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  3. The Aegis Corporation

    @snfsylva Firstly I just wanna say super cool doc man, loved the read truly. One problem though it says the mission started on 9/31/17.... that date doesn't exist, as September only has 30 days not 31. Just saying bud.... Zero I hope you enjoy this picture...
  4. Alexander Killian

    REQUEST FOR OFFICIAL AEGIS PERSONNEL FILE DATE OF REQUEST : July 25th, 2017 NAME : -REDACTED- DATE OF BIRTH : -REDACTED- CODE-NAME : THE BUTCHER ROLE/OCCUPATION : Aegis Defense Service Assault Team Leader -REDACTED- BACKGROUND : -REDACTED- grew up in -REDACTED-, Maine, located in the North-Eastern area of the United States. Prior to our interest in -REDACTED-, he served in the United States Army as military police officer. After the events of the 9/11 attacks on the United States of America, -REDACTED- was deployed to -REDACTED- in order to process and interrogate terrorists alongside Central Intelligence Agency field operatives. After 2006, the U.S. Bush administration stopped the use of previous used interrogation methods. -REDACTED- however continued to use the same methods in order to gain intelligence from the prison holding areas. He was shortly after dishonorably discharged. In 2008 -REDACTED- was recruited by an Aegis Recruitment Specialist and placed within the -REDACTED- Division, initially serving as an intelligence specialist. He was later promoted to -REDACTED-. MEDICAL RECORDS : -REDACTED- medical records come through clean, however he appears to suffer from psychopathy. He seems to have little regard for human life but performs his duties exceptionally well. COMBAT EXPERIENCE : -REDACTED- has taken part in various combat and intelligence operations both throughout his military and time serving The Corporation.
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  5. Jakub Jezero

    Jakub's life has been one of a uphill battle, the reason being that he was born with high functioning autism. This made fitting in anywhere hard to do. Although his parents were as hands on as they could be while still trying to support a family of 3, Jakub being the youngest of said children. He was raised as normal as he could be, living at home, helping around the house, and was even taught how to shoot with his dad. Al wass well for the Jezero family up until the infection hit..... ~Work in Progress~ *All matter is subject to change at anytime*
  6. When did your friend say he wanted to initiate on me? Because I never heard talk in game about it when you where near me.
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  8. So if I counted right, your missing a a friend in the list of allies. Because you say you had three friends there you, soursweet, damonkeygod, and someone else. Where is the missing guy?
  9. Server and location: S1 NWAF Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 19:00 Your in game name: James Zima Names of allies involved: none Name of suspect/s: Kevin Gilbert @SourSweet & 3 or 4 others Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): none Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: So I head my way to North West to find some ammo maybe a gun or two. When I'm greeted by a group of people, 2 of which are wearing knight helmets. Those where the first I met. We have small talk and I'm told by one of them that his friend is looking for a vest. I remember seeing one and proceed to tell them where it is. One guy then sprints around the corner with his sks aimed up. I say "what the fuck" in response to it as he walks by. His friend that aims at him so I say "why are you guys aiming at each other." I don't think they responded so I left saying "good bye." I'm followed to the near by fire station to which I'm initiated on by the group. I'm told to put my hands up and walk into the fire station. I'm ordered to get on my knees, then order to drop everything I have. Then handcuffed, to which I say that "I'm unable to drop everything now." I'm met with them going through my stuff and saying something along the lines of "I'm doing this for your stuff". Not much rp really happened as they are going through the stuff I had after that, that's when I'm able to start recording. Only one of the really talks to me and most of it is telling me to wiggle out of the cuffs or that he doesn't have a key/lockpick. I'm told through out that his friends are not very talkative and that one only talks with bullets. After a few minutes the second knight helmet comes in uncuffs me. I'm told that they give me food, drink, and to stand with my hands up. As they start leaving they tell me to stay in the fire station for 5 mins or I will be shot. -End of POV- So the Bad RP really in my eyes is the fact that I really had no rp from it. They had next to no reason to rob me and only one of them spoke to me mainly. Yet even then he didn't say anything really other then they needed my stuff, wiggle out, doesn't have keys, and whose shooting. Overall the rp was not good and all they wanted was gear. Now the metagaming is how clearly they where talking on ts and not in game. I don't have it recorded but I did hear talking at the start of the initiation through one of their mics of something that wasn't said ingame. Plus all the long pauses, silence, and mainly on one of them talking shows how they where talking on TS or something else.
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  12. POV: I was alongside @Darion and the rest of the Gremlins, when a white supremacist approached. Darion tells the supremacist if he said anything racist, he'd knock him out. The supremacist then called Darion a 'coon,' who responded by staying true to his word and punching @Steck in the face. He and his friends fell silent and stepped back, and began watching us wherever we moved. 10 minutes go by, Darion is shot and everyone scatters. I ran in the direction of the school, before I was shot several times, and fled into the woods. After bandaging myself and waiting for the shots to die down, I returned to the pub for medical RP with @Rory