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  1. Fits your profile picture and the purple name/border ^.^ 7/10
  2. I don't know how I can miss this, I've been at GM three times the last two days and I didn't even see a single person, we saw a camp fire inside the building and I told my friend to go over to the door while I sat behind the tower covering him with my AK and I asked him to knock and ask if there was someone there, no one answered and he said he was going in, no answer, he went inside and the camp fire was burnt out and no one was there, we searched the area and just kept moving, are people avoiding us? :c
  3. I didn't read all the posts, but I saw someone saying they'd prefer optimization over base building, I agree fully, I have a very high-end computer and even though I've configured the .cfg and the in-game settings, I run it on Medium, I still get lags, so yeah .. And also there is so much that needs to be fixed before base building due to it being a very big feature, yesterday me and my friend lost countless items just by putting them on the ground to put up something else to re-arrange the inventory, and poff, the item on the ground was gone.. I lost my MP5 that I had, I had mags, butstock, over 80-90 bullets etc etc and I lost it due to accidentally trying to apply the wrong silencer and he took that in his hand instead and put the MP5 on the ground .. I feel like that is the kind of stuff that needs to be fixed first! There are so many aspects of base building that needs to be covered, I mean when and if it gets implemented, pretty much everything is going to be covered, we will never be able to enter GM, NWAF or any bases because there will be bases EVERYWHERE because everyone wants to do it, of course we as a private community will probably have some rules about not denying access to certain areas due to it being unfair but I'm pretty sure the DayZ devs are not only thinking of the private communities but also on how it will affect the public servers and how to fix big things like that, and also much else! I play H1Z1 as well, and many of you have probably tried it or own it, I mainly play Battle Royale but I have tried survival and their base building is pretty decent, you can build a nice base, BUT, almost every server I go into, there are way to many bases, EVERYWHERE, people cover entrances to big areas just so that they can have that area to themselves, on bigger servers they cover the roads and everything and it feels like it's way to much.. When I started playing DayZ, over a year ago, I noticed a few bugs, like dying from running in stairs, items just disappearing etc etc, I still today experience these bugs, if they cannot solve stuff like this for over a year, imagine what will happen if they start focusing on base building, we will have like no bug fixes forever since base building will either take up all their time and they will fix or add nothing into the game, or to maintain balance it will take ages for us to even see the smallest base building feature added, this is my personal opinion though, I'm not a developer so I can't know for certain. But I would rather see the devs just fixing what we have now, I really would prefer if they added nothing new to the game for now, just stop adding new weapons, new features like furnaces and stuff like that, and fix what we got now, get that done, and then start adding new stuff, because new stuff brings new bugs, so when they finally decide to fix their game, they realize that wow, we have added so much stuff to the game so now we have so many bugs to fix, it will be incredibly hard and time consuming to fix all of this, we should have fixed the main game mechanics first and then added the small stuff. I would rather have the game not make my items disappear 50% of the times I drop it on the ground, instead of having the option to craft a furnace (for example), I am scared to drop my high-end gear on the ground and I always try to avoid it due to it disappearing on me so often, many times I skip refilling my canteen because I don't want to drop my weapon on the ground (if I don't have space in my backpack) and just keep on moving instead. I could go on and on but this is already a way to long post haha, so I'll just stop here, as I said this is just my personal opinion, but of course it would be awesome with a working base building feature and it's something I always felt would add a little more spice to the game more than running and having your own made up camps where your group HQ is. EDIT: Also it should be very hard to build a base if the feature is implemented, you as a lone survivor shouldn't be able to just build your own big a** base in the middle of the forest, which would make as I stated above the whole map covered in bases, that would in my opinion ruin the RP a lot, at least for me, you should be forced to team up with other people to build your base, that would also add (to the public servers at least) to the community being more friendly to each other instead of "I see someone, FIRE" and it would make people that want to build a base, actually searching for other players to meet and to build a base together! Also it would be more awesome if it was more of a group thing, so that when you see a base you will think that "Wow there must a group HQ here" or something like that!
  4. Well, I played with my friend yesterday, we were pretty much fresh spawns when we started, I might have had a few pumpkin seeds and the farming hoe but that's about it, he was a fresh spawn, I'll let the pictures speak for themselves ^.^ **Note*** The blue dot on the map indicates where I began when I spoke to my friend, we decided to meet in Gorka, he spawned in Berezino, you can see the green line just outside of Berezino, it indicates where we met up and the rest of the journey we did together! The yellow line is just there to not confuse you, it indicates the end of our journey! We walked for a pretty long time but we were definitely happy and felt the trip was worth it when we finally decided to stop! I can also tell you we had no food problem since I farmed pumpkins for us and also we find some good loot at some smaller towns and unvisited areas! **Note** Side note: I still miss my MP5 that I had in my backpack with all the customizable stuff on it, somehow it dropped on the ground when I was going to drink something and then it was gone forever, R.I.P MP5, I still keep the magazine in my backpack as a memory
  5. I've been playing all day, still having a hard time finding canned food, and I've stayed away from the "usual" places, and when I am searching for food I don't walk in the two closest buildings to the street I look in ALL the houses but I'm still having the same problem, BUT, I find out how to farm, how to grow pumpkins and stuff like that, which have helped me a lot, I always have a hoe and seeds with me, so basically I have eliminated the food problem! And yes, I find more food when going to places that people usually don't visit, but I still don't find enough to survive only relying on canned food! But when I RP'ed with a guy he showed me how to grow pumpkins so yeah, problem solved! EDIT: +1
  6. I had a really good time with Ben Becker today We walked for a long time just talking and then we sat down and grew some pumpkins and set up a fire, after that the server went crazy and I rubberbanded all over the place and I disconnected twice and when I went back in he was gone, to bad But we had a nice time I have a picture as well
  7. Well I'll guess I'll go more east and see what I can find, just died again of dehydration, didn't even have time to run to the nearest town, no rain, no lakes/rivers or no waterpumps so I just accepted fait, hopefully I can find some water and food to stock up on this time.
  8. I noticed it was harder to find food, I could barely keep my "hungry" meter above red/green at any time, I've played with my friend all day, we started about 14 hours ago and have been playing all day, we've been at Elektro->Cherno down to Kamenka up to Pavlovo through Zelenogorsk up north all the way to NWAF even up to Novaya and NO food, and since persistance is turned on we looked EVERYWHERE not only the "standard" places for loot.. When we started today I barely had nothing, a simple backpack and an AKM without a mag, I just died of starvation with a fully equipted MP5 + 4 full mags and an fully equipted AK-74 + 2 mags, full TTsKo pristine gear and a lot more, I have to say I don't care that much about gear, I'm here for the Role Play so don't get me wrong, but I had nothing more that I could wanted, I mean there was almost no one online so there wasn't much more to do but loot, I had nothing more that I could wish for on my character, I felt that I wouldn't need anything more, the gear searching was over. I've only fired a gun twice in this game, and that was a pistol, one time at a tree and one time at a guy who still killed me, now I really felt I was good geared with a chance to survive a real fight PvP and was really looking forward to it with some nice RP, but I never even had the chance .. If I would have died in a firefight or any situation that had any other people involved in it, fine, tough luck, I might have gotten some good RP to show for it, but to die of starvation because I couldn't find any food for so many hours, we had to find berries for like 3 hours not to starve.. It just feels so lame. There is nothing I can do about this, I just have to start over, but it still bothers me that it's so damn hard to find food, it's a tough world out there, everyone wants food, there is not much left etc etc, but it's still just a game, it should be hard, but still fun. I don't know if we were incredibly unlucky or what it was but I feel that if it's going to continue being that hard to find food I don't find it amusing at all to continue playing since the main thing of this game will be not to die of starvation Just had to get it out of my chest and I would like you to share your opinions on this, is it as hard for you? Where do you find your food etc etc, feel free to discuss the topic! Also sorry for wall of text! EDIT: Also, when I respawned I continued to search for some gear and when I got the "I'm dying of starvation" message again I just got pissed and logged out.
  9. Okay thank you! So basically using the text chat you make them unable to communicate via TS to give information about what is happening? Yeah of course I would never strip a hostage if not for a good reason (don't think I will ever have a good reason for doing so) but even if I am alone I consider it a part of the RP to take the risk and tie them up, I mean in real life you would just ask them "Do you have any weapons on you?" well of course you could but you will never be sure if the are hiding it from you, so I would rather take the chance of tying them up, or hoping that they don't have any weapons, it feels kinda "cheap" asking in the chat if they have any weapons if the game has the proper items and mechanics to handcuff them or tie them up, but that's my opinion, of course everyone can do how they want to, I was just making sure you can actually tie them up and search them without asking EDIT: And now the horse in my signature is gone, what is happening
  10. Ah okay thanks! Ah I see, but isn't there a way to see if they have weapons without stripping them? Like just inspecting their backpack or something? I mean you can just use some rope to tie them up and inspect their inventory? Now the only question is how the hell I got that horse as my signature
  11. Hello! I've been inactive for a long while, last time I played was 0.51 or 0.52 I think, I watched the videos from all the updates since and a lot has changed .. For the better though! But I have seen a few DayZ videos on Youtube the past few days and there is something that I still don't get, a lot of players write in the chat like Or Why do people do this? Can you have a radio now or what? And can't you just search them for the items in their backpack instead of asking in the chat? I feel that I need this clarified so that I don't join the server and someone asks me if they find a radio on me and I'm like "Uuuuuuhm" Thanks for the help ^.^ EDIT: Also, why the heck do I now have a horse as my signature, I have never seen that picture before, I just had my old one like a few hours ago 0.0
  12. Yay I got whitelisted, to bad I have to sleep now, it's 6:08 AM here haha! Will play tomorrow though, so see you all in-game!
  13. Okay guys, since I was to late to log in to keep my whitelisting my second application is now done! Wish me luck It annoyed me though that I couldn't write more than ~2000 characters, I had to delete the entire thing and remake it since I had barely begun my story I hope it will suffice ^.^ Can't wait to get back in-game after my break!
  14. MorbidAngel

    New whitelist system now live

    Haha same here, just logged in and saw it was gone 3 Tried to reapply and of course I answered one of the question wrong since I misunderstood it and now I have to wait 6 hours to re-apply Well well, it surely could have been worse! ^.^
  15. Hi guys I am about to start playing again, has been a long time since I played now and I saw an awesome video on youtube last night that got me interested again! So I'm wondering what's new, and what have I missed? I'm not asking for a detailed explanation of everything that has occurred the last months, but more like 'We got some new rules, you should read them' or something like that, then I can look it up myself! Already looked around the forums and saw that we now have a very detailed lore, which is awesome, gonna sit down and read it all later! Feels good to be back again!