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  1. They Are Not the Problem. YOU Are.

    Seeing this topic and being one of the dozen first players on the server, i'm going to throw my two cents at this. DayZRP is worth fighting for, HOWEVER, clinging to a dying game is not. Rolle wants fresh ideas? We need fresh concepts, bases to put em on, stuff to worth it, and i dare say, possibly even a new game to do this on. Be it Miscreated, Arma 3 or hell, even Arma 2, it needs to be something modern that people look for while being interesting enough to keep them at it. Shouting out on the streets for people to come play on a game that's developing on a snail's pace is not a way to get people to play it. Steamcharts points that DayZ is on a steady, slow decline as it goes on. Regarding the stagnation comment, banditry will always happen, as stated, there is no taking it away or stopping it, what can be reduced however, is the 'gear-fear' or loot aspect, or merely the sense of doing it for the value. This is the biggest fallback on most people that i've observed on my time. If you are playing DayZRP merely for the PVP rather than an incharacter conflict of two groups that's fleshed out properly, i dare say you may be doing it wrong. There is one aspect people forget far too often also. Your characters, WILL, and ALWAYS WILL die eventually. Be it tomorrow, or in a month. Just because you want to cling to your amazing, sat down concept and love it isn't a proper reason to keep reapplying the same story over and over again. You can be surprised how big of an effect a well-liked character's IC perma-death can have on others, the sort of reaction there is, sense of humanity, etc. Then you get that fresh, great feel of a blank slate. A canvas you can write another great story on. This can make some interesting scenarios. Last thing, the elitism. Really people? I always thought the 'whitename' term was probably the most ridiculous thing i've heard of during my playtimes. If a person that loves the community can't donate or earn a special title on the forum, that doesn't mean you should just start picking on them with nicknames like this. This is literally school-yard level stuff. This has been my two cents. I've been here since August 2012, on and off the ride, the highs and lows from the start of mod to the standalone shift, and i genuinely want this thing to pull through, but at the state DayZ Standalone currently is, i cannot see myself playing the game, but if Rolle decides to bring back some other servers or options, i will see about it.
  2. Poll: Should an Arma 3 DayZ styled server be implemented?

    The amount of people bitching that there's no one on and that they would play if there were people could literally populate the servers. I would love to play on dayzrp again outside the absolutely horride mess of a game DayZ Standalone itself has become. It's what i did when we had an arma 3 server before it was killed due to inactivity.
  3. Super Mario Castle Crisis (Free Game)

    Be careful Nintendo doesn't find out :troll:
  4. Malden

    I'm not sure but if it's the mission file or something else, but there's few problems on Malden. 1. No loot seems to be spawning into half of the buildings on the map. 2. Vehicles appear to be 404 or at a extremely tiny count. 3. Loot quantity and quality is medicore to poor, do not know about military areas. 4. zombies are entirely 404. I haven't seen a single one yet. I'm starting to get a bit of that Standalone vibe from Desolation now..
  5. Shall we change the map?

    I wouldn't say unless confirmed. I for one dislike Namalsk, and Panthera has that same effect Chernarus does: Its' been played, Played ALOT. I for one would like to play on Malden as @Rolle suggested, moreso the map's free, and i for one haven't seen it yet.
  6. Shall we change the map?

    I'd rather not see chernarus, since if i wanted to play that, would go for standalone.
  7. Desolation Bugs

    Alright. It should be tamed a little bit, since small towns now tend to spawn about 20 zombies after a restart. Also there's a odd bug (not sure if intended) with some of the CUP pistols, Beretta & Glock 17 can't use the 30rnd pistol mags, but only 16 round ones. The Rook and P07 can use both 16 and 30 rnd magazines.)
  8. Desolation Bugs

    Persistance is fixed. +1
  9. Desolation Bugs

    There is suddenly a ridiculously ramped up amount of zombies even in the smallest town, making it hard for any fresh spawn to even remotely survive.
  10. Being Taken Hostage and Robbed / Bad Quality RP

    What bothers me here is that someone is ready to initiate hostilities over a something small as a pair of gloves.
  11. Being Taken Hostage and Robbed / Bad Quality RP

    I once got robbed over a pair of black gloves. Yeah, you can guess how i felt after that.
  12. ArmA3 Desolation Redux

    I'm starting to believe that another map may be in order..mayhaps not Chernarus or Tanoa, but what choices do we exactly have, since support for desolation's systems may be lacking for now.
  13. We could run chernarus as a map..but then it'd be more stale than before.
  14. Been here since the very start. I am the account #63. Though i feel fairly invisible due to standalone, most of my activity drops around the mod and desolation days.