his trust in the people.
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