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  1. Give him his fal..... ...fifteen minutes before the wipe.
  2. I'm curious about the durability of the handmade tools. Otherwise, i'm all for it.
  3. Been trying to hop on but real life has happened back and forth. We'll see if i can squeeze in some time on the weekend.
  4. This doesn't really need a thread. Enough effort ingame, and you could easily make something a currency.
  5. I fail to see a reason why we need more military gear.
  6. I feel like this shouldn't be reminded, but apperantly a lost point: DayZRP is a roleplay server. I feel like roleplay should be at a larger priority rather than "muh pvp advantages" -1 A no from me. If you are so desperate for a dot on your screen, just get a fancy gaming monitor, or a free program that has an app for it. Overwolf is one of them.
  7. Personally, -1 from me. They're called "military uniforms" for a reason. Everybody wears the same camo for the terrain, there's no real special exceptions.
  8. As someone who has a had a chance to throw a hand grenade of sorts (practice and live fire), i can confirm that as long as you can keep that handle down, it's still good to repin, wont blow up, w/e. But once the handle goes out of place, unlatches, w/e, you need to get rid of it. So it could be assumed that if the grenades are made with this in mind, nothing should change once you unpin it and hold it. It will just make manipulation of items hard given that you've got to hold it and if you accidently drop it in your inventory or the ground, that is equal to you letting go of the handle. I'm not sure about how it would react to states of unconsicousness, sitting emotes and whatnot.
  9. If you get held up and you decide to pull out a grneade, i think you'd already be dead before you unpin it because you are no longer complying with their demands. Easy as that. Besides, as said a dozen times already. Take grenade, unpin, hold it. You are a human bomb till you lose the bomb. -1
  10. As someone who's done this for about ten years, here is my ten cents and one word summary: Believability. Make your character as believable as possible. I wouldn't say that @Diamond has all the ingredients, but he's close. Don't let other people how to play your character, but stay within the guidelines that you can play a character you and others can enjoy. It is an apocalypse situation, so certain eccentric behaviors or vices stretch out of propotion somewhat, but understand that the character you still play is a person too, you just got a different pair of shoes on at the moment. Don't pour the whatever "elitist rper" nonsense that has been started: Everybody roleplays at their own pace. Some people like their roleplay more down-to-earth, serious, while some like it a bit lighter. (I've seen both on the server at the time, both scenarios great to see.) To put this in a scenario; A few days ago while i was still getting reacquintanced, me and the people i was going down a road to the next town with during the night, ran into a woman. Being of medical background, we asked if they required any help, before being our wandering band of doctors was suddenly exposed to 'big pharma meds, crystal rock therapies against illness and feminism.' A frankly hilarious moment, yet still very believable because at the time before the outbreak, these could be seen as very present topics at the time. Tldr; Know what you are doing and how keep it grounded in reality, don't let people tell you how to roleplay, and understand that not everybody is going to see eye to eye with this. It's just the reality of the situation.
  11. If you are trying to keep in on the server, atleast keep it in a way taht makes sense. IE, change twitch to it's predecessor, justin.tv
  12. Hunting stands and cabins are your friends. As for netting..better get back on that coastline o/
  13. 1. Northeastern airfield is a civilian airfield if i recall. And balota already has a fair amount of military spawns to it. 2. These buildings are aircraft hangars. Industrial stuff is to be expected. 3. From my own knoweledge, outside of launchers, etc, rifles and the sort are very rarely transported on backs of trucks, since your rifle is your responsibility, etc. -1
  14. I was born in Prague, my mother told me. A little earlier than had been scheduled, even more so. And despite the risks of cerebral palsy or other disabilities, i came to grow up just alright, even if i was just a bit scrawnier than the other kids. Of course, i was picked on during my kindergarten and school-years, as could be expected, but besides putting down the fists a few times in the yard, my mother praised me for the patience i had presented before resorting to such tacts. She regaled to me how it was a good sign, that i'd grow up with a focused mind, and my brothers only played into the choir further, encouraging me. I would later recieve a letter, that she had passed away suddenly, when i was about twenty five. I held my bond with my brothers though, as they took me out atleast once a week, to do whatever, be it a drink in the pub, talking to eachother, competeting, occassional bouts of cooking or by rare chance, getting a taste of firearms in the moments we could go out to a shooting range. I was never big on military service, but the interest to action movies and the chance of learning how to use a real gun was something i wanted to do. One session by one, weeks passing, i became somewhat comfortable with handguns, while learning to be responsible with my guns. At age of fifteen, i already knew what i wanted to do. Attracted to biology, the field of medicine and the possibility of a career attached. A very demanding job to practice for, but all the more rewarding for it. It began with an academic degree, followed with years spent studying, doing internships and even travelling abroad to other countries, mainly Finland and UK for a brief spouts that were suggested by his mentors. I made alot of good friends back then, even met someone i could call my own for a couple months, close to a year, before i had to reluctantly let go, as it was time to go follow a potential position in Chernarus, the country that was still rebuilding from the war. The days were a blur, but i barely had managed to settle in during the first few days before the streets took to the chaos of the outbreak. Day Z some people called it, but things were looking bad, since claims were made they were bombing the lot to smithereens, yet they didn't stop. I made the futile attempt to flee the country back to Czech, or anywhere away from South Zagoria, but like many other foreginers, we got stuck and abandoned at the airfield. Only a couple days later, we heard the news that the line had been pushed back by miles. They were quite literally, at breathing distance. As for myself? I ran, somewhere far from civilization, into the wild. I spent nights hiding in feeding- and hunting stands, or wherever i found an abandoned cottage. A week spent hiding in the forest, bumping into a couple of hermits like myself along the way, before i took my first dip back into the cities of Chernarus. And it was deathly quiet. Only a lone husk of a man or two wandering through the streets, only driven by it's animalistic intent to feed. I only made a conclusion that this was some bizarre virus, or bloodborne infection. Whichever or whatever the causes was, i wanted to protect myself. Anyone knew how to swing a crowbar, or use a knife, but what about things that may have been harder to combat; the infeciton itself, regular sickness in the absence of medicine, or injuries? I eventually found my answer in the form of some chemical suits and gasmasks. Essentially insulating myself, i realized i still had to take the gloves off for certain tasks. Hygeine, handwashing, disinfecting. Clean tools. Everything presented potentiality. If i could figure a way to cleanse items, i could bring the chance of survival to those i meet. Clean clothes, medical aid, properly prepared food items.. I would give everybody a clean chance.
  15. Looks interesting enough. Shame cattleprods or stunbatons arent' a thing anymore, you can still get telescopic batons though!
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