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  1. Was originally born in South Africa during a period of unrest. His mother died when he was young due to cancer. His father was tough but fair to him growing up and brought him to church every Sunday. His father was a steelworker and didn’t make much so he grew up with little money. After turning 18 he left his father to join the military to gain access to a better life. He received his mechanical engineering degree through a military college and then served his mandatory deployment. During his deployment, he saw a lot of action in South Africa, Zimbabwe, and after joining a joint task force with the United States, Afghanistan. He has seen many men die in his squads over the years. After serving his mandatory deployment he signed on for another four years after falling in love with his unit. During this second four-year deployment he met his now-wife Megan during temporary leave between deployments. They got married after two years of dating. After finishing his last deployment, he moved with his wife and father to America and started his career training law enforcement and consulting with firearms manufacturers. Growing up in a period of unrest and seeing extensive combat has made him always want to be prepared for times of great disaster. Using his law enforcement connections and firearms consulting connections he was able to acquire many guns, attachments, ammo types, and protective gear. After news of an outbreak erupted on the news he and his wife and father moved to Nyheim to find shelter from the infection. After the infection hit Nyheim they all hid out in a small village that was being protected by a military base. After things fell apart across all of Nyheim Kristoff found himself separated from his wife and father during a botched evacuation. With no way to get off the island, he has moved inland to hunt for food and acquire more weapons and loot to eventually sell. Using this money, he will hopefully find some means to travel across the area to find information about where the evacuation took people and how to reach this new land.
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