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  1. My mama always harped on me, for being too trusting of strangers. I couldn't help it as a child I was naturally curious; still am at heart. But that's not to say I wasn't purposefully defying my parents. I didn't fully grasp the harshness of the world till one fateful night... It was midsummer of 2060 the temperature and humidity of even the night air were sticky and unbearable. My family and I had just finished supper with 3 friendly strangers, who I had met earlier that day and invited back. Their names were Thomas Jones, Alyson Jones, and Frankford Little. After putting my little sister Susan Benton to bed, while I walking with my girlfriend Jessie to our living quarters in the barn's loft we both heard *BANG BANG* gunfire coming from the main house. She sprinted toward Susan. I charged into the house looking for my father but only found my mother on the floor blood everywhere. With blood on my hands and my mother's lifeless body in my grasp, I heard *BANG BANG* outback. Assuming my father is still putting up a fight I ran to look but he was already dead. The men began to walk back to search for me but I ran to find Jessie and Susan, they were gone. After a quick search, I ran into the nearby woods to watch the house. it quickly became apparent that my "friendly strangers had more friends. Five more showed up and execution-style killed my girlfriend and sister. watching I was so terrified I tried to pull away but was stuck in pure and utter horror, I saw them executed. A memory that haunts my dreams to this day. This group quickly grabbed control of the area and I realized I needed to move far away if I wanted to live. I had heard of a place called Nyheim so I moved, in search of better living.
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