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  1. An Italian man who grew up in a very hard way. I am someone who saw the evil side of the world first but through my hardships I became a decent person. I can sympathize with others but i will put me and my loved ones first, always. Lost contact with family at the age of twenty in a war that went on. Found a job in a cargo company and began travelling around the world doing deliveries and met many people. I met someone that i consider my brother, someone that i do consider my brother in china after we had a job to do there. He himself was in every rocky point in his life as well so i decided to let him know about the job opportunity i have. After putting in a good word for him we decided to both leave our homelands and travel together. This was the beginning of a brotherhood. We left everything and everyone behind for our new lives. We were starting fresh, terrifying in the beginning but we made it out together.
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