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  1. Like i just want to point out for the glitches what is caused by errors in the game. Like i died for nothing. no infection attacked me or anything like that. I just want to improve the situation since its frustrating that i spend 2 hours to prepare for something than a glitch comes in then i need start over and over and over and its now frustrating that i collected everything then i started to move to the place and bummm glitched out i died. Im pretty sure that in team fights thats a different story i just want to point out for DayZ glitches.
  2. Born in Hungary As EX military guy he knows how to maintenance the weapons. The following tasks he is capable : Disassemble, clean, inspect, lubricate & reassemble. Remove corrosion and touch-up finish. Repair burred or damaged parts with files & stones. Replace defective parts with factory-made replacements, hand-fitting as necessary. Add after-market customizations: sling-swivels recoil-pads iron-sights scopes grip caps butt plates Repair and re-finish wooden stock parts. Checker or re-checker grip areas. Deepen or clean up worn or damaged engravings & markings. Re-crown damaged muzzles on a lathe. Repair dented shotgun barrels. Install (solder) or repair rib on shotgun barrels, or repair double-barrel assemblies. Measure & correct head-space dimensions. Check for excessive bore erosion. Troubleshoot and repair feeding, ejecting & firing problems. Test-fire guns with conventional loads to ensure proper operation. Fabricate wooden stocks to customer specifications and body dimensions. Fit same to existing receiver and barrel. Glass-bed actions to stocks to improve accuracy. Remove existing metal finish, and re-blue metal parts. Fabricate replacement parts from metal stock. Modify trigger-pull weight through careful stoning of trigger mechanism parts. Fire proof-loads through weapons to ensure sufficient strength of parts under over-load conditions. Replace worn barrels, which have fired so many rounds that they are no longer of the specified caliber (which leads to loss of accuracy). Change caliber or cartridge of existing rifle, by changing barrel, and modifying receiver. Re-cut rifling and change caliber of existing barrel. Design and build complete rifles by fitting stock barrels to stock receivers; fabricating or purchasing additional parts as needed, and fitting same to rifle. Fitting custom stock to the same. Design and build a complete rifle, shotgun, or combination gun from start to finish. (Combination guns, usually referred to as a "Drilling", is a highly complex hand-made long gun with several joined barrels combining both rifle and shotgun calibers and gauges sharing a common breech and buttstock.) The highest level examples of custom-made firearms usually start out as several pieces of blank steel stock or rough forged parts, a slab (stock blank) of walnut; steel tubes with rifled or smooth holes ("bores") drilled their length, and are usually hand made by highly skilled gunsmiths using nothing more than an occasional lathe, milling machine, heat treating furnace (for making springs, hardening parts to the proper hardness, and color case hardening) with the majority of roughing, fitting, and finishing done completely by hand using files, scrapers, abrasive paper and cloth, chisels and rasps. In general, gunsmiths develop and expand their skills through years of experience.
  3. I quick question Why the players who didn't died caused by normal death can go back to the body and collect his staff since we are playing RP and the game Crashed not I died by infected or something that's a bit strict rule . I needed to collect al the stuff 2 times because of the game crashed. and its now super frustrating that the Staff saying because of the rules. I would recommend to change the rule for this since the player couldn't cause the issue in this topic. If I die I admit it, but because the game crashes I don't think its fair since we loose basically everything what we carried. The GM can check back the cause any time. So I don't think that's a good thing that we are Playing RP while we couldn't have the chance to do it right because we have game issues, and don't even get at least a few things back. I think this needs to be improved.
  4. On 2048-04-11 Kalashnikov Dankesz was born in Nyheim, in a Russian speaking family, at young age his parents died in a infected attack. A close friend of the family raised him. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- When he was 17 years old he joined to a local group who called themselves PMCs, they helped the people in the difficult days and protected them against the infected, his colleagues was given him the Nickname Dankesz that means He is a true survivor, his friends and colleagues died in the bombing in 2069, Dankesz somehow managed to survive, he escaped from the city and sheltered himself for a quiet time, one day he decided to go back and try to find some survivors....
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