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  1. John Murphy was born in Portugal, where he grew up with is mom and dad in a small place near a forest, his father, Alexander, was a hunter and used to hunt boars and deers with John. John was always a shy kid, used to be alone at school, even sufferend from bullying when he went to 5th grade. Years passed and John has became a stronger person, tho with some mental instability. As the outbreak ocurred, Portugal got contaminated so fast that the Murphy's family barely escaped, leaving Sonya, John's mother, behind, as she was shot by a neighbour while trying to escape. They managed to escape on their car, with one of Alex's rifles, a knife and some supplies on the car. After escaping, not knowing where they were, John and his father started trying to find more survivors that would either speak Portuguese or English. They finally made some friends , but after some time, things got out of control and Alex got killed while arguing with their "new friends". John decided to escape that "group" and live on it's own, still wondering why that would happen to him. John is now hopeless, no one is there to help him and he is on his own trying to survive at all costs.
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