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  1. Think it's already been said that there's gonna be two servers, so is there a point in this thread anymore? :Thunking:
  2. vivallion

    Permadeath Rule (Read it all)

    While i'm not against permadeath in general, there has to be a better way to place this rather than forcing it onto players. It's a no for me.
  3. "It's called dayzrp, not arma 3 rp" - Thread While somewhat accurate, it's probably the weakest arguement of the entire thread. As Prince said, in my dreams probably, but knowing Roll-e, will likely never happen again. To all of those who said "nobody played on it," You are wrong. SEVERAL people played on it because they wanted to. I was one of them. It's a rough memory but at best we hit twenty players. It fell over because people cried about no-one being on en-masse, yet never figuring that if all of those people joined in actively regardless, it'd have a decent playerbase, probably to this day. I'll say that much that other communities doing something similar. Personally, i hate .62, i will see the dayzrp server once .63 hits, and hopefully not get disappointed.
  4. These moments are the reason why i only lurk these forums mostly nowdays. I want to experience everything from mod and arma3 days again in this same community. -the 2012'er.
  5. I am posting here because for once, i actually am somewhat excited for seeing what's happening in the game. The UI and how it plays, is MUCH, MUCH better, even if some inputs are somewhat tedious. The game seems more brighter compared the constant bleakness of .62. Not to mention how smoothly it runs. I'm still somewhat concerned about the loot, or lack of therefor, as being spawned with items doesn't really tell much on the fact. Clothes seem to be quite present at the current. I'll be following form the side how this'll go along.
  6. vivallion

    Back in the old days, when HostileRP was good.

    Fucking, WORD.
  7. Sokov 'Bratr’ Létatovák was an affable boy. When he was younger he had always been called quiet. Many thought that this was a sign of problems to come but his parents had known that he was always thinking everything through thoroughly. He was bright and had no problems at school but always had a very small, close-knit group of friends. When he was alone, he would use his time to watch and admire the planes at the local airfield at Balota. His family had always said that his head was in the clouds. At the age of eighteen, after leaving higher school with an exemplary academic record, he moved out and found a property with his friends to seek out a career. His dream always was to fly yet he had no means yet to approach becoming a pilot. They had secured a small property in Balota and found jobs in the local trades so that they could hopefully, one day, find a vocation at the airfield. Trying to bring their dreams that much closer. Many the times, they would sit outside their small wooden house and gaze longingly at the aircraft coming and going. They were a small group of friends that did not need to talk that often. Each was comfortable with each other and in silence could sense their friend’s thoughts. There was a desire for greatness within each one and a indomitable spirit that could never be quenched. One late summer evening, Sokov and his closet friend Jan had cycled up North past Vybor to have a sneak peak at the largest airfield in Chernarus. There had been rumours that a large number of foreigners had been landing at the Severozápadně letiště and the boys had been interested to see what aircraft they would bring. A UH-1H would be great fun to see! Excitedly they had crawled up to the Eastern border so they could have an unobstructed view of the movements of the aircraft. What they saw next, was beyond their expectations. A large pavilion had been erected inside one of the hangars. Streams of people, military and civilians, were pouring out of vehicles. Many people in white jump suits with hoods were lingering around. A few doctors, with stethoscopes and clipboards could be seen walking in between groups of people. Some were noticeably sick, coughing quite profusely. The boys soon lost interest in the actions of the people as a large aircraft came looming over the horizon. Upon its landing Jan and Sokov had heard a vehicle driving towards them. The UAZ pulled up a few yards away and kindly asked the boys to disappear. On the cycle home they noticed a few odd things that had seemed different since their departure from the airfield. A large crowd had formed in Zelenogorsk near the supermarket and a few families had been packing up their cars. Was this due to the foreigners? Were people fleeing from an invasion? Who knew, but the boys certainly get the feeling that anything was amiss at this point. As it was getting late, they continued back, pushing the doubts casually. As they entered their abode, their other roommate had mentioned some reports of a sickness that had cropped up in Cherno and Elektro. All three then made sure that they would not head into the major cities in the next few days. Just to make sure that they did not catch anything. Missing work was not an option as they had bills to pay. A day later, after a hard day’s work, all three set out for the local bar to have a beer or two. While there they had a heated discussion regarding the Americans and Russian presence still affecting Chernarus. Sirens had been passing the bar quite frequently. People shouting could be heard in the distance as well. Sokov excused himself and went out to have a look outside. What he saw was horrifying… A man in farmer’s dress was pinning a woman on the ground. Nobody else was near but the sound of footsteps could be heard a few streets over. Without thinking he ran over and tried to assist the young lady being accosted by the lunatic. Grabbing the culprits shoulder, he then noticed that the muscles themselves were solid but still gave way to the touch. It felt as if his skin was crumbling and flaking away. Her screams were defening. He could do nothing to budge the mad man, so focussed was he on the woman. His nails had dug into her gut and kept pushing… Her screams stopped, replaced with slow moans. His actions becoming more frantic as her body gave way to his probing fingers. Only then could Sokov see his face. Eyes glazed over with blood surrounding his lips. The villain then pushed his face towards the woman’s body… Sokov ran. Back to the bar. He fled as as fast as he could, terrified and weeping at his inability to have done more. The bustling activity of the bar had been replaced by a gloomy silence. Drinks had been spilt, stools upturned. Nobody remained inside. Panicking, the young man ran back to his house. Listening to the chaos erupting around him on the way. Screams could be heard over the street, windows were being smashed and the footsteps cold be heard increasing in pace. As he slammed the door shut he called for his housemates. Silence again echoing back. He needed to wait this out and wait for help to arrive; surely the police would come soon! An hour had passed in silence and eventually he heard some vehicles approaching. He ran to the window to look. The military! They did little to stop anything; they fired their guns and were eventually outnumbered. Several fell, being swarmed by insane citizens. Sokov decided the only option left was to flee. He packed up his gear and ran into the wilderness.
  8. It survived all these years because of VARIETY, which there is currently none. We went from mods to standalone, to arma 3, and pretty much all around before Standalone came about, and even still, for a while, we ran the glorious a2 mod servers. Wake me up when citadel happens or something else comes up.
  9. vivallion

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    Wake me up when they decide to do something else but SA.

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      This goes for anyone who watches my profile.

    2. Dom Is Dead

      Dom Is Dead

      I will my man.

  10. vivallion

    They Are Not the Problem. YOU Are.

    Seeing this topic and being one of the dozen first players on the server, i'm going to throw my two cents at this. DayZRP is worth fighting for, HOWEVER, clinging to a dying game is not. Rolle wants fresh ideas? We need fresh concepts, bases to put em on, stuff to worth it, and i dare say, possibly even a new game to do this on. Be it Miscreated, Arma 3 or hell, even Arma 2, it needs to be something modern that people look for while being interesting enough to keep them at it. Shouting out on the streets for people to come play on a game that's developing on a snail's pace is not a way to get people to play it. Steamcharts points that DayZ is on a steady, slow decline as it goes on. Regarding the stagnation comment, banditry will always happen, as stated, there is no taking it away or stopping it, what can be reduced however, is the 'gear-fear' or loot aspect, or merely the sense of doing it for the value. This is the biggest fallback on most people that i've observed on my time. If you are playing DayZRP merely for the PVP rather than an incharacter conflict of two groups that's fleshed out properly, i dare say you may be doing it wrong. There is one aspect people forget far too often also. Your characters, WILL, and ALWAYS WILL die eventually. Be it tomorrow, or in a month. Just because you want to cling to your amazing, sat down concept and love it isn't a proper reason to keep reapplying the same story over and over again. You can be surprised how big of an effect a well-liked character's IC perma-death can have on others, the sort of reaction there is, sense of humanity, etc. Then you get that fresh, great feel of a blank slate. A canvas you can write another great story on. This can make some interesting scenarios. Last thing, the elitism. Really people? I always thought the 'whitename' term was probably the most ridiculous thing i've heard of during my playtimes. If a person that loves the community can't donate or earn a special title on the forum, that doesn't mean you should just start picking on them with nicknames like this. This is literally school-yard level stuff. This has been my two cents. I've been here since August 2012, on and off the ride, the highs and lows from the start of mod to the standalone shift, and i genuinely want this thing to pull through, but at the state DayZ Standalone currently is, i cannot see myself playing the game, but if Rolle decides to bring back some other servers or options, i will see about it.
  11. The amount of people bitching that there's no one on and that they would play if there were people could literally populate the servers. I would love to play on dayzrp again outside the absolutely horride mess of a game DayZ Standalone itself has become. It's what i did when we had an arma 3 server before it was killed due to inactivity.
  12. vivallion

    Super Mario Castle Crisis (Free Game)

    Be careful Nintendo doesn't find out :troll:
  13. I'm not sure but if it's the mission file or something else, but there's few problems on Malden. 1. No loot seems to be spawning into half of the buildings on the map. 2. Vehicles appear to be 404 or at a extremely tiny count. 3. Loot quantity and quality is medicore to poor, do not know about military areas. 4. zombies are entirely 404. I haven't seen a single one yet. I'm starting to get a bit of that Standalone vibe from Desolation now..
  14. I wouldn't say unless confirmed. I for one dislike Namalsk, and Panthera has that same effect Chernarus does: Its' been played, Played ALOT. I for one would like to play on Malden as @Rolle suggested, moreso the map's free, and i for one haven't seen it yet.
  15. I'd rather not see chernarus, since if i wanted to play that, would go for standalone.