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  1. Born the son of a Chinese father and a second-generation immigrant Korean mother, Michael, by all accounts, had no atypical upbringing as a young child. He performed fine in school, founded a small group of friends and shared the typical dreams of becoming a policeman or firefighter -- and as he got older, of becoming rich -- with his peers. As his age faded into his late teens, Michael found himself dropping out of college to instead serve in the People's Liberation Army of China. Soon it was discovered that, while academically average, Michael was an excellent gunman. He applied for the Falcon Commando Unit and made it through the training courses. After working his way up to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, Michael got a Other Than Honorable discharge from the People's Liberation Army for [REDACTED] on Operation [REDACTED] while on deployment in Iraq. He moved out towards the countryside of [REDACTED] after returning to China, where he married [REDACTED] and built up a new life with her. After about four and a half years into their marriage, [REDACTED] tragically died in a car crash, an event which left Michael scarred.
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