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  1. Enigma


                  Alright time to have deep thoughts with Enigma (lol). Well I've been thinking about a lot of things recently and I felt I should share something I posted on my personal Facebook a few weeks ago. Basically I been thinking a lot, mostly it has mainly been about people. To put more accurate how people think. The human mind is a funny thing, each brain looks relatively the same on the outside (obviously) but they're all different on the inside. So when you think you have figured out how the everyday person works, it changes. What I mean is on the surface people's mind act and react the same I'll give it that. Yet when you start to connect with the person you dive deeper into the forever changing "enigma" (no pun intended) that is the human mind. Now when you really connect with someone whether it be your best friend or a person you want to be more with, its how the old saying goes "No relationship comes easy, it takes hard work and the want to be with the person(s) through what ever they go through; good or bad." It might not be exactly how the saying goes but you get the gist of it. This is why the mind is a amazing thing about humans because through all that hard work each person you connect with is always teaching you something new (And vice versa). Anyway the point I'm trying to make is no one can fully figure out someone but the next time you connect with someone on a deeper level you are adding to their being/mind (might be good, might not) which in turn changes it for the next person you connect with (and so on, and so on, and so on, etc). Finally with all of this said, connect with people... get to know them, and if you really click with someone who knows your life could be forever changed hopefully for the better (hint: The good ones are the ones you wanna keep/work towards and the bad ones you want to learn from to not make the same mistake). So yea these are the thoughts that run through my head sometimes Haha :)


    p.s I'm no expert just saying :) and I know this is a gaming community but something to think about when your not rp'ing.


    ~ Ya boy Enigma

    1. ToeZ


      Shit's deep yo.

    2. Enigma


      Thanks man haha

    3. Lyca


      That's a good thinking. I like that. Most people don't really think about those kind of stuff. ^_^

      But you're right I give you that. ^_^