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  1. Royce does not remember much of his past. He knows that he was born in the farmlands from his fathers stories of their crops success throughout the early years of his life. His father says they were forced to move on during a thunderstorm where lightning struck the fields causing a wildfire. After narrowly escaping the blazes and ash his family was welcomed with open arms to a small community in the woods, his father recommended moving on but his mother insisted staying to rest and see if they would like to join the community. The family was safe and well fed for years and he remembers the community was all younger people. Nobody seemed to be older than their late 30's but the town was riddled with sickness. People always had complained of headaches and trouble controlling the shaking in their hands. One day during a village feast of what they said was pork, it must've been another great hunt considering there wasn't any livestock in the surrounding fields, when halfway through the celebrations his father grabbed his arm and pulled him to the nearby woods. He remembers the pack was heavy with supplies and still doesn't know why they never went back for his mother. His father taught him plenty about hunting and farming when he could, but they never stayed in one place too long. His father always warned Royce to never trust anybody because they will always betray you. Royce assumes something happened before he was born to instill such mistrust from his father in other people. Royce and his father continued their travels wherever the wind dictated and even in a torn world of the frenzied, and hiding from passing groups, he felt free. One day during a supply run into an abandoned city of huge vehicles, tents, and buildings lined with beds, the frenzied swarmed. Royce's father helped him over the fence and was told, "Run, and Live". As Royce ran through the woods from the city he heard gunshots ring out for what felt like hours. He knows he didn't go far enough, and that there was only reason the shooting had stopped. Royce spent the next few years on his own following the words of his father to run, live, and never trust anybody. One day he found himself trapped in a shed, frenzied pounding against the walls and the wood starting to splint. When suddenly, shots rang out and the shed fell silent. A group of strangers had seen the commotion and came to help. Royce joined these people for the last month with the promise of safety in a town to the North. After some weeks of travel, Royce was awoken to the feeling of a sharp pain to his neck and the sight of one of his new friends standing over him. Oddly, he couldn't help but to fall asleep again. When he awoke, his gear was gone and without weapons he shifted his course to the West. Now he laughs as he looks over an intact wall and the sight of a man at the gates, what his group thought was a death sentence, was the guiding hand to a promised land. Royce thinks, that maybe, just maybe, the Gods aren't gone after all.
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