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  1. Adopted brother of Tony Capone. Parents abandoned both at a young age. Both brothers moved from Italy to Nyheim in search to find their parents. Just like anybody else Brandon was just a person, no saint nor devil. He can fall on either end of the scale or be in the middle. He met his "brother" at a Chinese cargo doc where over a period of time the two bonded over the same struggles. The two then decided to travel in search of their biological parents. But the world around them was changing for the worst and they found themselves stuck in hell and now it's their job to make life here seem normal for themselves and find anything about each of their parents. It is best not to get on Brandon's bad side or mess with his brother, Tony, as there is no telling what these two could do. Brandon is always up for a fight if he sees a potential gain from it. Just as fast as his parents left him, Brandon is faster, if you lose track of him the chances of you seeing again are close to none. So if you see him make sure to make a wish
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