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  1. I have ran into this issue a few times but recently was the first time I have seen it result in, multiple, avoidable deaths. Pretending to be loyal to a group, or acting friendly to someone as you flank them, is a normal thing and understandable to obtain the tactical advantage in a situation. However, when an initiation begins the façade should end. So I am proposing an addition be made to Rule 4.1 That clearly identifies people involved in opening initiations. "During the beginning of each initiation, all hostile members of the initiating group should either directly state they are with the hostile/initiating group or ready weapons, towards victims, that sends the message quickly and efficiently, identifying them as a member of the hostile/initiating group. Any double crosses should also be brought up at this time unless the person is a spy staying with this group for the long term, requiring them to act as a victim/defender. By doing this, the defending members, or "victims", involved immediately know who is grouped with who in the initiation and can act accordingly." We know the game still has its bugs and issues, when a member stays with one side too long into an initiation then flips suddenly, it's too easy for audio to be cut, lag to take place, and overall misunderstandings that results in reports of rule breaking and/or general bad resentment between members of the community. Adding this in, to declare member loyalties at the opening of initiations, could help roleplay, gameplay, and prevent issues.
  2. So the issue is that two men entered my area under the guise that they were going to trade with me. So I let them in to peruse the shop. At one point, a voice from downstairs demands that we exit with our hands up. I close the door and lock it, telling the group upstairs to hold out. I issue the return demand to stay off my stairs. At this point, myself and #1 are watching the stairs, man #2 is watching the stairs, all of us with a gun out, man #3 is upstairs and out of sight. Man #3 is still out of sight on the 3rd floor when he says he is with the hostile man downstairs and once again says to raise our hands. Man #2 sounds surprised so myself and #1 attempt to move to the other side of the hallway, man #3 is still on the 3rd floor not even capable of looking at us. Man #2 kills myself and #1. Now, the moderator I talked to, says this is normal and no rule break has occurred since I returned initiation on the man downstairs. My issue, is that this is all baiting in my eyes. You pretend to be in a group, have 1 of your men make a demand, then when the defenders take a stance thinking you're in their group, you just shoot them all in the back of the head saying, "he made a hostile threat to my group member, defender rights". Yeah the moderator just kept repeating the same thing about lying about being in a group is okay, but my issue is that the rule of initiation is easily being abused to blindside players all while being able to say they are acting within the rules.
  3. McQuinn was born somewhere in America after his family moved from Ireland. The details of his past are scattered after he got multiple concussions. After the break of the virus he was drafted into the Marines and stationed in the Hawaiian Islands on Oahu. His unit was sent to a base in Europe to help with the allied countries lockdown enforcement. His platoon was sent to scout remote villages for survivors and bring them back within city walls when they came under attack from unknown forces. The ambush was initiated by an RPG to the transport vehicle, the blast rendered McQuinn unconscious, when he woke up he only found the bodies of a few of his brothers. Upon returning to the city he found most of it in flames and his unit nowhere to be found. Ever since he has been travelling across Europe looking for any unit that can get him back home.
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