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  1. Growing up Lars was faced with challenges. Hunting for food, the loneliness of abandonment as well threats of looters. He was brave but not that smart, it was a miracle he even survived his teens. As he would steal when ever he could get away with it unnoticed. He became quite good at selling stolen goods, on which he turned a quick profit. Unfortunately he got caught stealing from an older merchant, being caught up in the moment, Lars quickly tried to subdue him, but to no success. He had no option but to run and hide. From his teens, he began hunting animals with rifles and became quite good at cooking different meats. He can even survive the wilderness with only a sharp rock and some water. When Lars feels trapped in a corner like an animal, he will do anything to get away, either by escaping , hiding or through violence. He has no problem with robbing a lonely stranger walking past him, as he would see it as a business opportunity, after all Lars could sell anything. Lars have trouble in trusting others on their word, as he would need their act on it as proof.
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