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  1. Super Mario Castle Crisis (Free Game)

    Be careful Nintendo doesn't find out :troll:
  2. Malden

    I'm not sure but if it's the mission file or something else, but there's few problems on Malden. 1. No loot seems to be spawning into half of the buildings on the map. 2. Vehicles appear to be 404 or at a extremely tiny count. 3. Loot quantity and quality is medicore to poor, do not know about military areas. 4. zombies are entirely 404. I haven't seen a single one yet. I'm starting to get a bit of that Standalone vibe from Desolation now..
  3. Shall we change the map?

    I wouldn't say unless confirmed. I for one dislike Namalsk, and Panthera has that same effect Chernarus does: Its' been played, Played ALOT. I for one would like to play on Malden as @Rolle suggested, moreso the map's free, and i for one haven't seen it yet.
  4. Shall we change the map?

    I'd rather not see chernarus, since if i wanted to play that, would go for standalone.
  5. Desolation Bugs

    Alright. It should be tamed a little bit, since small towns now tend to spawn about 20 zombies after a restart. Also there's a odd bug (not sure if intended) with some of the CUP pistols, Beretta & Glock 17 can't use the 30rnd pistol mags, but only 16 round ones. The Rook and P07 can use both 16 and 30 rnd magazines.)
  6. Desolation Bugs

    Persistance is fixed. +1
  7. Desolation Bugs

    There is suddenly a ridiculously ramped up amount of zombies even in the smallest town, making it hard for any fresh spawn to even remotely survive.
  8. Being Taken Hostage and Robbed / Bad Quality RP

    What bothers me here is that someone is ready to initiate hostilities over a something small as a pair of gloves.
  9. Being Taken Hostage and Robbed / Bad Quality RP

    I once got robbed over a pair of black gloves. Yeah, you can guess how i felt after that.
  10. ArmA3 Desolation Redux

    I'm starting to believe that another map may be in order..mayhaps not Chernarus or Tanoa, but what choices do we exactly have, since support for desolation's systems may be lacking for now.
  11. We could run chernarus as a map..but then it'd be more stale than before.
  12. One of the reasons i've seen several people get kicked for, is not meeting the network requirements in terms of speed.
  13. Desolation Bugs

    I'm guessing it should ahve some kind of trigger. My friend has had this happen once to them.
  14. @Joules I'm fairly sure Rolle plans to use administrative tools and/or Zeus for this. Arma3 is great since it gives this possibility to us once again.
  15. shall we mod the server?

    MAyhap later, since we'd need to wait for support or manually do the lootspawns ourselves..