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  1. Buck Riggs, was born and raised New York, Governor Island. Raised by his mother, Teresa Riggs and his Father, Jason Riggs. When Buck reached age 5 (2015), he was diagnosed with a condition called "Pseudobulbar" which causes him to uncontrollably laugh, and or cry. Unfortunately, Bucks father was abusive and each time Bucks condition flared up either him, crying or laughing it sent his father into an annoyed drunken rage, beating Buck uncontrollably, and his Mother, Teresa if she were to intervene. When Buck finally went to kindergarten a couple months later, the teachers appeared to be concern with the markings on Buck, often asking him questions such as, "Did someone hurt you?" Buck would often fall silent, sometimes coincidentally laughing uncontrollably when given said question, leaving the teachers to fret. When the kindergarten teacher Miss Berk gave Bucks parents a call, Jason would pick up and when given the question to why there is markings on Buck, Jason would chuckle disregarding the markings, saying that they were accidents from "falling down the stairs." On the same day, Buck was a half-block down from the apartment you could see through the school bus window, Jason standing on the corner waiting for Buck-- You could see the angry expression given, his chest breathing with anger under his stained sleeveless white undershirt, his fists balding, Jason must've not liked the call from school. When Buck stepped off the Bus, he'd look up to Jason. Jason calming himself down waving to the bus driver, as soon as the bus rolled off, the angered expression fades back in, Jason's fists balling once more throwing a singular punch to his face knocking buck to the floor, Jason yells, "You had them call my house?!". Buck would just lay there, crying.. this time it wasn't his condition. Bucks Father yells once more, "Fucking get up you little prick." Grabbing Buck by his collar pulling him up onto his feet. Walking into the apartment, Buck would see his mother at the kitchen table, crying with bruises and some cuts on her arm and face, she'd look to Buck and yells, "This is all your fault you little shit! I wish I never fucking had you!" throwing an empty can at him. Buck, standing there emotionless he then turn, walking to his room laughing uncontrollably. He'd shut the door, taking off his backpack, laying down on the run down mattress on the floor, curling up into a ball, crying. Fast-forward with the same situation and more over the years, he'd reach age 10. (2020) Right before the outbreak, Buck would have the last laugh, during the night he'd walk towards the kitchen, taking out a knife and would proceed to slowly open up his parents door, knife in hand, Buck smirks trying not to laugh with Joy, He then snaps, breaking out in an uncontrollable laughter as he jumps in the middle of them, stabbing them both in the neck as fast as he can before they could react, he'd jump off of them, laughing. Right before leaving the room, Buck would look at their lifeless bodies, he'd walk out of the apartment roaming down the street with bloodied up, a loud emergency broadcast can be heard and military Humvees can be seen driving towards Buck in the night, their light beams shining on 10 year old Buck, they'd stop, a couple soldiers coming out guns drawn, they'd yell to Buck, asking "Son please stop! Can you talk?" Buck would nod, and would begin to burst with crying, the soldiers ultimately sighing in relief, they'd pick him up driving towards a Quarantine Zone, and would begin his new life being transferred around and then finally stopped being transferred once entered into Finland, and once the plane touched down he managed to run off with soldiers tailing him into the woods and managed to escape, he'd begin to live in the woods allowing himself to be aware and to survive at the cost of his sanity.
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