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  1. Jeff was born in Fehmarn as the only child, on a hot summer day in 2050. Raised by his young parents, he grew up in a family of carpenters that were working for the local community in exchange for food. Due to his parents being very busy with the community and surviving, he was very neglected and didn't even learn much from his father. His mother had occasionally time to teach him the basics of reading and a little math. In the age of 6, with no life experience, he was forced to work and live with his neighbors on a farm, in an attempt to grow crops for the community. During the first year of working with the neighbors he was beaten and forced to do way more work then others, having to skip every second breakfast, lunch and dinner for "not being their son". The first year didn't yield any usable crop, leading people to blame him for the crop failure, because after all, he has done most of the planting and upkeep. This would continue until Jeff was 13, until then he had learned more about farming and how to properly grow crops, thought the drop failures would still continue, making Jeff realise it isn't his fault but it's rather due to the poor ground they were trying to plant something on. While trying to explain this to the neighbors he had lived with for so long, he was finally kicked out and sent back to his family. His father didn't know about the abuse and started teaching him in carpentry for the next half a year, before he would die of a heart attack. Jeff was struck by that, starting to become very depressed and sad while also having to replace his father in his work. Jeff was a poor carpenter, building only unstable tables and horrible doors that didn't fit their frame. His mother had very quickly enough and kicked him out of the house for wasting their wood. Now being 15, Jeff started wandering to the north without any proper directions, leeching off of other peoples work as well as stealing peoples food until he made it all the way up north. Nearly at the end of the trip, when jeff was 19, he met his now boyfriend. With him he made it to a strange place named "Nyheim".
  2. aLink to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: I've been playing DayZ for 120 Hours so far, 110 of these hours i only gained from playing on this server ONLY. I've never seen any videos or streams, nor have i read about DayZ RP in any way or form. I didn't have a sense of what's okay or not, i'm a person that needs examples of griefing, what is acceptable and what isn't. I get that what i've done at riverpoint is for sure too much, but it was explained to me in a way that made me feel like someone was saying "okay, but a biiiit too much.", making me think a little or a bit is okay and after all: It is a raid / robbery. After a report was made about the bunker, i was suprised and didn't think it would go anywhere due to it being rather harmless, but it made me undertand that i am simply not allowed to drop annything at all on the ground. I raided another base today and didn't leave anything on the ground at all, what i'm trying to say is : I'm trying to better myself, i just had a bad sense of what's okay and was slowly touching towards the right way. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I also had a hard time gaining a sense of what's okay after some hostile encounters with others, most of those ended very quickly with me dying, making me think "oh, some powergaming or some wiggle room is okay". For example when i was in a tower with a friend, he was at the bottom and me at the top, while he was talking to people, they also wanted me to come down, which i refused and said "keep walking" and afterwards "come up here and you catch a bullet", instead of a RP situtation in which they take my friend hostage, talk to me, knock me out or anything else; they rushed up and shot me instandly. Other situation was at the prison, which i found a recording off ( at the time i pressed the record button and thought it didn't save, because it didn't show me any validation that i recorded and i coudn't find the video folder ) : This made me feel that everything was rougher then i thought and everything is bloody and messy, giving me a sense of "if anyone wants anything, they just give a bullshit enough reason to get what they want and no one does anything about it." And to be fair, joining a server and being killed by people that jump on every opportunity to shoot you or use a weird higher power ( I never heard of ) as an excuse to kill you... you gotta understand that i got a wrong sense of what this sever was about. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I just want to be unbanned ( or have a shorter ban ), do better and try to make you understand where i'm coming from. What could you have done better?: I shouldn't have raided anything to begin with and gained more experience of what's okay first, aswell as try to figure out what group belongs where. I barely met the people of the bunker and the past two days i actually did. I should have taken more time to get to know these people, instead of judging the whole server from these big situations.
  3. I was walking through the city and gathering tools when i ended up at the west side of the city. There i noticed a big, reinforced building, surrounded by hospitals, in which one of them ( south of the bunker ) i went. Walking up the stairs i saw a wooden wall and because i needed some proper weapons after being raided, i wanted to break in and started smashing the wooden wall. After a very long while, i only managed to destroy the bottom half. Then my friend joined and told me he will join, we talked about the frequens of the radio and after turning it on i then called him over to assist me in breaking in. After meeting up in front of the bunker ( south side ) we talked about how to get in, we started by searching more tools after i have broken two axes, trying to destroy that wall in the hospital, south of the bunker. After we have found some tools we noticed that we could enter the roof by the hospital, west of the bunker, which wasn't any use to us but made me clear that the wall i was attempting to breach was useless. We then continued to the front side of the bunker, trying to enter the building through the help of deployable we also found while searching for tools. Through that i managed to to get into some airlock of some kind, behind me the sheet metal wall and infront a wooden wall with barbed wires. My friend tried to follow me, but couldn't due to him being sick and low health, we thought it was his weight, thus the items on the ground infront of the gates ( 3rd and 5th picture ). So i had to destroy the sheet metal wall for my friend to get through. We then made it in with another deployable item and were in the main yard. I then started to destroy another wall that was ment for our escape ( picture 5 where she / he is standing, can be seen open in picture 3 ) There we started searching for things, i saw a military crate that i really wanted, emptied it out and was confused why i couldn't pick it up or take it with me ( 6th Picture ), which was apparently a bug because there was nothing in it anymore. In that moment my friend called me that he found something between the walls, something in conrete, saying it's their main loot. There we looked at the weapons and we grabed things here and there. My friend Kevin then noticed a chest behind a door, the door being placed that no one can walk through, so we first attempted to use deployable items to climb over it ( Items like a gunrack that was by the weapons in picture 7 and a big locker that was standing where in picture 4 ). After that failed we started smashing it with the tools we had left. While smashing the door, someone was at the front gate ( same gate i destroyed for an easy escape ) and yelled at us, saying "helloooo ? Anybody home ?", which scared us and we went to the front gate to aim our guns at him. He tooks his hands in the air and we asked him if he owned this place, which he answered "no, i just wanted to see if somebody is home!". Kevin then told him to leave and don't come back, this scared us so much that we left ourselfs and escape.
  4. James was born in a destroyed town called "Forbach", his father, Andreas was an engineer and his mother, Judith, who was a nurse died shortly after his birth from an infection. James grew up calm, far from any conflicts and learned a lot from his father, not only common knowledge such as math, reading, writing and history but also morals. At the age of 19, he and his father saw themselves forced to leave the town due to shortage of food. They heard story of a settlement in the east called "Der Hügel", hearing that society had rebuild itself there. Arriving there, James and his father were welcomed and found work in a factory that was powered by generators, manufacturing weapon-parts for the community. Both were forced to adapt and needed basic weapon training, not only to defend themselves from the "Biters", but also from raiders that were after the settlements supplies. When James was 22, Andreas suffered a work accident in which he bleed out after a lathe ripped off his arm. Suffering from the loss, James left the settlement out of frustration and sadness, not knowing where to go he started moving north, thinking "Biters" or the virus would suffer from the cold in the north. While in Sweden, he met someone that became his new best friend, together they moved further north until they found a new place called "Nyheim".
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