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  1. born to unknown heritage, and only found by scavs and raiders, she was given a harsh life of staying quiet, lest you get smacked around or worse. so, at a very young age, she aquired skills of deception and stealth, her light frame and childish looks gave her the name of maz, a name for a ghost that was said to wander nyheim, scaring and snatching those in the misty nights little much happened in her life aside from usual raider tactics and stealing, but she learned to take without being seen. as you can guess, she doesn't have many friends, and a long list of enemies. but, she does have a kinder side to those she deems useful enough to stick around her. although, unlike most bandits, she has a set of rules that keep her from becoming the worst of the scum of the earth, she will take without care for it hurts. (rules exempt from this declaration) you may think, what would a child grown into the tribe of bandits deem to far? the first few resemble the usa's rules of declaration or whatever, american rules are weird. she will never disable someone of critical things like tongue or hands, even as an example she will never leave someone defenseless she will always declare her intentions when breaking into someone's home, even if they're not there! and above all else, never hurt children, families or already wounded.
  2. *zzzzt...* "hello? um... this is John Beckett, you might know me from around the prison and that up-and-coming Locke-n-key trading post idea that i've been rambling on the radio like a nutter..." *zzz...zt* "well... this old man has gotten into some bad luck, some rascals decided to burn it all, and... well, after all the hard-work i put in? i might as well give away the remains to any down on their luck folks. come to me at X...3127.14 Y:34.3138 Z: 2009.26.... i may not still be there folks, i'm heading somewhere else. but if you happen to catch me there, i'm more than willing to hire a guard."
  3. alrighty, for anyone who cares, after exhausting all my resources, i had to uninstall and reinstall
  4. man, there's alot to learn about modding on dayz so, seemed to not work, that leaves me with two... *fun* options open steam's pandora's box and verify integrity, or reinstall dayz
  5. so i'm very new to modded dayz, the muchpack mod, i undownloaded it and reinstalled, restart pc... what do i need to do?
  6. Born in a small farming Village, His father a retired WWII vet, and his mother a frontline russian medic/nurse, he had a simple upbringing, learning craftmanship and farming at an early age. his father took him hunting frequently, giving him the much needed survival skills he would use to survive this rugged world. he had a knack for diplomacy, but a strong-head that lent to many brawls in his youth, when he was only 22, he had nearly killed a man. to avoid criminal charges, his mother sent him to her family on the russian continent. it was a harsh fate thrust upon him. he spent his days adhearing to the harsh cold his days on the coast; far from the humid heat of Oahu island.
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