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  1. Born in Espoo, Finland, Ralf was quite an exciteable boy in his youth, easily making friends with other kids while seemingly being a bit difficult to teach things to. Truth be told, he grew up knowing exactly what he wanted to do, having spent time in his father's workshop doing carpentry, tinkering and just making things that interested him. It wasn't hard to inspire him, especially with what occassional crazes come from early videogame consoles to other trends. His wild nature calmed toward more curious and careful habits, and he eventually rolled into a vocational college for a metalworking degree, and spend a year or so working for a moment before picking up a secondary construction degree. It was here where they offered him and several other students a chance to practice their work out of the country, in chernarus during the late stages of it's rebuilding. Accepting this branch, they flew out in the middle of winter to the country, where they were lodged in a hotel and spent the days either working or relaxing and learning the chernarussian culture. This drastically changed one night, as they began to see significant, yet brief presence of the military pass by, polices holding him and his friends from working for the while. An odd encounter, but this changed drastically in the evening as he was heading home, the road he had been cycling up and down for the past month now with a fresh splatter of blood. A hint of concern growing for the local farmers who had shown themselves to be nice as Ralf stopped to investigate for a moment. Never entering the nearby house with it's door left open, rather peeking from the windows to see a man crouched over a woman's bloodied corpse, frantically trying to stuff various pieces of torn flesh into his mouth before eventually catching a glimpse of the man squaring a gaze at them through the window. It was obvious this man wasn't right in the head, and didn't take Ralf long to back out as the frenzied farmer audibly crashed into the window in a lunge. Climbing back onto his bike and pedalling to the hotel. Chaos, is what simply could have been said to be the case what he saw in the town. Screaming, gunshots and people fleeing and running in all directions, to their homes or just in general panic. Ralf spent very little taking it all in, as he went from cycling to running up the steps of the hotel and then quickly to his room, where he locked himself in, throwing whatever he could in front of the door before sitting underneath the window. This had to be a bad dream, people eating eachother, the chaos outside. A sense of vertigo and dread that followed as he waited in the dim darkness of his room, slowly as over the hours, the sounds became louder, and eventually died down. Almost two days he spent locked in that room, living off whatever complimentaries were packed into the tiny minifridge underneath one of the desks, be it packed peanuts or bottled water. Expensive food and drink was least of his worries after witnessing what seemed to be the end of the world. He spent an hour, sitting by the window and looking outside for activity, only seeing an occassional, sluggish walk of an person, but he was filled with doubt. Moment spent breaking off a leg of a chair from nearby, before he began to undo the makeshift barricade he had made before, only to discover the hotel hallway eerily quiet, as if nobody had come the way before. The lower the floors went during his investigation, the more scattered items he found, from luggage to straight up corpses. The ground floor however was an another story, as it seemed to host majority of it's carnage, and the ground-level sight of the aftermath outside. Death, put simply. A moment he would have wanted to examine longer, before noticing the recognizible gaze of hunger from before as one of the reanimated people began palming and reaching at the window, bashing their head against it's glass surface fruitlessly to try and grab Ralf. It was enough to convince that he had to get out, if there were more of these things now, then a large town with a hotel probably wasn't the safest place to be. Somewhere quiet, where people wouldn't have been at the time of the incident...a construction site, where he had been working previously. That would work..
  2. vivallion

    What would you like to see from Groups + Events.

    I'm sorry, but i'm gonna have to massively disagree with you here till i see concrete proof that groups can focus more towards said lore rather than 'GvG' activities. I should know, because i was around more in 2012-2014, etc, when staff were running active events and kept them on rails to advacne the plot. What kept it flexible was the decisions we made during the little stuff that appeared along the map during non event times. People being kidnapped by Council, Stryker invading Prud lake, A-11 bombings, etc. There needs to be a certain balance to things. Staff needs to be there to make sure the lore heads the right direction while still giving playerbase a little space for choice.
  3. vivallion

    "over the line" Roleplay?

    This, however keep in mind that in that certain topics or styles may not be comfortable with other people, so if the happenstance happens they ask you to tone it down, do respect their choices.
  4. vivallion

    Excessive Reporting ?

    >whitenames I thought we all agreed to stop using this term? What happend exactly? Personally, i think dayzrp has always been as it appears right now: people can choose to resolve stuff their own ways. Sometimes people talk it out before even a report is put up. Sometimes they attempt but then it goes up anyway, and sometimes when sutff just seems so blatnant, etcetera, it just goes straight for that. There's no really changing how it is currently. Addendum: We've slowly waked back up after a comatose state as per slowly trickled out interest pre .63 and whatnot, so with the surge of players can usually come a surge of reports now and then too, especially at the weekends.
  5. vivallion

    awww yisss

    Wha- @Osaka, who let you out of the shed!? Jokes aside, good to see you back mate, should we expect seeing free medics if mod truly gets sprouting again?
  6. vivallion


    As i said in Page 3: Insurance, down payment, etc. Something that can be held as a matter of make-sure against the player. These are perma-banned people we are talking about, and it needs to be clear that if they start messing around again, breaking rules, et cetera, they will lose more than they gained, and as a result, making the matter "not worth it" to begin with. If people are truly wanting to get back in and have a second chance, they need to understand this themselves. That's why you have the 25€ pricetag, which is the insurance in this case with the last warning state of their accounts.
  7. vivallion


    Think it as "insurance" in a way. Because lets be honest, if you spend 25€ just to come back to troll the community only to get banned days after? It's not a very worthwhile investment, is it?
  8. IF not for the rules, i'd suggest the sort of group that "doesnt exist." People of it are just covert members in other groups and aeffecting them that way. But still :v
  9. vivallion


    I should hope not, unless we wish the roleplay to sink into the grade of "Altis Life" Either way, hats off to Rolle. o7
  10. vivallion

    Lore poll

    I remember during the mod days we had this group of black-dressed individuals we fought against as they tried to eliminate what little survivors remained in Chernarus. Those were the fun days.
  11. vivallion

    DayZ Desolation poll

    If i recall, Exile has it's own medical system already, so ace probably won't like it.
  12. To be honest, all you really gotta do is read the whole appeal and you'll understand why they were denied. ?
  13. I think you misread what i was implying. As said: I have no experience with Anarchy. I am merely commentating on what has happened for the last several pages, and the fact same thing has happened -twice- and the possbility that there may be something that can be done so that this doesn't happen a third time in the future. We should all try to get along, no matter how much bullshit or in-character stuff may happen. Being aggressive about something that took place IC only tends to tear communities apart. It's not nice assuming i was going something along the lines of "Oh, Anarchy thread is on fire again, i guess they're bad people or something." IC is IC. OOC is OOC. There is a difference, and everyone should know this. Edit: I will not be responding to not derail the thread further.
  14. I have absolutely no experience with Anarchy (Since i don't play standalone.) But looking that i've seen this scenario going on currently twice while i have been lurking across the forums., maybe it is time to think that there is something wrong here. Just saying. *shrug.
  15. To be fair, i think this was at the era of "gear-over-roleplay" I remember particularily when me and my friends were trying to build a little outpost, and while still finishing up our safe-keeping stuff, we actually had to prolong our intended stay because we had people literally camping outside our little place constantly just -waiting- for us to log off. We tried to talk to em and all but got very poor rp. Epoch could work, if people just lost the aspect of "Gear is life." You can kill people with your common 5,45mm AKs, just saying ?
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