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  1. Kari knew of all the dangers outside the walls surrounding her farm, but still she was curious what was out there in the world. The members of her tribe had worked hard on keeping everyone safe, as safe as they could at least. And she was grateful of that, she truly was. But she knew very little about the world around her and there was an itching curiosity in her. She have been told about the great depression in the early 20's and how the world came apart by the virus. And one of the elderly told her about how life was before the outbreak, with cities, civilization, politics, infrastructure and pop culture. They mainly survived by hunting and agriculture and kept building more to their farm, repairing walls and tending to their animals. The walls were built mostly to keep marauders out, as the infected rarely showed up to their farm in rural Norway. The Storm One day in autumn a storm was building up. It had been raining for days and it only seemed to get worse. In the middle of the night, the lightning strikes a big oak tree out on the farm, which cached on fire. The tree fell on the farm house in such a way that many of the members got killed instantly. The remaining members tried to get out of the house and some was trying to put out the fire and getting the rest out. Kari was on the other side of the house when the tree hit the house and ran out from the window on the second floor onto the roof beneath them with her friend Mika. As Kari and Mika stood in the rain hugging each other seeing the flames just getting higher and higher and hearing the screams from people trapped inside, they both froze and didn't know what to do. When the house was nearly burned down and the fire kept on spreading. The rest of the members took Kari and Mika and said they had to leave. They all ran out from their farm, their home, that kept them safe. Everything was different now. In the middle of the night both Mika and Kari lost the others from the group. They were all alone outside their safe haven. Even if they were good hunters they had a very hard time finding good shelters and keeping themselves warm. And one morning when Kari woke up, she found Mika dead in their makeshift shelter made with sticks and pine branches, frozen to death. Desperately, she went on by her self and after weeks of traveling she came across a big town, which didn't seem to have been left in ruins. There was walls around it, just as her farm, but thicker and made out of concrete… She barely saw any infected people either. Little did she know she'd arrived to Nyheim.
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