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  1. Lee Price grew up in a simple farm town, in Gatlinburg Tennessee working with his father daily. They would commonly work out in the fields and his father would always talk about his past life, he talked about some of the things he did even though he was vague. Most of it being around being hired by some one or some company Lee couldn’t tell which one it actually was. All he knew is his father did some things for some bad people. For the most part they worked day to day on their crops and few cattle. From the young age of 5 he worked and grew in strength, having literal barrels for arms he was strong and easy to anger because of always living around his short tempered father. At the age of 19 he joined the military and served until 23, where he retired, until he was contracted by the military for the second time, to do some more tasks because of his multiple battlefield victories and outstanding performance with heavy machinery and heavy guns. Not only this but his accuracy and reaction time rivaled most of the military's hardest trained men. He was a brute, but he was also smart and tactful, he could take a hit and still decimate his enemies. Multiple times he was shot, but kept trudging through the battle until the battlefield was barren of any enemy life. His nickname was quickly given to him, Tank. A well rounded strong and albeit strong, he was an incredible asset on the battlefield. After working for five more years with the military, he was finally let go after attempting a legendary feat. He had run into an enemy occupied building and eliminated most of the threats inside, going through two rifle mags and all of his sidearm ammunition. It had taken him 3 bullet holes in his lower stomach, one in his shoulder and one in his lower calf to do so, and he had almost died because of it. And because of his somewhat heroic but brave actions he was suspended for the unseeable future. After three years of self solitude he took a vacation to Europe and he met his wife Angelica and had his daughter Amira with her. They lived a nice quiet life, only for his wife to be crushed on January 7th of 2071 by home invaders attempting to obtain his few firearms and the thousands of rounds of ammunition that were in his safe. After accidentally killing his wife and taking his daughter. They then tossed him in a nearby river for him to drown. He was able to make his way out, but came close to dying from hypothermia. Luckily he had passed out in a caring hand’s backyard, a friend he would get to know as Matthew Dunin. Lee then wakes up the next day and begins to roam through this wasteland of a place.. what may it be of him?
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