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  1. I am Kiki K. Árul. I was born in Kistarcsa. I had a brother, but sadly he died in an accident. When this happened I decided to live with my school's project and travelled to another city when I was 12. I choose Nyheim as I wanted to travel to the Scandinavian region. I stuck there, because of the war in my country. Later I got bad news, my parents died. My mother brought a children to the world and died during the labour. My father died in the war and we do not know where he lies. I had to go home somehow, because I had to take car of my little brother. Once I went for some food and drink and when I got home the doors were picked and I could not find him. I had a hard depression for about a year, because of this action, but I had to move on. I travelled back to Nyheim as I know the city quite good. When I arrived I do not knew what has happened there. New buildings were there and old ones were totally destroyed. Too many infected started to appear, but I had no choice I have to live here. I live an active and not a too legal life as I rob people often to get money and respect. People know who I am and that is the only way you can live here.
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