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  1. Enigma

    Time for change... Profile pic, music, and background lookin dope if I do say so myself :)

    1. Keira


      I was just listening to black dahlia :D

    2. Majoo


      Good shit my man!

  2. My people have returned! Good luck on this, I hope you live up to name of the last Chdkz that I had the pleasure of being apart of. Long live the movement!
  3. Killian Stanasvich

    Killian Stanasvich grew up in the small village Tisy, tucked into the mountains south of Grozovoy Pass. With little more than a few houses located along a road, it was a perfect location as it was very close to a joint military based used by CDF forces and American allies. Two such soldiers were Killian's father Marek and his mother Samantha, it seemed it was love at first site. This love between the two produced three children, Novak their oldest son and a set of twins Killian and his sister Jolana. It soon came a point where Killian's mother had to leave and return to the states due to here position in the military, and with her went Killian and Jolana, with Novak staying back to help his father. The two would come back to Chernarus every summer to stay in touch with their Chernarussian heritage and spend time with their brother and father. One such summer, when Killian was of age, he was drafted into the CDF and having come from a militaristic background on both sides of the family, Killian didn't hesitate to join. Killian performed exceptionally well in training, but where he shined the most was his communication skills. Not only could he speak native Chernarussian but due to his heritage and his time in the US, Killian also could speak fluent English along with a few other languages. Although there were a few soldiers that gave him a hard time for being a "half breed", this didn't deter Killian from accomplishing what needed to be done, during the civil war Killian earned a few medals for his bravery and his role in rallying CDF and US forces, using his skills to translate and coordinate plans of actions ,thus giving them an slight advantage over the enemy. Having been promoted to the role of Corporal with in the CDF those that once shunned and teased him for the person he was now looked at him with respect. After the conclusion of the civil in 2009 , Chernarus had made great strides in rebuilding was on its way to becoming a great power in the region. It was during this time that focus was put on hunting down the remnants of the Chedaki, one's that had gone into hiding after the war, having also played a part in these operations, Killian was well on his way to another promotion....but during the summer of 2017 all hell broke loose... ~Work in Progress~ *All matter is subject to change at anytime*
  4. James Zima

    Born out of a one night stand, James childhood was a bit different from most. Starting from when he was old enough to run, Jame's father Randall was to put it lightly not a fitting father. He never wanted to have him in the first place but hated that everyone knew it was his kid as he wanted it in private. Yet that is not why he is a father, the reason for that is the daily beatings, locking him in a pitch black room for hours / days, and when James really step out of line his father would you him as a punching bag by hanging him from his arms, punching him until he passes out. James father hated the sight of his kid, It ruined his military career. So with that said James had a few "problems" in his later years. For example James would have violent out burst for no reason on the littlest things. Some would be to himself, by him hitting himself repeatedly. Another time would be one a person on the street bumped into him by mistake and James just picked him up and threw him through a shop window. Needless to say with James being so troubled and have active crime out burst. He was sent to the prison off the coast of South Zagoria for 25 to left after he was caught gunning down a man after a arms dealer he was hired for to help with. He ended up being sentenced to 10-25 years for the crime. Later it was extended to life after a man took the last piece of pie. James lost it has repeatedly hit the man over the head with a food stray until his head was mush. So left in jail for life, James had lost all hope until.......... ~Work in Progress~ *All matter is subject to change at anytime*
  5. All though you guys took my AK today (ya bastards) love your rp guys. 10/10
  6. DeMonte Lemons

    DeMonte Lemons born and raised in the heart of Forth Worth, Texas to a wealthy family. He got the best education available and really never had to worry about money. Basically DeMonte was very well off from the start. Once he turned 18 everything changed, he had gotten the wake up of a life time. On his 18th birthday DeMonte had been gifted the truck of his dreams. He was taking out for the first test drive. Being the spoiled dumb kid he was, he was flying down the street from his house. DeMonte coming to the end of the street started to turn the corner, but going to fast he ended up crashing in a family friends barn... Fast forward 4 months DeMonte having gone through many surgeries and going through a life changing car crash. DeMonte started to turn his life around, signing up for any aid work trying to help people who were worst off then him. While working the civil war in Chernarus was coming to head. Fast forward again year or two after the civil war had ended the group leading the relief effort in Texas that DeMonte worked from caught wind of a contract to help make homes and rebuild for Chernarus. So DeMonte ended up going over to Chernarus with the group. Basing out of South Zagoria DeMonte ended up loving to work there so much that he filed for citizenship and bought his very own home. DeMonte actually made a life from himself in South Zagoria. He got to help make difference in peoples lives by fix up country one house at a time. Even the locals started to warm up to him more and more. So although DeMonte didn't know what was time come (the infection) he finally thought he found a place to make himself happy.
    • Hunter
    • Enigma

    Crap! I was thinking about using this song on my profile recently. Must remain original though! You beat me to it haha

  7. Enigma

    I've had such a shitty couple of weeks... Had one of the worst panic attacks of my life, got so sick I couldn't leave my bed, puked multiple times, to top all of it off my grandmother and uncle passed away this week. Having such a great year, I just wanna scream...

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    2. Mercy


      Honestly dude, I know how it's like. If you need someone to talk to and feel better I'm always here.

      There are some people on the internet that will take this and make it into a sword to stick past your shield and make things worse just to get to you. If you ever want a laugh, play games or watch videos I'm always here for you. Like anyone else. 

      My shoulder is always here for you <3

    3. Enigma


      Thank you both truly. It means more then you guys know. @Mercy @Lyca

    4. Mercy


      I can understand completely how it feels when a hand in need. Don't worry. *Cuddles* 

  8. Enigma

    The awkward moment when you say ingame " You are now in engaging in hostile activities and we will shoot you" Then rushes a person and dies.  ~ https://youtu.be/sY575luEdv4 o7 my dude, better luck next time.

    1. Dew


      Lmaooo I saw that that shit had me crying.

    2. Enigma


      Same tbh lol

    3. Skinner


      You are now shooting me in the chest. I am now dying. I am now dead.

  9. *Reese downs a bottle of rum before pressing the PTT in a rough voice* Lu-...Luina. It's me, I'm alive... *coughs* By now you know I've been shot. By now I'm sure you think it was someone that was close to me. I am telling you, no ordering you to not go after, do anything, or think anything else other then what I'm about to tell you. *pauses for a moment as an infected creeps near. A muffled gun shot is heard with Reese saying "fucking cunt" under his breath" As I was saying no matter what you think it wasn't Dom nor the scum bag that is Jimmy. I don't know where I was shot from or who by. All I remember is waking up with Dom standing over me and all bandaged up. He saved my life. You understand... He... saved... me... *pauses for another moment catching his breath* Now what I'm about to tell you is going to be hard but it has to be done. I'm not coming back to you for awhile. I don't know how long but I will someday. All I ask is for you to stay safe, make sure if Felix is alive that he hears this message, and that you will wait for my return. Also don't try to find me because you won't be able to trust me. Lastly there is a gift under our bed at our house, keep it safe. Yes it is what you think it is by the way hopefully when I return I'll get to hear the answer to it. ich liebe dich luina... *Reese lets go of the PTT and begins setting the message to repeat every hour on the hour. He then takes the radio and tapes it to a near by tree walking away from it* @Lyca @Tony
  10. A Legends Death (Duncan Evans)

    @Undeadstfu mate. One of the better bandit "Rp'ers" I know my friend.
  11. Felix's Journeys (Pro psychopath RP videos)

    Well I mean Reese is a pretty cool guy so.......... who doesn't have a thing for him, Imma rite @Tony @Lyca lol
  12. Felix's Journeys (Pro psychopath RP videos)

    Thanks for the kind words as always @Tony 10 / 10 video mate.
  13. Thanks my dude was fun. Good hostage rp hopefully we can do it again sometime @2Eazy
  14. Enigma

    Profile song, picture, and background all new. Still dope as fuck :)

    1. Majoo


      Uhm I support these profile pic/song changes. +1