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  1. Enigma


    This is in response to this status update


    as it was deleted on the person profile. So I'll leave it here because I still think it needs to be said. 


    Shiro I will tell it to you straight. I'm not here to flame or disrespect you. I'm here hopefully to open your eyes and be honest with you. At the beginning of me joining DayZRP I met you. I joined your group and even bought you standalone. At the beginning of the inmates I respected you. Yet from what I have gone through you have a habit of pushing people away. Whether it be from their own choice, from the drama you create, or from this quote that you just deleted "you think your RP is superior to the rest. You complained in ts that you think certain groups give you worse rp than you are providing. I won't bother arguing about whether or not this is true, but it makes you look narcissistic. People start feeling like you think you are better than them and you “bless“ them with your time. I personally feel like this is one part where your issues with some members come from." you push people towards the door. People who are still here from the inmates can back me up on it. You need to take a step back and look, really look because you are a good rp'er when you don't drowned it with narcissism or belittlement of others. You also need to learn to separate OOC from IC because you would enjoy RP so much better if you did. Finally, we use to be friends Shiro. Part of me still wishes we were, yet actions you take makes that impossible. Just learn from this bud. I truly mean no ill will and want you to grow as a person. Take care...

    Your "once close" friend ~ Enigma

    1. Grimnir


      Have fun getting reported for this horrible flame. ;)

    2. Enigma


      No flame only truth

    3. Oliv


      No offence, but this seems like something that would have been much better suited for a PM. I'm actually disappointed in you doing this publicly.

    4. Mexi


      Right, lets stop this drama shit for no reason.

      Either take it to PM's or we can take another route to deal with it, it's very simple. Deal with it like adults instead of children, I'm sick of petty drama.

      I'm posting this on all things that have stemmed from this shit so that it can be put to a stop.