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  1. Merely a few years after being born in Raleigh North Carolina Kain’s family made the decision to leave the united states for greener pastures. Kain’s father Shawn, had been working on an old 25’ fishing boat and had finally gotten it running. Along with his sister and mother they loaded into the vessel and were on their way. Lacking precise instruments such as gps they drifted from their course of England where Kain’s distant family were waiting for them. As the weather became colder than anticipated and supplies became scarce the family began to fall one after another. First Kain’s mother who was ill from the recent birth of his sister faded away. Followed by his sister as she lacked the health without her mother’s aid. Kain’s father had become more and more bitter with each death. When it looked like they may not see shore before their own demise Kain’s father spotted land and beached the vessel. Over the next few years Shawn taught his son as much as he knew about surviving. Even though this land was foreign to him as well. As Shawn’s own health began to fail him he was able to piece together an old ham radio. Using this radio he was able to hear of people north only by a few hundred kilometers. He knew he wouldn’t make the journey but also knew Kain well enough to know he wouldn’t leave without him. Shawn left a note about his discovery for his son while his son was out foraging for food. After leaving the note Shawn left without another word into the wilderness. Upon Kain discovering his father’s note hours later he spent 3 days looking for his father, to no avail. Seeing as it was his father’s last wish Kain started up the old fishing boat that had brought them to this land and made his way up the coast. Hoping to not only find civilization, but a reason to keep going.
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