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  1. Christian With is a young man, just trying to survive mostly done by trading stuff he has harvested/collected though his travels. He lives by his own motto "Don't choose sides" and will therefore trade with any group no matter how they act, even if the group is voilent by nature. But he will never align himself with a group unless a situation involves him directly, but will still only be a temporary ally with other people for the given situation, afterwards he will go back to a non ally state and will only contract the group for trading or other services. That is not to say that he is a "lone wolf", and will gladly team up with other people and even form a small group of survivers, but you wont ever see him permanently allying with bigger groups where he doesnt know everyone in said group. Christian is Neutral by nature, and does not care what other people are willing/not willing to do, he merely wants to survive by trading his goods to the highest bidder, but he will protect himself, his group and his belongings by any means neccary even if that involves killing other survivers. He is known to be friendly with everyone who treats him with the same respect as he wants to be treated, but can also be made angry if the opposite is true. He worships the old norse gods as he belives they are still around, not in a "heavnly" fashion but as a part of nature and the powers of nature, therefore he respects nature and does not enjoy unecceary destruction of it. He is not one to push his belifs upon others, but is very willing to teach the ways to interested survivors, he is also alright with any other religion as long as that religion doesnt directly oppose his.
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