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  1. Ava Renee Walker -Born in Port Royal, South Carolina. Her family moved east and settled in a small village because her birth town was unsafe at the time. -She was raised by both of her parents for most of her childhood. Her mother, Nori, had helped in building her character and staying out of trouble, while her father, Davyd, taught her how to fish and showed her the beauty and dangers of the outside world. Both her mother and father had survival skills, Davyd being ex-military and Nori had learned from her own father, as well as from Davyd. Collectively they steered Ava away from zombies and protected her. She was not allowed outside unless she was under supervision. She was oblivious on how or when to kill until later in her life. Ava was particularly close with her father, and looked up to him. Her mother had an artistic talent, in which Ava had picked up on. Nori used an old journal to draw in, eventually passing it on to Ava. -When she was 12, her village was raided and her father was captured and [killed] He was helping a close friend who had gotten stabbed. When they were near the edge of the valley, Davyd was shot in the torso, causing him to collapse forward, pushing his friend into the forest [saving him]. Nori had taken Ava and fled further east with the man her father saved. They could hear her dads screams amongst the dozen of others as they ran. They were unable to save the man, and he bled out later that night. Ava learned that zombies weren't the only danger out there. -For the next year or so, Nori and Ava gradually continued north-east. They witnessed the rise and fall of villages, and never stayed in one place for more than a few weeks. (usually three) Her mother carried a gun she found during a run. She later taught Ava how to use it. Ava usually kept to herself, and grew closer to her mother. By the time she was 14, Ava had only killed one zombie with a knife her father had given her (her mother had helped her, giving her an easy kill) A year and a half later, that number had gone up by 13. Nori helped prep Ava for the harsh world outside, teaching her how to defend herself and how to be tactical. Within 4 years of her fathers death, Ava knew basic survival skills. She was still pretty oblivious to some things, like guns, other than the one her mother had carried. -At some point when she was 16, in the midst of moving towns, they came across a pair of deranged individuals. They were captured, and her mother was killed in front of her. They let Ava go, saying she was "just a kid", as if they had some morale. Ava turned to her mothers dead corpse, grabbing the pistol she had carried. She shot and killed both of them. By sunrise, she had buried her mother and said her goodbyes, continuing to what she found to be Nyhiem. Ava suffers from moderate anxiety as well as almost constant paranoia due to the lack of social interaction and her past experiences. She pursued her artistic talents using her mothers journal. She would sketch how things could've been in another life, without all of the danger. A sketch her mother made of her father when she was younger was on the first page.
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