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  1. I was just thinking of a place to post your favorite events so far in DayZRP standalone. I took some pictures of the most note worthy events that have happened to me so far. In this image I met some friendly people at Vybor military base and traded for the helmet. We then hunted some deer, hit a tree, and told stories around the campfire before one of us got sick from all the burnt meat. This was my most recent happening. I met these guys at NW airfield, the guy on the left said he had been held by bandits and had to run for his life receiving a wound in his leg. The other guy was a friendly hunter who would rather make more friends than enemy's and used a bow the whole time. He was looking for better camo at the airfield. We ended up killing some boar and reaching Vybor base where I was killed by the bandit that chased our friend. I would like to here of your favorite stories if you have any! Post images if you can, I think they're cool!
  2. At 050 086 I saw a lot of ruined gear including a black sks ,uk vest,and gorka helm. I also saw a guy that spoke in an English accent running towards me yelling for help but he was wearing nothing but pants and a back pack. I didnt see this post otherwise I would have pulsed him, anyways I was pretty suspicious when I saw a ton of ruined(and some pristine) gear laying in the road he arrived from. Other than that ->WATCH FOR KOS'er NEAR STARY SOBOR<-
  3. Applications are very rarely ever rejected for the backstory, that is usually there to demonstrate your overall ability to make a believable narrative. One guy said he was the President of the United States, and that he had created the zombie virus in tandem with an Umbrella-Corp kind of idea. Pretty sure we rejected that one (powergaming level over 9000), but besides that, none are even coming to mind for me. Thanks, you guys helped out a lot and I was just whitelisted. Hope to see some people and get to experience the RP.
  4. I have also been rejected and I understand that the amount of detail and examples I used were very bad. But if it only tells me about my NLR and KoS responses, do I have to look at my story and everything else?