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  1. Ryan Graves was born in Canada July 23rd, 2028. He lived a tough life when he was young. His mother and father were always constantly struggling to survive and raise him at the same time. They were always on the run, city to city, town to town. Always chasing food, shelter, safety and always on the run from different groups of bandits and of course, the infected. One day while out hunting he heard one distant gun shot that sounded like it was coming from where him and his parents were settling in for a few nights. As he rushed back through the forest he seen multiple footsteps in the snow leading straight to the log cabin they had fortified for their few short days stay. He quickly assumed it was the large group of cannibals they were warned about from a traveler that had told him and his parents about just a day before. As he approached the edge of the tree line, just at the edge of the clearing, mere yards away from the cabin, his assumptions became a brutal gruesome reality. As he heard approaching footstep and stick snap in the forest behind him he had to hide quickly under the branches of a big pine tree. Young and scared, extremely out numbered and out gunned he was completely trapped! He had to sit there and listen to his mother and fathers bone chilling screams and cries as the large group of men brutally slaughtered and butchered his parents. More and more of these cannibals eventually showed up to help take away what was left of their bodies and also their belongings. After about 45 minutes he had a chance to run, there was absolutely nothing he could do but to survive and get away from that cabin and group of cannibals as fast as he could before he was next. Ryan was only 13 years old at the time. He learned from an extremely young age that in order to survive, sometimes you had to have you have to make life or death sacrifices and decisions. His father taught him that you always need to be smart, ready and willing to do what's necessary in all situations to stay alive. Always have a plan and to always go with your gut. 10 years later he was able to escape Canada and eventually made his was across seas and ended up staying on the island Chernarus for quiet some time. while there he passed along a lot of his his skills of he was taught and devolved through the years like hunting, fishing, farming, constructing shelters and fortifying abandoned buildings, shooting, savaging and how to survive in a world of over run bandits and infected. Most people he met there called him Coach and kind of seen and treated him like a father figure. But after years on the island and it feeling like home, almost like a sense of normality, the Island of Chernarus slowly started to slip out of control like everywhere else. The infected got worse and their numbers got bigger by the week. The bandits were coming in droves, groups and factions started turning on one another. Trust and security was harder and harder to come by each day and food and supplies were at an all time low. With the majority of the decent survivors already gone or planning on leaving, Coach knew it was time for him to leave as well. Hearing promising stories and the history of Nyheim, a place in the northernmost part of Norway he knew what he had to do. . .
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