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  1. He had posted on the forms just like me and also did the steam integration as well and we played that day.
  2. We played fine last week and only met with each other and no other players and we all decided to try again and all record and when either of them try to join the server and when he tried to log in it said he was inactive but we played a week ago?
  3. Thank you ive been trying to get friends to do this and now im getting a group hopefully i get my new sound card in soon so i can record and make mini movies
  4. Thank you both we are getting 2 more and hope to make a trader group!!
  5. Hello everyone me and my friend are both whitelisted now and hope to have an awesome RP experience
  6. Thanks guys i just thought you had to change it on the site before changing it in game
  7. I made this account a long time ago and me and my friends just forgot about it... but now that im into making YouTube videos again i want to make a new "character" to role play as. Thanks :b
  8. Fair enough i just saw the "DayZRP mod End of Life" post :I
  9. i just got whitelisted with a friend and just realized there where no players on the server? but i cant wait to do the standalone version!